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a gorgeous and an encouraging day

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posted on May, 15 2009 @ 01:07 AM
Where does this smell-after-roses phrase come from when each day more or less feels like the Day of Reckoning? That makes me really curious. Go and find . . .

Washington, D.C. (AHN) - Congress will have legislation fixing the nation's healthcare system before lawmakers take their August recess, President Barack Obama and House Democrats announced on Wednesday, a day after a report from Medicare Trustees said the ailing health program may become insolvent in less than a decade.

Speaking after meeting with lawmakers behind closed doors at the White House, the President indicated that a breakthrough has been reached in his healthcare agenda by calling it a "gorgeous and an encouraging day."

"As I've said before and all Americans know, our health care system is broken," he added. "We've gotta get it done... and we don't have any excuses. The stars are aligned."

It looks that Obama has send a beta version of his new operating system to the Congress to see if the law makers like it better than the one designed by Bush. Ever-observant Obama noted that "our health care system is broken." But he didn't disclosed why. Not that he wouldn't know, but he didn't want any problem with pushing through one of the many bills that broke the health care system, social security, and is about to break America, or whatever is left of it:

WASHINGTON – Despite Democrats' rising anxiety about Afghanistan, the House on Thursday easily passed a $96.7 billion measure filling President Barack Obama's request for war spending and foreign aid efforts there and in Iraq.

Isn't it true that 54 cents out of each tax dollar goes to the military?

That's been going like that for years and the results are being felt. It's obvious that Obama is a puppet -- a servant to the military-industrial complex -- and a worthless figure to the most working people of the USA who had to choose between the rock and the hard place. Obama doesn't even remotely compare to the leaders like Mikchail Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union who felt a similar crunch and concluded that the state doesn't have the resources to fight some stupid war in Afghanistan -- and took care of things. He could do that, because he was a genuine leader looking after the nation. If you suggested to Gorbachev to tax the smokers to help to finance the military adventure in Afghanistan, out of the Kremlin window you go.

I wonder how the Americans would like Obama/FYA operating system when it becomes available to all.


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