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Soliciting an honest assessment of Audacity of Deceit and Obama's record so far

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 09:44 PM
I would like to ask members for their honest assessment of Obama's administration, regarding the claims that were made in the book "Audacity of Deceit" I would ask everyone to please obey the T & C, no flaming, etc, but an honest assessment of the policies implemented by Obama and his administration, versus what was forecast in the book Audacity of Deceit.
I will post a summary of the book's predictions and claims. I would also encourage those that have read the book in entirety to comment on your findings. Let's keep this civil, with facts, sources, and logic.

The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values In "The Audacity of Deceit", readers will learn:

* How Barack Obama's "health care reform" plans will let government determine what types of medical procedures and operations senior citizens are permitted to have; * How Obama's position on abortion is opposed by the vast majority of Christians and Catholics, by way of exclusive polling data; * Obama's goal to implement his "zero to five" program, designed to transfer infant and child-raising responsibilities from parents to the federal government; * His plan to raise taxes to the economy-destroying 60 percent rate last seen under President Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression; * How Obama will spark a trade war that would eliminate millions of jobs; * Obama's plan to choke-off America's domestic energy resources and send gas and electricity prices through the roof; * How Obama will raise the cost of food by underwriting the ethanol energy speculators who are playing critical roles in his campaign.

In one explosive chapter, O'Leary exposes the entire family tree of friends and close Obama associates who are working on his campaign or as bundlers, including Thomas Ayers. Father to acknowledged domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Thomas Ayres through his corporation funded or supported the foundations and law firms that employed Obama. O'Leary also shows how Ayers was associated with the bank that gave Obama his controversial, low-interest home loan.

Another chapter called "The Barack Obama Test" gathers polling results from America's most reputable pollsters, including Zogby International, Rasmussen, Gallup Organization, and CNN/Opinion Research. Through these polls, readers learn how Obama's positions on a broad array of issues are completely at odds with those of the vast majority of Americans.

This chapter also includes Zogby polls- never seen before and available nowhere else - that show in stark detail the differing political views of the 70 percent of American voters who pay federal income taxes and the 30 percent who do not. This is the first time such exclusive polling information has been available to the general public.

Through these results, O'Leary reveals for the first time exactly who the non-taxpaying Americans are - right down to their voting preference, party affiliation, income levels, education, marital status, and even religious practices.

The book has even spawned a website,, which is a condensed version of "The Barack Obama Test" chapter. Here visitors can take a 39-question survey to see how their views match up to those of Obama. Test takers will also see where the rest of America stands on the cutting- edge issues of our time.

On the book's website,, anyone can download a free chapter of their choice from the book. The chapters hit every major political issue, including taxes, trade, energy and social values, to name just a few.

Here is another editor's review of the book:

In The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values, Brad O'Leary goes beyond the messianic hype and examines the real Obama record, along with his proposals on the issues that are at the forefront in this year's pivotal presidential election. He asks the hard questions that the liberal media is doing its best to make sure that no one asks Obama: Can we have universal healthcare without reduced care and long lines? Will America join in the policies of the United Nations, or will she remain a sovereign leader in foreign policy? Do we pay too much in taxes, or too little? Will our free trade policies lead to greater economic success, or cost the U.S. more jobs and raise unemployment? Will felons be able to vote in future elections? Where does the Second Amendment stand in Barack Obama's eyes, and how will the U.S. Supreme Court be reshaped by an Obama presidency? Will an energy policy predicated upon alternative fuel development lead to energy independence under President Obama? Does Obama's childhood abandonment affect his policies and judgments?

If Obama wins, he'll likely have a veto-proof Congress as Republicans will likely lose four to seven U.S. Senate seats and as many as thirty House seats, giving his administration dictatorial one-party power. He would also have the power to appoint activist judges to the U.S. Supreme Court who could tip the balance of the court and its direction. President Barack Obama, controlled by the far Left wing of the Democratic party, with a veto-proof Congress and an activist judiciary, could reduce the value of the dollar, lose control of inflation, reduce our exports, strip us of our Second Amendment rights, legalize late-term abortions-on-demand, and implement tax and regulatory policies that would strangle our economy.

