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43 stun-gunned at prisons' Take Your Kids to Work Day

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 03:57 PM
[edit on 16-5-2009 by Dramey]

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by WonkoTheSane
Get those F**king stun guns away from the cops! They obviously do not know what they are doing and therefor should NOT be carrying weapons.

They sure don't know what they are doing. It would seem to me that the side that represents true Law and Order would have no need to carry guns.

Armed with Barry Manilow records, Holy Bibles, marshmellows, grham crackers and Hershey Bars to make smores, they should be able to get any of the bad children to behave to either avoid having to listen or read to the first two...or miss out on a smores...everyone loves smores!

Case solved!

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by Sonya610

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
It is rather frightening friend that just about every where you look you see Police States where the governments are usurping more and more power and attempting to not just control but decide more and more aspects of their citizen's lives.

Frightening? READ the article. They have not used those stun guns on prisoners at all this year, but ONLY on the kids of the DOC workers. The kids were no doubt all excited to feel it, and the guards were able to use their stun guns for the first time in 2009.

Sheesh people, have a sense of humor. This story is hilarious.

Florida has the 3rd largest State Prison system in the U.S.A., in fact Florida itself has the largest percentage of convicted Felons amongst it's population. Florida's inviting weather, importance in the import/export illegal narcotics trade, money laundering and one of the most protective Homestead Acts in the country that virtually gaurantees your primary residence is safe from lawsuits and legal actions makes Florida a great place to be criminal.

The Prison system in Florida has been rocked by various scandals for years now from having to mandatorily release violent felons years and sometimes decades before their sentences are up to comply with Federal Lawsuits on the systems chronic and sometimes inhumane over crowding, to difficulties with it's Electric Chair nick named "Old Sparkey", to the violent deaths of inmates at the hands of correctional gaurds, to the violent deaths of youths at it's juvenille facilities at the hands of correctional gaurds and it's woefully inadequate and often deadly care of the mentally ill in it's charge.

I would wager there is no shortage of prisoners who might have preferred the Stun Gun to the violent beatings they took instead while hand cuffed.

Floridas anti-sexual predator laws are so strict that an entire community of ex-sex offenders are forced to live under a bridge on the Venetian Causeway on an previously uninhabitted island with no electricity, sewage, water, or trash pickup because it is the only location in all of Miami-Dade County that does not fall within the prescribed amount of distance that sex-offenders must stay away from schools, parks, play grounds and community centers.

Though they have served their sentences they may never leave that Island except for work, except during the day, and the probation department does a headcount every night and morning to make sure everyone who is supposed to be living on the Island is there when they are supposed to. Failure to be so results in being arrested and taken to jail for violation of the sexual predator protection laws. These men and now a recently added woman are driven there by correctional department officers at the completion of their sentence and explained the stark reality of their new life of 'freedom'. Their only recourse is once off of probation is to see if another community outside of South Florida will take them in through their own registration process. In other words as the way the system is set now, the men and women who are being consigned there as sexual pretadors who have served their sentences will never be allowed to live anywhere else and will live out the remainder of their lives there.

Floridas prison system is not just a big mess but a big business that when you add this rather questionable act of the gaurds too, just further highlights the dysfunctional qualities of a system that the state employs to incarcerate it's citizens who the largest portion of our poor people caught up in the war on drugs. Drugs by the way in my humble oppinion are a danger to those who use them but they are by and large a victimless crime until you make you it against the law to victimize yourself and an underground business looking to cater to and profit off of a need does so entirely outside of the law, with no regulations or oversight, but simply the law trying to stop and punish those doing so through incarceration instead of treatment, and that criminal class of users, and dealers trying to evade the law to obtain and use, or sell such substances.

I personally believe that where the New World Order enters into this, is that the Tax Payers are being deliberately burdened by having to bear the cost in dollars and morals of having to Wharehouse entire generations of often poor inner city youths that the corporate world has no need for in even a minimum wage capacity let alone a skilled labor or managerial one.

Half the people in prisons should not be in prisons, and prisons are little more than Crime Schools for those sent to them.

Exposing young children on how to run a prison and gaurd prisoners many of whom represent no threat to anyone but themselves, fosters an environment that simply favors the status quo.

The woman recently banished to exile for life on the Island under the Venetian Causeway was 28 years old and poor and pled out on the advice of a Public Defender to a lewd and lacivious public nuesance charge stemming from an incedent while intoxicated that resulted in a 6 month county jail sentence that she did know about when she pled out, and a lifetime living under a bridge with out electricity, running water, fixed shelters, sewage and sanitation with a community that now is around 80 men that a few more are added to each month.

It is my suspiscion that Prison Gaurds will be in exceedingly high demand in the New World Order.

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