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Convergence - The End Game?

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 05:44 AM
WIKI - Convergence denotes the approach toward a definite value, as time goes on; or to a definite point, a common view or opinion, or toward a fixed or equilibrium state.

You know I've been thinking about this term for some time now and the more I do the more it fascinates me.

There are no two ways about it, human intuition and the evolutionary process has a goal but what is that goal? Do we really know? For the most part we don't and to an extent most of us just live out our lives, not really giving a thought as to how we can change reality or even what it means to contribute to the evolution of mankind. Sure some of us pursue the truth and learn a lot but do we really contribute to evolution as an individual? If our evolution is one of our goals why have we hardly evolved for the last 200,000 years? Sure we know how to build bigger and better things but we're still here, crammed together in an imperfect world, for the most part living pretty mundane, routine type lives.

It's funny but we're brought into this life knowing little if anything about our purpose, so what happens? Well for the most we just fall into line and become good little consumers just like everyone else. Maybe the answer lies in better understanding our purpose!? The Mayans knew their purpose and look at the legacy they have left us, relatively primitive people and look at us now, we are looking to them for the answers! Perhaps because we are lost ourselves. Well I think we've been lost for some time now and the irony is that few of us realise it.

So how do we find ourselves again? What does it mean to find oneself? Well I have my own ideas but I'd like you to post your opinions too as it may be an individualistic affair. For me the heart is the clue, our guidance system if you like and you know what my heart tells me, it wants to amplify and share everything associated with harmony. love and intelligence and I want to be free, not freedom as we know it, which is highly misinterpreted but true freedom which means NO LIMITATIONS TO THE IMAGINATION. Imagine that ,wouldn't that be something?
So far our hearts have done a good job, and led us to discover much of the truth, but there is obviously more to come and this is I believe where convergence comes into play.

Convergence is primarily what the Mayan calendar is about and has been predicting since it's conception see the video links below if you want to learn more -

Part 1 Mayan Calendar (all you need to know)

Part 2 Mayan Calendar (all you need to know)

It very accurately predicts the stages of our conscious and physical progress through time and is probably our best indication that there is an end point or convergence point associated with this. So what will this look like?
Well you and I know that there are hundreds of end time prophesies that have been around since time immemorial, so what or who do we trust? Ourselves has to surely be the answer, we trust in ourselves. Surely we have to converge as convergence by definition is an end point and it's what we've been doing since time began. So what is the act of converging? It's using our instinct as much as possible and being free to accelerate our progression and transcend. It means gathering the best minds and people together and watching convergence happen. It is putting the pieces together to complete the puzzle, we are the pieces and the complete puzzle is the answer that can only be realised once we converge. This makes sense to me.
We must take back our freedom or we'll never make it. There are so many out there with great ideas that cannot move forward because of our monitory system or for lack of funds, this is a real problem as money or lack of it should never I repeat never inhibit true progression and yet it is, big time. The funny thing is I know that the answers are encoded in our coming together in a fashion that resembles freedom and uninhibited organisation and collaboration with one another, a bit like a war effort but with limitless funds and a common cause ..... isn't it about time we started?

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

Interesting post.

I say that at the absolute level, there is no purpose. There CANNOT be.

Think it through carefully and bear with me for a moment here.

For any statemet "The purpose of X is Y," Y must be more fundamental or a wider conceptual realm that somehow "contains" X. For example, "the purpose of a plough is to farm." The act of farming is a mcuh larger "sphere of activity" that contains the plough and plough-work as one of its many components (there is also the scythe for harvesting, the barn for storing the grain, the oven for cooking, etc etc.)

But when "X" is ""existence itself," questions about purpose can have no meaning because there is no possible "conceptual space" outside of existence (by definition). If you say there is a Y in this statement, than X cannot be "the most fundamental": it will be Y.

So the question "what is the meaning of existence" or life, etc. is grammatically possible to ask, but there is no real meaning behind it. It's like asking, fpr example: "Which subway line does the Empire State Building ride when it goes to work?" It is grammatically possible to construct such a question, but it cannot have any meaningful answer.

Now, a lot of people resist this because they think it means life is "hopeless" or miserable without some ultimate goal. NOT AT ALL. To use the example above, it would be like saying, "If the Empire State Building can't ride a subway to work in the morning, how can it feed itsef and its family? It must be starving to death!" This involves a fundamental misconception of the basic nature of "a skyscaper." When people get depressed because life has "no meaning" its very similar, and similarly silly because the question itself is unaskable.

Humans are hardwired to suss out purpose, to use X for the purpose of Y in all sorts of situations...its how we till the earth or ride the subway to work. A very effective survival tool. But we are misapplying it when we ask about purpose in terms of the most funadamental level. A key is a very useful tool for opening locks, but its not so useful for open-heart surgery. Same exact principle at work when we misapply the tool of "seeking purpose" to the understanding of life itself.

Put another way, more succinctly: Life is an empty canvas. Don't moan and grumble that "there is no picture there." Pick up the paints yourself and create a masterpiece!

[edit on 5/17/09 by silent thunder]

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

Sorry your logic is illogical and you're way off the mark with regard to there being no purpose. If there were no purpose do you really think nature would have progressed as far as it has, I think not. Even if the purpose is to survive as confortable as possible that is a purpose, or to improve on ones chances of survival, that is purpose, or to procreate with the best mate, that is purpose, or to love, or to seek knowledge.... the list goes on.

Maybe you're just a manic depressive or something!

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