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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 06:12 PM
I'm a lorry driver and I am constantly trying to save having to clean the blood of 'suicidal' cardrivers, pedestrians and cyclists off my lorry....

For example: I was reversing a big red lorry into a car park to do a daily delivery. The car park attendant was standing there keeping the pedestrians out of the way, I had my hazards on and for a change there wasn't even a car sitting on my back. I started reversing off the road and onto and across the pavement into the car park. It was very tight, so I had to watch the front to make sure I didn't hit a parked car. I was keeping my eye on the entrance of the car park through my mirrors on both sides, the parked cars on the front right hand side and it seemed to be going quite well, until I saw a pedestrian in my reversing camera and slammed on my brakes to miss him.
Luckily this vehicle had a reversing camera, most lorries don't. I let him through, got into the car park and asked the car park attendant, very politely what happened.

(Now please remember, I mentioned the lorry was big, bright red, I had my hazards on AND the lorry had the, legally required, (loud) reversing beeper.)
The car park attendant said: "I told him to stop and he answered with, "Me no understand English!"

From What friggin rock did he crawl out from to not understand, that a great big red monster with flashing lights and loud sounds was coming in his direction and going to KILL him!
Why are people so stupid, there was even someone standing in front of him and shouting STOP!

Me no understand English.... OMG

Thank God that lorry had a reversing camera...

More coming later, feel free to add your stories, oh and by the way:

CYa around,
p.s. I don't know where he was from, I didn't see his skin colour, so my reaction was not racism!

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