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Poetry of politics

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 04:47 PM
Since the day I opened my mind to what lies beyond the faces we see on the idiot box my poetry has changed from describing and creating an ideal world of love, sex, and unity, to poetry illustrating my deep frustration with government and those who seek to usurp power from it's rightful place, the People. These poems are a collection of my thoughts, and musings on our invisible shackles.

All my art and poetry can be found on my online art gallery...I left a good chunk of work out because some of it can be very vulgar at times, I know the T & C so I will not post them or link to them directly.. What I will do is post a link to my gallery in general(if for no other reason than to prevent plagiarism).

All poetry from projectvxn @

To Build A Nation

Because love has given way to hot bullets
Because patience is running thin, a still shot of a virtue as we once knew it.
Because a new weapon is made and we must use it.
Because hungry mouths are eating into our compassion
Because the voices of peace have given way to demands for action.

Because I have seen the road to hell and it's an easy ride into town.
Because the bombs in the distance are relaxing, since you're alive to hear the sound.
Because I'm hungry and I haven't eaten a morsel of truth all day.
I'm starving for inspirational words that shine light on this dark American highway
Because it hurts to speak with a slit throat, it's hard to lift the meek
with broken hands, and it is hard to build a nation whose foundations are
the flesh and bone upon which the pillars of this Empire now stand.

Because divine justice is about what we do, and what we don't do.
In the end we only get what we deserve.
But I will try to be the man who molds bricks of our collective shame
to rebuild a nation no one taught us to preserve.


Brother in Arms

Puppet on a podium tells me all is well-
and we all dream in black and white-
and the color we see is a trick in the
shadows where light meets the fragile mind.

Puppet on a podium says the war we fight
is for hearts and minds- So ignore the blood
because it helps the flowers grow where once
there was nothing but sand.

Puppet on a podium says we’re free.
Free to see the deception in the shadows
of his smile. Free to be the lamb to a slaughter
in a black and white dream, Where the only
true color is the blood of our brothers…

Puppet on a podium say a prayer for me.
So that I may step out from the shadows
surrounding a lucid dream…Where the
only true color is the blood of my brother.



Evil is evil when done ever so callously. Justice is injustice if rendered
impertinently. The Bible tells us that where justice is, there
is also evil. And too much of a good thing can also be lethal

And what if God believes in evolution..What if it's charged upon
us to find the promised solutions? To find salvation for ourselves
instead of waiting for fantasy revolutions...

Christ said that the meek shall inherit the Earth. I don't think that
means that the meek will be burned by a bomb and turned to the
worms, to be swallowed by the Earth, that's just my two cents for
all it may be worth.

Every great man throughout time was more than the some of his parts,
it's been 2,000,000 years, when are WE going to start!? Let go of
the snake at the base of your brain and ascend to to the potential
to which you've been made.

Why be stuck in a shell so afraid to shine? Why deny the pillars of progress
we have built throughout time? Why do we substitute life for these lies?!

It is about the truth you see, it is about the potential locked away inside your soul
screaming to be free. And the secrets they harbor, so closely they keep from the
masses of minds that wander the streets, looking to realize a far fleeting dream.
It is about the courage of conviction and all the virtue we seek.

It is about Earth and the games we play at her expense, and as she groans in pain
we tend to forget that the easy road we travel is paved in regrets.


God Bless America

I wish there was a passage of poetry powerful enough to open your eyes...
I wish there was something I could say to make you realize...
I wish there was a truth so profound that it would open hearts and minds.
Words loud enough to penetrate every closed ear, because the end of the American dream is near.

I wish the Stars would come to me, so I could rise above this world, and watch the pillars of an empire crumble inevitably, and watch the struggle continue endlessly.
I wish that by looking into my eyes you would see my sense of urgency, that the world we live in is an intellectual disaster, ruled by blatantly stupid masters.

We have an existential emergency. War is the control mechanism for global lunacy, and lying is a language spoken fluently. And they have us beg for more, insanity bread for convenience, insanity fueling a war. American insanity closing many doors..

God bless America. God bless her still. Because I'm afraid that no one else ever will.


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posted on Feb, 27 2010 @ 10:47 PM
We Are Not Afraid

You! The Senator, the Magistrate, The Constable! You! The President, The General, and the Soldier, Listen closely to the wind - within it is carried the screams of the Children of Liberty!  

You! The Student, The Parent, The Teacher. You! The Laborer, The Transient, and the Destitute, let the sound of your chains awaken you! Lock your rifles, stand your ground, with your presence you shall declare "With our blood or yours we have come to water the Tree of Liberty! We have come for our Freedom, and we are not afraid!!"

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