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Lucifer , a title or an entity ?

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 08:25 PM
Good point .

How is it that people who claim to study and preach not know these things ? Or do they simply run from these things and allow people to keep there misguided beliefs so that they don't rock the boat , so to speak .

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:12 PM
May 18, 2009
Who was Lucifer?

We as a people are still reeling from the rebellion he perpetrated. His title was as a planetary monarch. Serving under him was Satan, his chief lieutenant - you might say that he, Satan, often served Lucifer as a prime minister as Satan carried out the policies Lucifer decreed.

Lucifer was a brilliant administrator and Satan his equal in may respects. They used their power to oversee the land we live on we call home. They declared that the Universal Father never existed and that angel and man alike were not to be subject to the laws of the Creator. They contested and forced those who died on our planet to remain here saying that the resurrection spheres were an educational waste of time and that the souls to remain on the planet would be free to work at whatever they wished.

Lucifer and Satan were not human as both were personalized by the Creator in spirit form. They jointly convinced earth’s local spiritual ruler to go into rebellion against the Creator government.

The Bright and Morning Star, otherwise known as Gabriel, is the Creator’s chief executive, and upon recognizing that our earth seceded from the universe union of governments, he declared that civil war had broken out, and all must choose with whom they would side.

As the “war in heaven” transpired, the Bright and Morning Star petitioned the tribunals of Supreme action dealing with life and death in spiritual matters only. The judges granted a hearing and the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer was placed on the docket.

In the early twentieth century, a major review by the court was finished and Lucifer and Satan (as well as thousands of subordinates) were remanded into custody. Lucifer was interned on mansion world number seven, known to all as the prison world, but it is a world wholly dedicated to the will of the Father.

Satan and his fellow rebel, Caligastia - our devil, were interned on our planet as they waited to be taken before the Supreme judges.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, the court heard the case of Gabriel vs Lucifer. After lengthy deliberations which also included returning Lucifer to our planet to show him what his policies did to the course of evolution, the final verdict was brought.

The Creator offered mercy and rehabilitation, but it was spurned. In the last act of defiance, Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia, along with many thousands of others, refused the offer of mercy. In 1984, the final decree went out: Those who finally spurned the life in God were to become as though they never were. They ceased to be personalities any more. Who they were as well as their life patterns have been redistributed as the universe decrees in these matters.

And that is but a very brief story about the Lucifer rebellion. It will fill multiple volumes of history someday.

The rebellion began (in round numbers) over 200,000 years ago, and was ended by an annihilation decree within our living memories. Rehabilitation of our planet has begun and it is from the spiritual side that we will see the changes first.

Man’s record of these events is full of confusion and mistakes. The true record is going to be made available to the planet when the new spiritual government becomes visible to take the place of what was once the domains of the arch-rebels. Schools will become available to teach what has happened.

My knowledge of these things comes through the auspices of our planetary government, the same government which has taken back the reigns from Lucifer and now rules in full compliance with the will of the universe Creator. Much occurs that is of great import that CNN and the New York Times know nothing of. Consequently there are few who know these facts and the consequences of a tragic drama played out through the early earthly empires and the Christ bestowal.

Thank you.

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by Max_TO
Good point .

How is it that people who claim to study and preach not know these things ? Or do they simply run from these things and allow people to keep there misguided beliefs so that they don't rock the boat , so to speak .

It is quite simple.

You have this "urge" to preach, and enter the Seminary (of whatever particular sect you are part of) and you are taught the Theology and Doctrines of the particular sect you are associated with.

Each and every sect, has "it's Tenets" to protect, and thus they build a "Package of Information" that is spoon fed to the flock.

It (The Package) is repeated and repeated, until the flock believe it to be fact, and then they are confronted with the Offering Plate.

The problem is, Gods Word is neglected, overlooked and occasionally ignored. It's too confusing! It's not important, since the Church will be taken in the Rapture! And on and on........

The solution is God's Word being taught, word by word, chapter and verse, with detailed definitions of what the Original Text indicated.

But unfortunately, a church like this, maywell sit empty.

I hope that in my rambling, the answer has been brought forth for you



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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by Aronolac

Very interesting story indeed . Can you offer any other reports of this , or any means for others to research this report ?

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 07:26 PM
A "morning star" could also represent any angel which lights up like a star. Venus is known as the morning star and one of these angels could be mistaken for Venus when emitting. There are numerous accounts in the bible that describe these angels as extremely bright entities. They can still be seen today. Just look in the UFO section of ATS and search for fire balls (balls of light) flying in the sky.

There was one bright angel hidding in the cloud above the Tabernacle. One was in the middle of Moses' burning bush. A bright angel led the "wise men" to the baby Jesus. Danel talked to a bright angel named Gabriel.

Any "morning stars" are angels that make themselves visible by lighting up. Did you know a group of these beings chased the planes during WWII? They were known as the Foo Fighters.

