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Scathing New Report on the Fed - Den of Thieves

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 01:09 PM
I never really thought about how the Federal Reserve worked and how it affects me, or should I say how the Federal Reserve makes money from everybody who uses their money.

Scathing New Report on the Fed - Den of Thieves

When a central bank requires new money to pay for whatever expenditure public or private, bailout or stimulus, or to push whatever economic button it desires, the central bank simply creates it. Their new money appears out of thin air. They then have the audacity to charge the public interest for its use. These interest charges go solely toward private gain.

No wonder the Fed doesn't mind just printing up millions/billions/trillions of dollars.
The Federal Reserve prints new money for pennies on the dollar, then charges the public interest to "borrow" this money from them!

What a racket!

This was an excerpt from an article that is actually about a free .pdf booklet on the internet called "The Fed - Den of Thieves".

Here's a little piece from that booklet, ...

I reached such a point in my life. That moment at which I understood
that holding money in my pocket or on deposit in my bank meant that I
owed interest to bankers, and that my wealth could be taken from me
without so much as a warrant or the permission of my agreement
. Take
a moment to wrap your mind around the following words.

Holding money means you owe interest to private bankers and they can
and do steal your wealth without your permission.

Bankers do not collect their interest from you directly but rather
indirectly through the Internal Revenue Service
. These interest charges
are paid to the bankers in such a way that not one man in a million
understands their scheme. And most egregiously the central bank that
controls all issuance of our currency can and does impose hidden taxes
on you far beyond what the IRS ever collects from your paycheck.

So according to this, the FED charges everybody holding money interest for using their money that the IRS collects for them.

I guess the only way to get around NOT paying the Fed interest would be to give them back all THEIR money!!!

This is a pretty good, eye opening booklet (The Fed - Den of Thieves), organized crime only wishes it had an operation like the Fed has going!!!

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