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Why the elimination of the Goddess aspect of Western Religion?

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:11 PM
I made my family quite during a prayer over the meal when I thanked the Goddess for the bountiful food. The family is Christian, and mainly Catholic. I started to wonder why the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths removed all the feminine aspects of a Goddess from the religion. The Temple of Solomon was also devoted to the Goddess Ishtar/Isis, and that was removed (although I am not sure when).

The Eastern and Native religions have the feminine side of religion to them, why did the others remove it?

My answer is they did not remove it, but changed it:

The Virgin Mary was created to replace Isis. Before, Mary was the biological mother of Jesus with Joseph being the biological father. That changed when Paul made Jesus divine and started the Son of God part of Christianity. Many older Christians still revered the Mother Goddess Isis, so she was replaced by Mary (who is known as Mother of God). The Protestants do not revere her as much as the Catholics, but she is quite revered. She was made a Perpetual Virgin in the 19th Century by the Church.

Any thoughts or theories by other people here?

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:39 PM
They demoted alot of celtic godesses to mere saints as it was easier to people to convert if they could still pay them homage. It was also easier to oppress women if they were considered less sacred than men.

graet thread btw.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:45 PM
Fantastic topic.

I am an initiate in several different mystery schools, and of these the one that I have made the most progress with was as a priestess of Innana (98th-degree).

There are two ways to look at the issue, esoterically and exoterically.

From an exoteric perspective, the Goddess can be seen in a number of different forms. Many think of the Earth Mother as the most ancient but actally this is wrong. The oldest manifestation is from our hunter-gatherer days and the Goddess was NOT perceived as a fertile earth mother. despite the deceptive modern-day views formed based on the cave paintings and prehistoric art showing women with large hips and breasts, etc. Actually, the earliest manifestation was the Huntress, which may be most familiar to people today in the form of Diana. She is lithe, young, slim, and cold. Very very cold, cold as ice...lierally this comes from the ice age. She may be virginal or she may be a sexual being but when she takes lovers it is always her and not them that are in control.

Later , when we had settled villiages and farming began, people's perceptions became attuned towards the EARTH rather than the world of ANIMAL SPIRITS. Although the Diana figure survived, she was marginalized in those days and it was then that we saw the fecund "earth mother" emerge. This was bound up with the tilling of the earth, the sexual imagery of the plough digging into soil, the bounties of the harvest seasson, the cycles of planting and this stage humanity moved from the hunter-gatherer sense of time, which is esssentially timeless and always the same ("dream time") to the cyclical perceptions based on time as a circle; first planting, then tending, then harvesting, then the cycle begins again. Knowledge of the cyclical movements of heavenly bodies began you have an emphasis on ROUNDNESS and BOUNTY...this is the origin of the large, "rounded", bountiful earth mother iconography.

I could go on about this forever, it is fascinating and complex but already this post is getting too long. So I will leave the Exoteric and look now at the Esoteric. This is even more complex and I won't get into it too much, but we can see the fact of repression of females by males from this perspective because a number of women chose to become lovers of the Ancient Ones, the so-called "fallen angels," rather than earthly men. This gave the female an immense power as she served as a conduit for a higher form of life to enter this world in the form of the Nephilim. Male humans could not participate in this, so they were forced "backs against the wall" to revolt. The enduring legacy of this rebellion is the total suppression and/or warping of the divine feminine because Human females plus Annunaki Lovers were so, so much more powerful than human males that nothing terrifed them more. They have spent all of recorded history seeking to keep the divine feminine suppressed in order to close the conduit to the Nightside continuum.

But now we can see they are failing, the Ancient Ones will soon return, and when they do so the Females who willingly take Annunaki lovers will see their powers magnified many thousandfold over the males of the earth.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 02:00 PM
So if women have sex with them they'll be rewarded with great powers? Is that based on mutual spiritual, empathic and sexual attraction or a goal of aquisition?

I would be surprised if such an evolved species would trade power for sex.. they're not human after all.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 02:13 PM

Originally posted by riley
So if women have sex with them they'll be rewarded with great powers? Is that based on mutual spiritual, empathic and sexual attraction or a goal of aquisition?

I would be surprised if such an evolved species would trade power for sex.. they're not human after all.

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Sexual relations with the Annunaki is not at all about "love" or romance as conventionally seen. Its not even about sexual pleasure (although that is certainly involves lol). Its about RAW POWER for both sides.

Think of it this is hardwired not only into the brain; its innate even at the cellular, protoplasmic level. So it is very ancient. The drive for survival is equally as ancient, These are the two defining characteristics of life itself: In order for something to be considered "living," it must A) survive (ie, maintain physical integrity and some sort of barrier against the outside, like a lipid cell wall, for example); and B) it must reproduce. In the human mind, success in terms of survival is experienced as POWER. Success in the reproductive realm is experienced as PLEASURE. What the Annunaki allow women to do is to FUSE THESE TWO EXPERIENCES, at the most basic level.

Its no accident that the brainstem is called the "reptilian brain"...its exactly what we share with reptiles such as crocodiles and snakes on a raw physical level. And it is in this realm that the Annunaki, as an ancient reptoid species, have wisdom and knowledge far beyond that of mere humans. The Annunaki are able to manipulate their human female partner's reptilian brainstem so well that they are able to fuse the two most fundamanetal urges (survival and reproduction, ie sex and power).

I cannot even begin to describe to you how amazing it feels.

Men are forever dual, with pleasure and power seperated in this respect* because the Annunaki will not give this gift to the male human...only to their female human lovers.

