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Possessed - Am I?

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 04:33 PM
Does anybody have infomation on possession?

I have reason to think I have been possessed or some evil spirit is following me around. I know who he was, jest to know.

Does anybody have experiences with this? As I can get myself in quite an evil state. Anybody know what I mean?

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by CrygSol

It's all about mental integrity, if you are a weak person then you can be overcome by an evil presence. If you have a very strong mind and a strong will than there isn't much that can get to you my friend.

Controlling your emotion and the fear that might come about during these situations will help you greatly.

I've had my fare share of negative encounters with entities and all I can say is confronting them was the only way to truly make them leave.

Hope this helps!


posted on May, 17 2009 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by CrygSol

You can check out the thread in my sig. Its called a guide to Exorcisms. Hopefully it helps you and thats why its there, good luck mate.

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 06:38 PM
tenttothepower is right..

You are aware that there is a problem.. wether it be a personal psychological one or wether it is a 'presence' of some description that is sapping you of your energy.. you are lucky enough to have thought on this and are already actively fighting it.

Being aware of a problem is the first step to a solution. Armed with the knowledge of the problem you can now set your mind to defend itself, which in turn will give your soul some peace too.

Spiritual attacks come in different forms and in different ways. You seem to have just caught this one in the bud. It wont be too difficult for you to strengthen yourself to get rid of this.

You already know when something is happening because of he way you think and feel, so the next time it happens you can stop it by either ignoring it or changing the situation.

you might have had some dreams whilst sleeping where you know what's going on and you know you are dreaming.. sometimes the dream does not go the way you like so you rewind and play the dream on a different track.. it's kinda like that process but in real life.

You'll soon build up quite a strong mental and spiritual barrier.

good luck... and if you do need more help, there's a heck of a lot of people here willing to offer further words of support and advice.

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by CrygSol

The law of attraction says like attracts like. If you want to rid yourself of this negative entity start to surround yourself with positive things:

Burn some candles, sage or insence and play calming and joyful music
Wear positive clothes
Go out and bask in the sun, or in nature
Think positive, state positive affirmations and think of love
Do not drink any alcohol and stay away from loud or depressing music

When you do this it will create an environment that will be like poison for this negative entity and it will leave you be.

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 09:24 PM
Just from my perspective and cultural understandings:

Firstly - You are not possessed. Not at all. Of that I am certain.

How so? Well - possession would not allow YOU to even contemplate let alone ask the question.

Attachment and influence however are different kettles of fish. For you the issue is far more likely one of an *attachment* exercising some intermitent (or even sustained) influence upon you...upon your emotions, your thought processes and thus your actions.

Some previous repliers have brought up the issue of strengthen onself - or being 'stronger' in oneself. And yes I agree on some levels with that, however I'll also add this:

A Soldier who finds themselves under fire, in a warzone, subjected to threat and harm...they may well wear a helmet, a bullet-proof vest etc. Those items may well offer them some form of protection, they may well keep them relatively safe from small arms fire. However those items - that helmet and that vest - are no more part of THEM, of who they are and their own personal resilience/strength, than anything else they may or may not wear.

So too in some ways can a sense of 'self armour'...of building ones individual *strength* offer some element of protection...but to depend upon what one *wears* can at times be somewhat foolhardy at best - downright dangerous at worst.

You may have a very advanced, very strong helmet and vest...and indeed they may keep smaller, or even medium calibre rounds from piercing you - however, you may find yourself exposed to much larger rounds.

No helmet, no vest, is going to offer you any effective protection against an enemy scoping you with .50 Barret or something.

The greater the level the bigger the devil...

So what can help keep you protected when facing much stronger fire? Well - standing behind a wall might be a good option. Being transported around in Armoured Support may be another.

However that wall or that tank is still not you. You could be riding in that tank fully clothed, fully helmetted and vested, or riding in it completely butt-naked.
You could be man or a child riding in that tank...the levels of protection it offers are the same. So in that regard it again matters not ones own *personal strengths*. The protection is not offered by their age, their strength, clothed or naked.

You could ride all day in that tank and in no way be affected by small arms fire - maybe not even heavy calibre fire.

Though that said - even with armour, theres more to survival than just walking around armoured up. Good Intel is another factor...being aware of where a nest of enemy gunners are situated and either avoiding that area or exercising more caution in those areas, or calling in some Air Support to fly over and napalm them before they even snap off a shot at you can be a lot more effective in keeping you from harm.

