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Uk Political system, NWO?

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 05:50 AM
I have been watching with interest over the last couple of weeks all the scandal and corruption taking place within the UK political system. There is a constant stream of headline grabbing smears and stories about British Members of parliament behaving in a untrustworthy manner.

The recent scandal of MP's fiddling expense claims has got the country riled up in such a way I havent seen in my 32 years on this Earth, and I wonder where will it all end.

I wonder if something more sinister is behind this, pushing it with force and purpose in order to destabalise the UK political system to such an extent where it implodes and the British public welcome a new form of politics, the NWO.

The UK is perfect for a NWO experiment, it is an Island, relatively small but still a World power. Being an Island it can be easily isolated if things go wrong with the NWO plan. Most of the British are Euro sceptics and dont want Britain linked to Europe making a takeover even more easily achieved.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this


posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:19 AM
I thought the British MP's had more sense than to just take, take, take! I would love to know how much each MP has taken over the years, not just the last few months? As well as this what about thatcher and her cronies, who were in power for 18 years and were the biggist bunch of crooks this country had ever seen. Even recently when these Icelandic banks were losing money hand over fist, did we find out that our councils were stashing money away left right and centre, yet our council tax bills were astrononical and OAP'S were being sent to jail, because they couldn't afford it. Then the council had the bear cheek to charge ppl for parking, everything they could get away with charging us for. What about the crooks that bought up council housing stock and then done away with the fair rent officer and hiked the rents up to market value.
These MP'S can't tell me they don't know what's going on, because they fail to do anything about it!

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Very very good thread, absolutely what I was thinking, looking at UK politics and not just UK politics by the way but the fact that the MSM are broadcasting articles that can severely damage the whole public sector.

Police beating up criminals
Police beating up innocent people
MP expenses
Titles given for money
Uk against islam (I read an article that said the majority of british people are against islam) - talk about riot provoking!

Lets get one thing straight here, this has been going on for years, yet now the MSM are educating the masses in order to provoke a reaction but why?

I am thinking along the same lines as you, the NWO are going to slip in quite nicely, now that they have taken care of this so called UK 'CREDIT CRUNCH' whats next...........ALIEN INVASION!

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 07:17 AM
Thnks for the replies, I just had a thought after reading franspeakfree's post listing all the bad things that have come to light lately about the "system" like the police beating people up, expenses rows, UK against islam etc etc that these tings are being purpotrated in order to take the public eye off the NWO invasion of politics so they can slip in undetected.

One thing that people like and love is money, the credit crunch has hit people hard in this country and many analysts say the UK will be the worst affected western country, why?? this on top of all the other scandals leads me to believe that something sinister is afoot

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 07:31 AM
A very interesting theory.

Having said that, I'd be ashamed if I was a ranking member of the NWO organisation!

Dealing with the everyday nuances of British life is often an absolute drudgery and soul destroying. The public transit system is awful - many other EU countries are far ahead of us in that respect. Any dealings with the civil service or any govt agency is mind-numbing; either people who don't speak english very well (no offense to those individuals) or no one seems to know how to direct you to the correct information.

As for the MP's and the expense scandal -- if they were part of an NWO, i'd expect it to have been far less public and far more inconspicuous in their claims and expenses. Instead, it looks more like what it really is -- useless, effete old men and women who are either greedy, lazy or more than likely both.

Personally, if it was a testbed of a NWO or something similar, I'd expect it to function far smoother than it currently does.

I'm not saying is definitely isn't -- I simply don't know. But it certainly doesn't seem like it to me. Far too disorganised, IMO.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by franspeakfree

So wait, aren't the MSM supposed to be the ones not reporting things like police violence? They change their ways, and it's just more evidence of a NWO plot, it seems. Being a member of that horrid MSM, and a Citizen of the Realm (Canada though not GB, but I've been and we do have the same queen), I'd like to put forward an alternative explanation that just seems logical to me:

If it doesn't fit with the NWO, and just raises more questions than answers, perhaps it's just not part of the New World Order. The United Kingdom has always had a somewhat bipolar political atmosphere in my opinion. From the problems of super-nationalization such as British Leyland to the problems of mass-privitisation like the entire rail system headache. People whom think the United States goes through wild political shifts would have their heads explode if they looked at what has become of the Labour Party.

Yes the UK has the most monitored society in a western nation, you're on camera constantly when out of your own home in London. However they also have so much videotape of absolutely everyone that nobody can watch it all, and even when there are reported crimes, it's like wading into a murky sea of information looking for a single slippery fish. Honestly I also understand why the people and government in the UK would do such too. The people there, have been dealing with terrorist attacks since the modern age began, and even before (remember, remember the fifth of November...) In 2000, the IRA even shot a rocket directly at MI6 headquarters. Can you imagine if Al-Q went and shot an RPG at Langley? The United States would go insane! In the UK, the people were so used to it, that they largely laughed it off.

Add to this the fact that even after peace came to Norther Ireland, London is still a major terrorist target. I can very much understand why a people would get paranoid and jaded from something like this. However, I have to agree with the general sentiment here, that one would hope if the UK were a testbed for the New World Order, it would have a bit more order and work far better!

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