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Not much about bottled water

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 10:08 PM
I was interested in seeing which bottled water companies were owned by "agenda" groups, and was surprised with what I found.

Here's a list of major companies in North America which produce bottled water:
[Water name, parent co, CEO]

Arrowhead - Nestle Waters North America, Kim Jeffery
Poland Spring - Nestle Waters North America, Kim Jeffery
Dasani - Coca Cola Co, Neville Isdell
Aquafina - owned by Pepsico, inc., Indra Nooyi
Fiji - Fiji Water company LLC, John Edward Cochran
Evian - Danone, Franck Riboud
Dannon - The Dannon Company, inc., Gustavo Valle

I was surprised to find that not one CEO of these companies is part of the CFR, Trilateral comm, or Bilderbergs, according to this membership list.

I was also a little surprised that almost all of them are owned by major companies like Pepsico, etc

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