So...I guess, well other than having watched one too many War movies, that what I wish to express to you is that you may find greater sustainability, survivability not in personalising the battle - not in being a solo soldier...but rather in utilising (and placing your faith/trust) in the full force of whatever *tactical group* you can call upon.

Yes indeed I'm talking about faith. Oh no, a God-freak some may say...however thats not strictly where I'm coming from.

What I'd like to put across to you is that none of us - not one in my opinion - can sustain any and all attacks.
Sooner or matter how *strong* we may be...there will likely come a time that all our own individual strength will be reduced to nought when a large enough shell comes whistling in.
The iconic movie 'Rambo' may well have been some one man solo butt-kicking machine, popping off all and sundry...but a *spiritual Rambo* is someone destined for disaster.

Why? Ego.

Ego breeds overconfidence. Ego breeds an inflated sense of security. Ego breeds risky attitudes and actions.
Safety is found not in the personal...but the collective.
Not in the beating of ones chest, standing in the open and gouding ones enemy...but rather in the quiet humbleness of trusting your protection is already there or being dispatched on its way.
In handing over the task of protection, of defense - and when/where necessary offence to something far more capable. Not to yourself - but to the Armoured Division, to the Firebases and the Air Support.

In some ways its also about maintaining clear/effective communication lines to those support squads.

As others have spoken about - positive focus. Not getting your wires tangled in the mud, or your radios out of tune. So theres a place for your own *personal* the settling of oneself as best you can...of not involving yourself in things that can create static on that radio link.

Most importantly all the support squads in the world won't mean a lick if you don't call them in to your position. And by that I mean that quite literally.

The spoken word is incredible powerful.

Many cultures - as does mine (Maori) speak of the power of the spoken word.
Indeed for many of those cultures *life* itself was passed via a breath. A breath from that which each culture sees as its Creator, as 'God' if you culture terms that 'Io Matua Kore'.
It was within the breath (of one of the Atua/God-like descendents - Tane) that the life, the power, the essence of Man was embodied.

So - ones intentions, ones wants need to be spoken. For by speaking them you take them from thought - you form them into words and embody/enliven them with *breath*...or as my culture says, the *ha*.

"Kei roto i te kupu te mauri, te oranga" - "Within the (spoken) word is the life essence, the healing".

The energy of it resides within the spoken word.

Oh, its certainly fine to *think* the intention, to *broadcast* the call out there via thought. For instance, when some people are experiencing hard times or issues they may think to themselves something like "Oh Lord/God/Whomever please help me with this" etc. They may *think* a little prayer to themselves.

Thats fine. Not knocking that at all.

But - to speak it. That is to effectively bold, underline and exclamation mark it. That makes that call clear. No misinterpretation or misunderstanding. No confusion. Its deliberately, consciously and completely formed...taken from thought, formed into action (via speaking), given life (via breath).

So...after all that...what I'd encourage you to do is that when you feel that influence upon you...when that *presence* comes through to influence...speak its denial. Literally speak it.

What words you use are up to you - be it something as simple as "No." or something more detailed like "I deny you. I deny your influence. You have none over me. Be gone".
Basically its about sending - and speaking - a clear message to that *influence* that 1)It is not wanted, 2)It is uninvited, 3)It has no rights to you or over you. YOU hold the governance of yourself and what you will and will not allow in.

What I'd also do is encourage you to also hand over the task of keeping your safety and security to whatever energy, or ancestor, or God, or whatever *essence* of your understanding. Hand it over to 'it/them' to deal with and deal to.

Thats your firebase, your air support. Leave it to it/them to clear out your enemies. Leave the method, the judgement, the action to it/them.

Your overall safety - just again my perspective and my cultural understanding - is not found fulltime in the personalisation of the encounter...but in the handing of it over.
Again - speak it.. Speak that call, that request, that handing over.
What words you use for that, hey, over to you.

...anyhoo...enough for now...

wishing you peace and calmness.


posted on May, 18 2009 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Indigo_Child

What incense do you recommend?

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by CrygSol

Any one you prefer. If you like it, and it soothes you, then its ideal. I personally like sandlewood, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary. Also consider burning sage, it is known to be very good in driving away negative spirits.

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