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Talking about personal experience - your stories please!

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 01:26 PM
Evening all,

Haven't posted on here for a while, been busy with other things and other topics. There's many intelligent and knowledgeable folk on this forum, always plenty to learn and plenty to practice.

I was thinking before looking at some older survival posts and topics, there's plenty of smart people on here surely a proportion of them have had realistic survival experiences?

So I invite anyone on here who has had a true survival experience to post and share their stories!

It doesn't necessarily have to be a real survival experience, even if its a situation you have placed yourself in to see how well you would fare.

There seems to be quite a few new members round here and although I'm pretty serious about survival, you can always learn something new.

Lets here your stories, what would you have done differently? How did you cope? What would your advice be to others in a similar situation?



posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:17 AM
Well it not really about me... but a good story anyway

I used to DJ back in the 90's and a friend of mine (who was also a DJ) decided to pack up and move to Thailand to try his luck at starting a club out there. He would write to me every now and then with updates on how he was doing... I got a letter one day saying that things hadn’t turned out the way he wanted, the club had failed and he was now working in a bar and doing a spot of DJing for a very low wage. He said that he was thinking of travelling around a bit to just see where life takes him. About 6 months past and i hadn’t heard from him... then another letter arrived...

My friend (Luke) had gone travelling around Asia with a friend (who he had met in Thailand) and decided to cross over the border into Burma. They knew it was a risk (Burma is ruled by a military Junta who do not like foreigners) but decided that they wanted an adventure.

They travelled through Burma for about 3 weeks without any problems. One of the things he mentioned was how friendly everyone was... they could stop at any small village and people would come running out to greet them, give them food and somewhere to sleep. The people were genuinely happy to meet them.

One day they stopped at one of these villages and after an evening meal with the locals they bedded down for the night in a small hut. Next thing he remembers is awakening to Gunshots and shouting. He and his friend both jumped up and run to the door of the hut they were staying in... Peering through the gaps in the wood he could see soldiers with weapons kicking in doors and dragging people into the middle of the village. Two soldiers where walking towards their door... SH!* SH!* SH!*... they both stepped away from the door and waited for the inevitable.

The door flew open with one kick and both soldiers pointed their guns at them and started shouting. More soldiers arrived and then started beating Luke and his friend until they were both curled up on the floor. They were blindfolded, tied, and thrown into the back of a truck that drove off into the jungle. Luke tried to speak but every time he tried he was slapped and shouted at so decided to stay quiet. After a few hours the truck stopped and they were both moved into a building. The blindfold was finally removed as he was shoved into a room and the door slammed behind him.

It was at this point that he was at his lowest... separated from his friend and not knowing what was coming next his emotions got the better of him and he broke down.
After several hours locked in the room the door opened... a man walked in, who Luke assumed was the boss, followed by two soldiers. Luke immediately tried to talk to him, to explain that it was all a mistake, but as soon as he tried to talk the guy slapped him and started shouting in Burmese. Luke tried to say "I can’t understand you.. I’m English" but was slapped again mid sentence. The man shouted some more and then turned and marched out the room followed by the 2 guards. A day past before the door opened again... but when it did it was the exact same thing. Man walked in with guards... shouts in Burmese... walked back out.

This went on for two more days. On the fifth day the door opened again but this time it was a different man... he shouted some more. Then looked at the guards and said something. One of the guards then grabbed Luke and placed a blindfold over his eyes. Luke was then led out of the building and bundled into the back of another truck. The truck moved off and after an hour or so stopped. Luke was moved out of the truck and his blindfold was removed. Luke looked around and noticed that his friend was standing near him still blindfolded. When the guard removed the blindfold he looked straight at Luke and started crying. Luke said at this point he knew he was going to die. There were two guards in front of him, both holding guns. The truck was behind him. He was now panicking, Heart racing....

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:22 AM
He thought that his only chance was to make a break for it. It was now or never.
Just as he was about to run the guards both walked towards him. “Dam, to late” he thought and closed his eyes. The guards brushed past him and headed straight to the truck. They jumped in, the engine started and the truck moved off along the dirt track.

Now they were in the middle of the jungle with no map, no food, and backpacks/passports missing.
Luke and his friend followed the road for about 2 days until they bumped into a farmer who gave them some food and water... he spoke no English but using a mixture on expressions, hand signals and drawings in the dirt they were able to explain what had happened and where they needed to go. The Farmer, knowing the risk to himself, provided them with more food and water for their journey and pointed them in the direction of the border which turned out to be back in the direction they had come from. After a few more days trekking and with the help of a few more locals they managed to make it back across the border and eventually head home.

To this day Luke has no idea what the soldiers wanted... although he now believes that it was just their way of getting the message “Stay out of Burma” back to other travellers. Luke now acknowledges how stupid it was to cross the border into a country run by a military dictatorship without the correct documentation and without seeking permission through the correct channels.

I thought some of you may find this interesting because the story is real. There was no heroics, no grappling with guards and escaping to join a band of freedom fighters... just two terrified young men completely out of their depth trying to survive and relying heavily on luck.


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