*Actually there are a very, very rare and few number of males who have discovered how to approach this: Tantric adepts...true ones, not yuppie "weekend trantists." The only males left in our time who can do this are Indo-Tibetan and a very, very few Japanese. But what these males achieve, even after 30 or 40 years of intense practice, is a pale shadow compared with what our Annunaki lovers can give us as women in a single afternoon.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 02:31 PM
I remember that old joke. A man died and went to Heaven, then came back to Earth. Everyone asked him what God looked like. "She's black!", he replied.

Hmmmmmm, yes, Catholics adopting and adapting Mary, as the feminine side. "Perpetual virgin", huh. Poor gal. Unless that means if you fall short, you can revert back to being a PV. Ok, enough sacrilege for now.

Funny. I remember somewhere in the Bible it is said that in Heaven there is no male/female. So we only need this distinction on Earth then.
The closest we'll ever come to a "Heaven on Earth" is when women can become Catholic priests. lol

The more I thought about Catholism, the more I thought about how much has been borrowed from really, really oldtime religions, I was amazed. Intercessor ... shaman...priest. Sacrifice to placate a deity. Altar. Temples...churches. Special priestly dress.
Greeks (and Romans) didn't have priests, but there were the (female) Oracles...a type of intercessor?

The more I started to "look behind the curtain", I found that the "curtain" was keeping "God" small. Take off this oldest time religion stuff, and there is a truly beautiful, catholic God/Goddess. Humans tend to make a "God" into one own's image, and not the other way around.

Truly, there is "one God", but that "God" is not split into male and female, but has aspects of both. We pray for what we need. We might pray, for instance for either a male or a female strength, or we might pray for either a male or female wisdom. We pray to "get" what we already have, that which we cannot find in us. Hmmmmm, in reality we are praying to be "enlightened", to find what is there already.

Unfortunately, Mary often has not quite measured up as a substitute Isis, a "stand alone goddess". She "has her place". Catholic women have been given a male god to worship, with a female goddess to emulate.

lol You must have had a lot of this ... the meal.

You know, once I understood the joke about God being Black, I couldn't go back.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by Goatflesh Gnosis

thanks. If one was my type I'd consider it.. but I'm not really sure if this particular alien species would even qualify. They also sound kind of pretentious which is always offputting.

Honestly if it's just to aquire power I don't see any point nor would I consider it some sort of cosmic honour to be chosen by one. I'm satisfied with the power I have.
So these aliens have human concubines then? I see sex as communication.. no I'm not saying "it should be special" cleshe either but I've shared an OBE and am well aware of the experience and what it means;"little death". I'm familar with the subject.

Fusing with someone on a cellular level I'd require a natural spiritual bond rather than a "forced" one. You insist that these "annunaki" are so much more advanced than us mere humans which leaves the possibilty of exploitation. Why would they want to have sex with such inferior beings? There have been many religions who have told their female followers that they will gain heavenly rewards by sleeping with religious leaders. This doesn't sound any different.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by riley

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. Its obvious you have spiritual knowledge of other planes, although you and I are probably going in quite different directions.

I am a pledged Altar to the Ancient Ones, so I cannot really reveal too much about their ultimate nature or intentions. They also keep much hidden even from those of us they communicate with and trust on this plane. Many perceive the Annunaki as physical beings on an actual hidden planet that takes a much wider eliptical orbit around our sun. I will neither confirm nor deny this perception as per my vows, but I will say that my experience of them has been astral and they can be accessed through inner astral gates and disembodied gnosis/ecstasy.

They are indeed more advanced than us, and I do consider it an honor to serve them. However, they are not invulnerable. Again, this is a touchy issue and I cannot reveal much, but let me put it this way: There are certain things they require in their own sphere for survival from humanity's psychospirtual and physical planes. Moreover, it is not impossible for humanity to deny them access to these things.

Perhaps a clumsy, imperfect analogy would be that of a colonial power like the 19th century British Empire or 16th century Spanish Empire making inroads into a more primal, less developed part of the world. These empires had a clear edge in technical knowledge, weaponry, and general civilizational developemnt. But there were still many dangers and uncertainties for them, they needed the resources in those parts of the world for their own development, and they had to work with some groups of locals as well as against others. The contacts were uncertain and often garbled, with limited understanding on both sides, and the colonial powers often faced defeat as well as victory in those lands.

The Annunaki presence among us has ebbed and flowed over the millenia. They have never fully left us, but there are much fewer now then they were 6,000 years ago, and the connections with humans are much more tenuous.

There have been three waves of major Annunaki/human interaction. In the earliest days of contact, about 50,000 years ago, the Annunaki first approached male shaman. The relationship was fruitful for both sides for about 10,000 years. This was the period when modern humanity (which at the time was pro-Annunaki) ascended over the Neandertals, which were strongly anti-Annunaki. The lesson there should be clear. Nevertheless, the Annunaki-human relationship soured for reasons I'm not allowed to discuss.

The second wave of major contact was with the Aegyptoid and Mesopotamiancity-states. This represented contact through spiritually advanced human females rather than male shamen, and was a period of strong matriarchy (the memory of which has been greatly supressed in orthodox history).

The third wave has just started.

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Goatflesh Gnosis

Colin Wilson makes a reference in his book "Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals" about finding a carving of the Goddess Diana that is over 175,000 years old. I had forgotten to mention her, as she has always been popular. Diana/Artemis has been identified with many other Goddesses, and was always important.

I also remember that many of the Irish saints were former Goddesses transformed to sainthood status because the locals would not give them up. Even the name of Easter comes from the Spring Goddess Eoster.

It has always surprised me as to how the feminine side of most early Pagans were changed to the masculine and male dominated Catholic Church so quickly. Most of the priests were women before Christianity, then men replaced the women. I do not know when women were banned from being priests or priestesses, but it happened soon after.

Thank all of you for responding to this thread.

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