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America and the Indentured Servant

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 09:23 PM
I am old fashion in a lot of ways.

I was taught to work hard, save for a rainy day, don't borrow unless you have to and always pay your debts.

We live in a world where if you are like me then you become the target.

You are the enemy.

I banked with WAMU and when I found out that they had failed and was bought out I was assured that nothing would change but the name.

I believed them. That was my first mistake. I had a credit card with WAMU and I kept the account open. That was my second mistake.

When I got my new statement with the new name change I found that the name was not the only thing that changed.

My interest rate had been hiked to a whopping 27%. Now I might not be a genius at math but that is 30% percent where I come from and if that is not highway robbery I don't know what is.

I called to see exactly what was the problem and to get them to change the rate back or to at least something more reasonable and I was told that they could not help me. Now this is the same bank that sent me a letter praising me for being such a responsible customer and "raised" my credit limit.

I told the young rep that if they could not give me a better rate that I would have to close my account. He said fine. That he would close the account and that the account was now officially closed. Just that easy and just that sweet.

Immediately after hanging up I went to my banking site and made payments each week for three weeks. When I called the credit card company to day to get the final payoff amount so I would not have to be bothered with receiving a check for an over payment or receiving a bill for fifty cents, I was told that they could not give me a payoff amount.

I did not understand how this could be possible that they could not give me a pay off amount and I was told that it was against regulations for them to do so.

I requested to speak with a supervisor. He told me that I would be wasting my time because the supervisors had to follow the same rules on this matter.

I told him that I would like to hear this come from the supervisor directly. He said okay and he attempted to transfer my call. The supervisor got on the phone after about a five minute hold time and claimed we had a bad connection, she could not hear me and that I should call back.

I played this game four times. Each time I called back I got a rep that had no problem hearing me and every time they transferred the call the supervisor would pick up and claim that she could not hear me.

I can't say I gave up but I did stop calling. I paid way over the amount that was my stated balance and now will have to wait for them to send me a check for an over payment.

These people are enemies to America and the American people.

They are about kicking you when you down and keeping you down for as long as they possibly can.

They want you to owe them so they can own you and they will do everything in their power to keep you indentured and a slave to them.

If you can, avoid doing business with these people. Use your credit unions. Use you local banks. Don't give these people the ropes to hang you with.

These mega banks are bringing America to its knees and they will ride off into the sunset leaving us a ruined and destitute place that they will hand over to the governments of other countries to fight over.

I am angry and just a little more than put off with what happened to me but a quick look about the internet showed me that I am not an isolated case. In fact, I wrote this account only because so many other people have experienced the same hijacking that I experienced.

I was blessed to be able to pay off these jackals but there are too many other hard working honest people that are still caught in their traps. The only thing we can do is to take our business and our money to places that will build our community and keep our country strong and great.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 09:55 PM
I can understand your outrage, and I applaud your creditworthiness, but your credit rating won't mean a damn thing in the very near future....they are going to ruin it anyway by running your balance higher and higher with interest charges.....If you are unable to pay off your entire balance immediately, the next best course of action is to beat them to the punch and charge THEM off....simply refuse to let them steal from you....give them the 'ol one finger salute, destroy the card, and live happily ever after.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by RolandBrichter

I wish I had come here sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of money.

As it is I paid the bastards every dime and then some. Now I have to wait until they decide to cut me a check and send it to me for the over payment.

We really have to stop this madness.

We can do it. We just have to be more discretionary about who we give our money.

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