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by lostinspace

I believe that Venus was called the "Morning Star" because it always rose within 3 hours before day break. Likewise, couldn't Christ be that messenger which heralds a new day for mankind? At least, that's how I always understood the Lucifer == Christ argument.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 11:59 PM
According to my research in very rare books, like "Beyond the mind", "Dialogue avec l'invisible", Lucifer is the highest spiritual authority that oversees the Astral plane. In other words, this systemic entity is in charge of all the disincarnates. The role he plays is to make sure that the astral plane continues dominating the human race. But his reign will end in about 2500 years, when the astral plane will serve no purpose for humans will not be in the physical form anymore. They will be in the ethereal form.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 01:14 PM
Hi Max_to

You wrote:
Very interesting story indeed . Can you offer any other reports of this , or any means for others to research this report ?

A: The historical archives of the universe are full of facts and event dates that fill in the early history of our planet and how man developed from the earliest ages to the present day. My interest in history and my interest in universe cosmology brought me to some of this archival information which I am happy to share to the extent it is usable in this day and age.

It is best for both of us if you would be so kind as to ask particular questions you may have to see if I can answer them. Some parts of the archive are off limits to man because that information deals with unrevealed data. I think you can imagine that with an archive so large it is best to bore down into it with specific questions. All of this information is in the public domain since the original documents are placed there by the many anonymous intelligences operating in the universe since the early times of eternity.

I think it would be of general interest to know that the universe government is predicated upon three branches of inter-locking power much as many human governments are on our planet. That is, there is an executive branch, a legislative branch, and the judiciary. Many of our institutions are based on these models although the universe operates with relative perfection while man's culture is still experimental.

Lucifer attempted to seize the executive branch and thereby set up his own judiciary and legislative enclaves. In other words, Lucifer and his supporters came to be known as dictators with that parallel well known enough on our own world to understand that means no check on power and often whimsical decisions based on personal wishes. Lucifer's denial of reality cost him his life in the final analysis.

There is collateral documentation that one can research this subject. Few recognize what they are looking at because most researchers do not have the background I supplied in these posts. It is very hard to know what thread you have to pull out of a pile of threads to lead you to this kind of information unless, of course, you are just plain lucky.

I have researched rather exhaustively the 19th century production of spiritualism. It would be a fatal mistake to your research to do spiritualism per se, but watch and read the circumstances through which the movement was produced and the problems associated with the spiritual communications of that era. The basis of a major revelation can be found in these early works while at the same time the influence of Lucifer overshadowed the production of them. In the 19th century the influences were alive and well of Satan and Lucifer through the presence of Caligastia on our planet. They made every attempt to short circuit the eventuation of a revelation and the archival release of the facts about the Lucifer rebellion. They even attempted to bribe Jesus into accepting their presence and policies (this reference can be found easily enough in the Bible).

Thank you for your interest.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 01:36 PM
To those discussing the "Morning Star" attribution,

Morning Star does refer to other phenomena and personalities in the universe. However, when it comes to the Lucifer subject and his decision to take our home into an attitude of defiance toward the Creator, the name "Morning Star" has one over whelming application.

You see, according to the universe archives, the Creator brings into being one individual specifically designed to do the work of a chief executive. This chief executive is alone as no other being carries his credentials to act on behalf of the decrees and mandates issued by the Creator. The full title of this unique individual is "The Bright and Morning Star". His personal name is Gabriel. He is the "General" with complete charge of the angelic armies, and he assigns them to the parts of the universe where they must work to maintain order and provide the revelation of the Supreme to those areas.

When Jesus died and before he left, he asked Gabriel to call the role of sleeping survivors. It is the angels who care for those who sleep and because the Bright and Morningstar is chief of these armies, it naturally falls to him to bring forth the new dispensation. With his authoritative call, the angels mobilize and do their duty. It is also natural to learn that it was Gabriel who declared Lucifer as a rebel and brought him to justice through the Supreme tribunals in the case of Gabriel vs Lucifer. That history is narrated in my earlier post on this thread.

There are also a whole group of wonderful beings called "The Evening Stars" - these are beings who help the Creator establish his sovereignty in the universe and are powerful ministers of the Supreme.

I in no way disagree with the posts explaining the other meaning of terms of "Morning Star",. but only emphasize the use of that title surrounding the history of Lucifer and how he met his match with the Bright and Morning Star of this universe.

Thank you.

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by Max_TO

Historically it was the Latin name of a Roman god, who was the son of Venus. Also known as Phosphoros in the Greek.

Helel Son of Shahar, the name or title that is translated usually into Lucifer, may mean something entirely different than what people think it does.

Helel itself is related to the Hebrew word for Shining, Shine or Bright.
Shahar is the name of the Canaanite god of the Dawn and also the Hebrew term for Dawn. A more literal translation would be the Shining Son of Shahar or the Shining Son of Dawn.

Morning in Hebrew is Boquer. Kokawb is star. Boquer Kokawb is "Morning Star" and are mentioned as a type of "Angel" or celestial being along side the celestial Bnai Elohim, "Sons of G-d" in the Book of Job.

