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What is it about Christianity?

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 10:20 PM

Originally posted by ReelView
Funny how they adopted communism so readily in the last century. Same basic marketing plan, make promises about a better life, a better society.

"They"? Are you suggesting that Christians adopted Communism more readily than others? Or even just adopted it as a group/class/category of person?

That's preposterous.

This thread is a great example of the ability of the internet to provide ridiculous opinions with a voice.

The "Jesus is the Sun" guy further up the page is also a classic.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 12:03 AM
It is always about causing fear to expand. Those pews empty
out with just the message of Jesus.

This can be tracked backwards since Christianity's inception.

One instance for example was when one of my acquaintances went to Scotland to visit her ancestral family castle. She asked the locals why there were no trees and very little vegetation. The answer was that during the Crusades when Christians came across Europe and her pagan ancestors fled and these were the events that followed.

Those people whom were caught were told to convert or die. To make sure the Pagan worshipers did not return the trees were cut down, burned and the countryside (farms, forest) anywhere near the castle was salted heavily so very little vegetation grows there even today. Of course those whom did not convert were not only put to death but, also in such horrible ways that people automatically converted when confronted.

Christianity itself was fading to some degree in the 1700's in the US until 1741 when Jonathan Edwards put out the sermon "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God" where the love of Jesus took a backseat to eternal damnation. It is reported that people screamed all the way to the altar thinking they may fall into hell at any minute.

Salem trials happened-Fear of other religions. So much so that the Christians executed each other.

Edward's style is still the predominant way in the US. The love of Jesus takes a backseat to promised torture in the afterlife.

Jerry Falwell (bless his black heart) even accused gays, pagans, abortionist, ACLU for causing 9/11 -Attempting to stir fear. Many pastors stood up and hopped on Katrina calling it a punishment from God. Any disaster is punishment. (Strengthening of Edward's Style) Thing is, Christians die in disasters, car accidents too.

So what of the message? One is told to loathe themselves because they are not worthy, nor will ever be worthy of Grandpappy's love. Talk about low self esteem! It is depressing and sad. The fear of death is the number 1 thing holding the majority of Christianity together as it is. That is what is behind all the cruel things throughout history in regards to religion to attempt to prove they are worthy of a good afterlife.

The thing is that people are waking up and noticing that the carnival barker's threats of seeing something horrible behind the curtain is only an illusion. The only thing behind the curtain is a mirror.

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