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Meditation Primer

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 06:00 PM
Dear friends,

I am often asked how to meditate. I am far from an expert in meditation, but I can give you some tips and some resources which I have personally found very helpful in meditation.

The following videos I have found to be absolutely superb in giving a comprehensive account of what meditation is, the dynamics of it and what happens during it.

You can watch the rest of the series by following the links at the end of the video. This is hands down one of the best meditation descriptions I have come across.

Now for some humble insights and tips from yours truly on meditation and how I do it. First let me refer to you to this Mandala, because it is going to make things very clear:

This is the most sacred Mandala in the esoteric tradition. It is the Sri Yantra and it literally represents the geometry of the cosmos and it is the geometric equivalent of the sound of the cosmos: AUM.

This is a 2D representation of the Sri Yantra, the actual shape of this is spherical. The physics is complex, so I will not confuse you with it. Basically the universe is a set of interpenetrating triangles - icosahedron within a dodecahedron that originates from a point-source(Sanskrit: Bindu) the size of the triangles increase as it expands from the point source.

One triangle points upwards and one triangle points downwards. The one that points upwards is the spiritual energy(Sanskrit: Purusha) and the one that points downwards is the material energy(Sanskrit: Prakriti). This is what we call subjective and objective. The subjective and objective mirror each other at every level.

The subjective and objection are inversions of one another. If the objective is space-time, the subjective is time-space. If the objective is material, the subjective is spiritual.
Note that there are several levels as we converge towards the centre-point and the levels become increasingly dense.

The upwards triangle takes you into higher density and the lower triangle takes you into lower density. Depending on which triangle you emphasise you can go inwards or outwards of the cosmos. At this moment you are on the outside(the larger triangles). To go inwards into the cosmos you must emphasis the upwards triangle and meditate.

This is what is happening during meditation: The concentrated energy you create in meditation reaches a critical level which causes you to shift density level to the next one. Then a very interesting effect happens: you begin to see behind closed eyes. This is the dream state by the way.

Those of you who are able to remain conscious when the transition takes place will enter into the dream state in a conscious state, else, you will fall asleep. If you successfully enter it consciously, you will then have conscious control of manifesting anything you want, getting visions on questions you want answered.

It is important not to ask yourself is it real, it’s just as real as your waking reality. This is a new level of reality, it is higher density and the laws are slightly different. If you start doubting it or if you react with shock, you will end up going back to waking. So to prevent this just accept what comes to you.

Here is a tip on how you can enter into the next level while remaining conscious. When you meditate or whilst going to sleep try either of the following

1) Visualise and make your visualization as vivid as possible. Bring all your senses into play. Auditory is important. If your visualization is successful you will move into dream state(next level)

2) Repeat a word or Mantra over and over again. The aim is to let yourself go and let the Mantra take over. You do not have to think of anything, just let the thoughts come to you. When you get close to shifting, you will begin to see very clear images and hear clear sounds. It will seem a lot like you are tuning into something and you may even hear and see noise. You will also feel like you are moving in a tunnel. It always amazes me when this happens. It literally makes you appreciate that mind really is like a receiver.

Part 3 of the video I linked above demonstrates this effect:

Some more tips on meditation on what I do before meditation:

1) Do at least 5-10min of breathing exercises or Pranayama as it is called this will really help calm your nerves and facilitate concentration. I do not really do it too self-consciously, I just breath for a while in a meditative way. So I am basically easing myself into meditation.

2) Say an affirmation or a prayer just before you start meditation proper. I normally say a prayer to the higher celestials and to the supreme being to surround me with their loving energies so I can ascend in my meditation.

This is really all there is to it. I really hope this has helped

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 06:32 PM
God post OP...S&F.

I think that everyone should experience the joy and freedom of meditation in their lives.

I think it would give them a real feeling of what a wonderful world we could live in!!

There are many forms of meditation and some are easier than others. I personally use colour meditation as I found using the mantra distracted me!!!!

Meditation is relaxing, rejuvenating and free!! That doesnt happen very often in this world these days!!

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 07:33 PM
Indigo, some good information on Meditation,

Which is encouraging people to explore this as well. Great.

I certainly hope people use your info to do this, and I am sure many will benefit greatly, and will certainly suit many seekers, though in spirituality some are lets say Italian Dishes, some spicy, some barbe que as such, that is we all have different flavours of suitabilities for the actual if any "God" or worship system we take.

And you certainly are packaging up Meditation from an Hindu Point of view?

Maybe some dont to follow a certain deity or host of them...

Just to add to as I have noticed this all over the web, and modern pop psychology to, why oh why in the modern world do people all want to be "shamans" or "adepts"?
where these sort of people where traditionally they are a small percentage of the population.

The complicated almost full on student practises, or the initiate or part timer.

There certainly Is a place for Mantra, Mandela's etc, but mainly as part of an daily long, time consuming commitment. And then they are done to support the main or basic practise, and expand on certain realisations and yoga's. I just feel it happens a lot, and many are loosing sight of the main goal. I

If people want to be monk's or nun's or an adept fine, if so the web is not the place to get your practises it is face to face with a master or guru.