I don't see any direct connection between the Shining Son of Shahar and the Morning Stars of Job.

I also don't see anything in Isaiah to identify the Shining Son of Shahar with Satan.

I do see some other weird things though. The entire portion of Isaiah involving this Shining Son is part of a prophecy dealing with Israel singing of the fall of the King of Babylon in what sounds like the Last Days. This King of Babylon deceives the whole world and in his heart imagines himself higher than the Most High.

This sounds very familiar. There are parallels between the Shining Son of Shahar and the Little Horn of the Book of Daniel.

One other important part about this Shining Son is that he and his sons are killed at the end of the Prophecy. I highly advise people read the whole Prophecy not just a snip from it. Thats why people are so confused over it.

So what we might have may be in fact a False Messiah figure.

Now for some even weirder stuff.

Shahar, Canaanite god of the dawn. He is the Son of El, head of the Canaanite pantheon, and a twin. His twin brother is Shalim, god of peace and dusk. The City of Jerusalem is the City of Shalim. The name of the Canaanite pantheon is called Elohim and is composed of 70 sons. These 70 sons are bound by covenant to 70 tribes or nations.

Now for some weirder Bibilical parallels. In older texts of Deuteronomy, preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls, it explains that the 70 nations were numbered by the Most High according to the number of the "Sons of G-d".

In addition to this weirdness is the figure of Melchizedek, Kingpriest of Shalim. Abaraham tithes Melchizedek and Melchizedek serves the Most High, "El Elyon". The sect at Qumran, writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls, note that Melchizedek is a Celestial.

The Book of Daniel mentions celestial beings, including Celestial princes ruling over the nations of men and most of them being terrible rulers.

In Psalms 82, G-d judges the Elohim and mentions how they are "Sons of the Most High". He threatens them with mortality and that they should fall like the "Princes".

In the Christian New Testament, when Jesus is accused of claiming to be the "Son of G-d" he refers to Psalms 82.

What this could imply is the Helel Ben Shahar or the Shining Son of Shahar is a literal son of Shahar. Some might interpret this as a Nephilim, the offspring of the Bnai Elohim and humans mentioned in the Book of Genesis. On the other hand it could also mean he is a Bnai Elohim, "Son of Elohim" as opposed to Elohim/Bnai Elyon "Sons of the Most High".

The implications for either interpretation are shattering.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 08:11 PM

Originally posted by MikeboydUS

So what we might have may be in fact a False Messiah figure.

Yes, this is exactly what the subject is. Of course there is a Spiritual and Historic implication, but there is also the Prophetic, which is a recurring theme within the scriptures.

THERE WILL BE MANY WHO CLAIM TO BE THE MESSIAH, or are positioned as the Messiah.

"Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

It is part and parcel of living in these days.

Now for some even weirder stuff.

Now, what is the "Lore" of ancient Eygpt? What of the Shining Ones? Tall Blond Race? This is an example of who these "Peoples" where

Strangely, just as the biblical term, Elohim, is a plural word used for God, and in reality means the ‘Shining Ones,’ the X part of the monogram is also plural (X=10) and is the number of Yahweh. Chi also has another meaning – ‘Great Fire’ or ‘Light’ or even ‘Shining.’

The P (Rho) part is more difficult but has been related to ‘Pen’ (pen means, ‘head’) in etymology thus implying that the loop on the top of the P is a head, in the very place that a skull would be on the skull and crossbones.[3]

[One thing is sure, Rho stood for ‘Pater’ or ‘Patah’ (the Egyptian god Ptah), which is ‘Father.’ Together they therefore make ‘Shining Father’ (Dyaus Pitar) – which later became the Roman ‘Jupiter’ (Hu Ptah=father sun) – the Roman version of the Greek father-god Zeus.]

I found that the symbol of the skull and crossbones then, stretches back over thousands of years and relates entirely to the ancient ‘Shining Ones’ – and directly to Osiris, the Egyptian version of the original ‘Shining Father’ incarnated on earth. Not only that, but geographically it goes right into the heart of original Shining territory.

Which begs the question, what would these be called today? Aliens?????

The implications for either interpretation are shattering.

Maybe in the "Material World" this would seem extreme, but is this not what the Bible describes as what happened, and indicates will occur again.

The bigger implication is, that everything is related. It's not some quasi-seperated mindset that requires tunnel vision to understand or comprehend. It is the fact that everything is telling a similiar story. Something that occured, in the ancient past. Something which will occur again in the not so distant future.

One speaks of Aliens and UFO's. I would speak of Angels (Fallen) and Modes of Travel. Some speak of Intelligent Design. I would speak of the Recreation Story in Genesis. Some would say we are being visited by Aliens today. I would say, Christ told us we would 2000 years ago. (The Parable of the Fig Tree) (Matthew 24)

The fact is, we are (both sides) speaking about the same thing.

That should be the important thing to keep in mind.

With that aside there is some Great information being put into this post. Very informative, and gives us all many things to consider.



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