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Rebuilding The World

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 05:36 PM
Hey Everyone...

I am creating this post for feedback mainly to see where everyone stands on our world and the things that will make it a better place to live.

I have always speculated if we want to live prosperously on this planet we would need to find a way to live like the animals, I mean think about it, they only footprints they really leave behind are areas they live, Fecal matter which is used as fertilizer & food, their bodies which are used as food and fertilizer, and they leave behind carbon dioxide which the trees take care of.

So my summary is that most animals leave no footprint behind on earth and they are in fact a part of the earth, they work with it, and not against it.

With humans however we are very much different, when we die we like to be buried in a polluting manner, chemicals in our veins etc and of course the plastic and metal coffins which will take thousands of years to break down. Then I think about other things such as waste, our waste goes down with other chemicals and then there is our cleaning habits, our eating habits, our "fun" or "hobby" habits... For humans There is not one single day that we actually live "With" the enviornment. This is a problem, because at our current state we have noticed de-oxidization of the oceans around larger commerical countries, pollution of the water tables, openings in our Ozone layer... But I do not believe that our civilization or the planet will just simply end. HOWEVER, I do believe we have to rebuild our world.

There are energys all around us in our natural daily lives, the sun, the wind, the rain, and in the ground itself. Using these natural forms of energy will greatly impact the way we humans co-habitat with the other beings on this planet... but why do we not use them??

Why do we choose to not look towards the future?

We have been given life by an amazing planet, many say creator, some say by a fluke, and if this is so... Why do we choose to ignore the things that are affecting us in a negative way... the long term effects are great.

All that I ask is for each of you to ask yourselves why do you pollute... do you mean to, do you want to, do you care?

Why do you not use natural forms of energy instead of burning coal and such? Do you mean not to, do you not want to, and do you care?

If you could make a difference when it comes to alternative energy... Would you? Would you want to? Or again do you care to?

I would greatly appreciate any responses.

"Living amongst mankind is far worse than living amongst animals, for they are both the same... Yet the rage, and fury that lives within them is far different. Mankind knows of right and wrong, but yet they do so much wrong. Animals know of only survival and yet do so much good"

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:10 PM
While I agree with you I cannot see humanity in its current state changing.

I long have believed that the ultimate goal of the human race is the idealistic communist society spoken about by Karl Marx and never practiced in reality - why? because the vast majority of us humans are far to selfish to think beyond the consequences of our own tribe and lifespan.

Hence we live in a civilisation which is hell bent on destroying itself by every means possible.

Take the point you make on energy - we have countless companies raping the planet for minerals, oil etc and why - purely for profit - for the satisfying of the hungry shareholders and the rest of us just play along with this facade because our politicians tell us that this is the right thing to do and that there is no alternative - why because our politicians depend on huge donations from the powerful lobby groups of these very organisations that are polluting and destroying our planet.

Regardless of whether global warming is a reality or not - oil is a very crude way to obtain energy and the earth is very badly polluted.

To change this would require a mass effort on all of humanity and that would include boycotting petrol, oil, coal and all these other harmful energies - promoting recycling and nuclear energy - paying more taxes to generate research into eco friendly fuel and food production sources and buying shares in companies that focus on these areas of research rather then buying into the bluechip companies - ensuring our pension funds are invested in ethical funds and companies rather then cash rich arms and oil companies

So why don't these things happen - because people don't want to pay those extra taxes, or pay a little bit more for a recycled product when they can get something cheaper or risk a little bit of their pension funds to provide not only for their own future but for their grandkids future, as that suits the narrow minded capitalist tribal viewpoint.

While people starve on this planet every day and that is ignored by the masses - then getting people to switch to alternative energy is going to be impossible to get through to that sort of mass hardened mindset.

Thats just my opinion of course for what its worth!

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:19 PM
I don't think change is unlikely, that is coming, not because our dear president says so, but it's just been the feeling in the air for quite some time now. We have been repeating the same garbage for ages and with the population and technology at it's currenet stage, it is getting out of hand. I think that humanity is overall tired of the same ol same ol and the earth is getting fed up with the attempts of humans trying to control mother nature. She's going to snap if we don't change soon. Unfortunately, the only way that change comes if it becomes the only option. It is funny that this topic had come up because me and my girlfriend were just discussing deforestation and how we wish we could do something about it. Can you imagine what has been destroyed in the process? I'm not against humanity improving itself be it living conditions, building homes, cities, but no care is taken. You can drive threw many communities and the place is a damn mess. People can't even pick up after themselves. There is so much waste out there that we don't need, but no one is willing to stop.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by itinerantseeker

I agree with you in that Change is likely.

I also feel that the momentum is shifting for change but if you really look around there is none and you can tell it is a ways away.

I can see with your story that you believe in and are for change as far as shifting towards working with the earth is concerned...

Do you feel we should be this way, its just a choice or a necessity?

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