The sobering truth about this media darling:

* Is Barack Obama a socialist? The abundant evidence

* Obama: By any measure, one of the biggest spenders in the Senate

* Obama's confiscatory and authoritarian tax plan: the ten specific tax increases he is planning to impose upon Americans

* Offshore drilling: how, while Obama works to ensure that Americans can't touch this much-needed energy, Cuba and China are preparing to drill for oil and gas just off the coast of Florida

* Second Amendment imperiled: Obama's support for legislation banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns and assault weapons, and requiring mandatory waiting periods, with background checks, to purchase guns

* America's successful economic model: how Obama, rather than seeking to protect and preserve it, is obsessed with tearing it down and replacing it with a government-focused "solution" -- one that has a history of failure

* How, rather than supporting the right to keep and bear arms under any circumstance -- as the Second Amendment clearly affords -- Obama has often voiced his support for gun use only in certain activities, like hunting

* Obama's public disapproval of Justices Alito and Roberts: how it proves that knowledge and support of the U.S. Constitution isn't what matters to him, but rather a judicial activism that imposes Far-Left principles upon the American people

* Obama's ideal choice to fill any Supreme Court vacancy that opens up during his presidency: Hillary Clinton

* How Obama has done nothing to ensure that the votes of our military men and women are counted -- and has even refused to co-sponsor Senate legislation safeguarding the votes of our military personnel (while eagerly sponsoring legislation to extend voting rights to convicted felons, including robbers, rapists, and murderers)

* Obama: intent on creating a highly regulated economy with trade barriers up, closing markets and returning to Hoover protectionist policies

* How, if Obama is elected president, he will be so beholden to environmental lobbyists that he will not be able to change the doomed energy policies of the past

* Obama's "prescription" for the health care problem: adding another huge government-run healthcare boondoggle financed by employers and the taxpayer

* The largely unnoticed comments Obama has at least twice made, declaring the U.S. is "no longer a Christian nation" but is also a nation of others -- including Muslims and nonbelievers

* How Obama steadfastly refuses to be honest with the American people about our progress in Iraq -- and how he and his fellow Democrats are depending on failure in Iraq to help them win in 2008

* A question of honesty: Obama's false statements about never having been a Muslim -- when abundant evidence demonstrates he was known as a Muslim as a child in Indonesia

* Obama's war on the Patriot Act -- and how neither he nor other Patriot Act critics have ever produced any specific allegations of abuses under the law

* 16 million American jobs that would be affected by Obama's arrogant trade policies

* Obama's foreign aid bill: yet another attempt at the redistribution of wealth on a global scale

* How Obama continues to be dishonest about defending America -- while mapping out a foreign policy that would amount to nothing more than appeasing America's sworn enemies

Don't allow Obama's soaring rhetoric to turn off your mind, stifle your dissent, and accept extreme, misguided remedies to our nation's challenges! Read The Audacity of Deceit carefully, and use it to try to awaken your friends and coworkers to the threat this man poses to America -- before it's too late.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 09:52 PM
lol no flaming, i think this is the reason i have a negative score on ats. to put obams first 100 days in office on a score card. a big fat F, anyone of my kids could of done a better job with out lieing out of both sides of there mouth to do it. ok guess i might be negative 1000 just for stating the obvious.

thanks for the thread, but most of us probably know the out come of this poll?

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by tatersalad

Actually, I was hoping for members to look at each claim, and discuss whether or not each individual claim turned out to be true or false.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:10 PM
t me start the ball rolling:

Obama: By any measure, one of the biggest spenders in the Senate

This one certainly looks like it was 100% dead-on. He has unveiled the largest budget and deficit in the history of the US.

America's successful economic model: how Obama, rather than seeking to protect and preserve it, is obsessed with tearing it down and replacing it with a government-focused "solution" -- one that has a history of failure

This was certainly seems on the way to completion. He has taken control of several companies and industries, and seems intent on controlling many aspects of those industries, such as executive pay. In addition, he has refused to accept repayment of TARP loans, seemingly so that he can continue to control those companies that received the TARP loans.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:34 PM
I don't type well enough to belabor every point so I'll just write bara kob ama is almost as good of a president as I am a ptyist.

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