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Conspiracies: What made YOU believe?

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 12:47 PM
Hi everyone,

while reading some of the many interesting and informative posts on this website, I started to wonder, when did these people first start to believe in conspiracies, first begin to doubt the 'official story' of things, and start doing research on their own to find out the real truth about different issues? I noticed a lot of the members here are extremely knowledgable and can debate/argue their points of view really clearly.

So that's my question: what first got you into conspiracies, and made you join this website?

Personally, I always thought the 9/11 incidents were a little odd, even my dad said that when he first saw the Twin Towers come down it looked like a controlled demolition, like the ones they show sometimes on TV. I started looking around and bought a documentary which really opened my eyes. I know there are people who believe like I do about 9/11 and people who still believe the official story, however without this website I wouldn't have found a lot of info that seems to prove something fishy was going on....

After I opened my mind more to the possibility that not EVERYTHING is as it seems, and that often the media tells you what they want you to hear, I began to see things wrong everywhere, not huge conspiracies but just things that were distorted, ridiculous and unfair. I have seen the many small and big flaws in this country (US) and the way it is run. For now, it is only my dad and I who discuss conspiracies, my mom thinks we are both slightly off our rockers!

Please feel free to discuss how your eyes were opened..


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