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RCMP--Becoming More Oppressive?

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 04:20 PM
A little background before I get into this, it will help with my overall point.

My oldest daugher received a car for her birthday, a present for graduating at the top of her class and getting into a great university.

Now since having had her car, she's been more popular with the "cool" kids at school and in our neighboorhood. Now yesterday was beautiful day here on the East Coast of Canada so she and a bunch of her friends decided to head out to Sandy Beach for a little fun in the Sun.

Now I don't condone underage drinking and obviously my daugher knows better than do so when we aren't advised, even more so when she's driving. However, Sandy Beach is private, no life guards and legally you are allowed to drink on the beach so long as you aren't infringing on other's fun.

I received a knock on the door last night about 8 oclock, two RCMP officers with my daugher in between them. Now I don't like the police, I think their only job is to put people in jail, however the RCMP usually aren't as brazzen as the regular police force in small towns or mediocre cities like Moncton.

These two however had arrested my daugher for under age drinking, when in fact she did not have a single drop, we know this because they made her blow the bubble and she tested 0.00%.

The reason they arrested her was because she had ENABLED the groups drinking by taking them to the beach, however there were at least 4 other people there above the age of 19 who live in the neighboorhood and are great friends of hers and mine, I've known them since they were yay big.

My question is, are the police simply becoming more arrogant in their ways? I see them increasingly doing things that are outside of their authority with minors as well as adults.

Now my daugher knows her rights and was a good little girl so they released her into my custody upon coming home, but would not let her drive her car back to Moncton.

Again what do you think about the state of police mentally in Canada?



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