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Putin Buys Russian In Boost To Carmaker

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 07:19 PM

16 May, 2009

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is doing his bit for Russia's embattled carmakers during the financial crisis, showing off his brand new set of wheels – a home-grown Niva 4x4.

Journalists watched outside Putin's Black Sea residence in Sochi as he drove the Niva off-road, which is produced by the country's biggest auto manufacturer, Avtovaz.

The PM then invited reporters to take a ride, and said he would use his new SUV to get to nearby fishing hotspots. Putin then called on others to follow his example by supporting domestic producers during the global economic downturn.

My opinion - Those cars are total crap - we have had thousands of those Lada Nivas in Finland in last decades... But lucky for us all - those have disapeared from traffic back over the border... I see this news very funny.

I can see Obama driving in fancy Hummer SUV - but Putin in his Lada Niva!

And this movie goes very well set in here: Actor is Putin, thats no joke!

... And Taxi he will need in future too with his new "SUV" !!!


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