Because that is the level of work and commitment needed to do Dream Yoga, or real Mandala's realisations, to have over an hour a day to chant "your Mantra" with the supporting aspirational prayers, initial meditation to get ready, time and space, and number of mala's done to achieve the daily quota.

Trust me I know, and it is hard to find the time in busy modern life.

If I just did that practise daily it is ok, beneficial but not the aim of meditation really. It is a path, a road clearer etc, the concentration and mental progress from visualising etc, memory, concentration is very good, but as you point out in the Mandala there is an out there and in here focus thing.

The above meditation is an "in here" type locally, tightly focused on object/subject. Very important and good but still a projection and an imagination, a illusion ultimately. Self Created constructs.

Really I cant say this enough, and will lol

New and even old, advanced meditators, drop the visualisations (except as part of a daily commitment like deity creation absorbtion etc, drop the "protection" rituals, its all projections, for old and new alike, it's simple and the best way, it is honouring truth, reality and all that really is.



Let Go
Dont expect anything, or create anything like visualisations on purpose, when a thought happens, you think/remember the past or future or picture comes up, watch it instead of being it, let it go,

All we truly have, all of us that is not false, or a Lie, or what is truthfull, real, right, natural and our universal right is 2 very simple things:




That's all there truly is, the rest is all BS, dreams, imaginations, ego trip's, religious mind control, expectations, desire, trickery.

Be awake

Be here

Be Now

Let the "nowness" become familiar,

Fell the "Love or rather Bliss" rise,

No matter your past, present, future, wounds, problems, excuses, laziness,

No matter all that anyone can simply sit, walk talk even, and tap into, become aware of , become that.

It is gods/the universes gift to us, it is much closer to any God and reality than any imagined "trip" or visualisation, dream or prayer.

If you can get so familiar with that Nowness so you are it, and relax, let go and allow the love. Then even the hardest hearts start rising at seeing others happy.

Then also to be able to let go Quickly when misfortune, pain etc befalls you or a loved on, then you will spend most of your life in the :




And then all you do you will be in the highest form of meditation, simple really you will be acting as "god" or any balanced universal archetype soul would if they were you?

You wouldnt need to look for the face of God as mirrors are always around in the western world, and any how you have the neighbours strangers and
such like to see anyhow

It's right under our noses, its easy really we make it difficult and hard.

Be Here Now Awake/Aware

Relax, let go


Is all anyone needs to be a meditation master of unrivalled quality and destination.



posted on May, 17 2009 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

The above simply illustrates of what is happening during meditation and shows how and why density shifts take place. It is not partisan to any religion. Although we may have to accept that when it comes to meditation as a science, the religions that have the most accurate and developed information are Hinduism and Buddhism, the Eastern religions in short.

There are more ways to cause density shifts of course. The one I outlined above is a scientific way, another way is just to do as you say be more present and more loving and compassionate, this will naturally bring your energy density level up and make shifting to the next eaiser. This is actually called Bhakti Yoga in Sanskrit. The method I described was Raga Yoga.

I have a slight problem with Bhakti Yoga. While, I acknowledge its greatness and respect the true saints who practice it, it makes meditation seem too mystical and religious. Meditation is a tool at the end of the day, and anybody can use it. So it is important to divest meditation of these mystical and religious associations. The Raja Yoga approach does just that.

The methods I have prescribed above do actually work, anybody can do them. They produce objective results which can be predicted and measured. I have done them and experienced the results myself, so I am speaking from some experience and not just theory. Anybody could do it really. It also works on a physical level. If you increase the energy density of matter it will shift to the next level(and disappear from the current level) The aim is simply to create enough concentrated energy which will cause a shift. In meditation, you have the benefit of knowing when that shift is about to take place, because you begin to experience the pre-effects before it takes place.
We are actually shifting in and out of the levels all the time, without being aware of it, when we are daydreaming. So basically everyone of us is already doing it.

Try it yourself just before you go to sleep today. You need to induce somehow(I recommend visualization or mantra technique) a day-dreaming like state, which will come easier if you're tired. You will then enter into dream-state fully conscious.

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:55 PM
What do you recommend for a person who generally falls asleep shortly after attempting to engage in meditation? Also, what are your feelings about open eye v closed eye.

I must be honest that I prefer music of a very soothing nature when attempting meditation b/c I cannot get my mind to stop. It's not so much a matter of letting things happen as my brain seems to be in hyper drive about the day's events, the future, the past, things that need to be done, how to approach things and such.

The music offers a point of focus that permits me to pretty much empty my mind - for the most part - and enjoy the 'nothingness'.

These are the CD's I listen to:

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 09:02 PM
I remember watching these videos a few months ago when I was starting meditation. They're very informative and the narrator has a very soothing voice

The AUM thing is really fun to do as well, it just sounds cool.

Meditation is a great thing and everyone should do it!

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