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Teaching Eachother: A moral at a time.

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posted on May, 14 2009 @ 07:43 PM
Hello ATS. I am here to do what I do best (at least in my head) - talk about philosophy. Not a material object, or any object at all, unless of course you count the little waves inside your brain as one.

Going through all of the threads here on ATS, it is easy to tell we all have our own ideas on how to live life. Whether it be through religion, a teacher we once had, our parents, friends, whatever. We ALL have some sort of goal, and it is something in our head. The key is outside somewhere in the world, but the treasure is right in our heart. What I enjoy most here is not necessarily the debates, but the values within those debates. So, this thread is for all of us to share on how you live your life. Why you live the way you do, and for what purpose. I shall start...

Life's just a game
A game to me is something that is challenging. Something that rewards you for doing whatever. While I can get frustrated at times, I KNOW that I will be rewarded in the end. The frustration never lasts because it is just a game. There is no need to be mad. You lose focus, concentration, and most importantly - your happiness. If you see life as me, just as a game, you will have no need to be mad. The goal is to always complete the next challenge, advancing to the next. To become the best at the game. But in reality...that is impossible. That is what makes this philosophy so grand. To never be mad, always be working to better yourself, and for it to continue until death. There will ALWAYS be a rough patch, but we all must remember this - Tomorrow will be a better day. Say it when you wake up, when you go to bed, and when you think the world is coming down on your shoulders.

An eye for an eye? Something similar...
Ghandi once said an eye for an eye will make the world blind. Couldn't be more true. I would have had many broken bones if that were the case. But should we forgive everyone? There is a line that no one can make distinctive. We should forgive those who forgive themselves first. That though, is the line we all see differently. Once a murderer always one? Once an idiot, always one? Well, I believe in evolution and that alone gives me enough evidence that people can just "change". It is hard, but possible. An eye for an eye is not practical. Punishment is not always the best answer invokes vengeance. Ignorance is a criminals best ability. You teach them, and instead of leaving them with a grudge, you cure them. I also believe there are those who are to stubborn to change, and have mental problems. That is the line I spoke of before. It is for you to judge, but before punishment, *try* to forgive. It will make you stronger.

Religion is to Science as Science is to Religion
I will make this simple. Science is the process of applying logic to help understand things. Religion was the very first part of this. It helped us visualize the impossible, and it has grown to be a part of our culture.

There is something awesome out there. I really have no idea what it is. I will do what I think is best though for our species. These are the moral's I live by. It is my own religion. I am the god, because *I* control me.

Ignorance is bliss, but not happiness
This is a short one. Thinking you know something when you do not will make you think you are right, but actually knowing the truth will give you a feeling far greater than bliss. A real feeling of superiority, because all of those living in a world of bliss will eventually be hit by the hammer and have a heartache.

I see color, but above all, I see equal rights
There are genetic differences, physical differences, and chemical differences between races. We ARE NOT THE SAME. But, we should all follow the same rules and treat each other like a decent human. Those who do not see "color" are blind. There is a large culture gap between races. How to solve (if its even a problem) that is beyond me, and that is why I am not a politician.

To sum it up...
I really hope those who come into this thread read my thoughts and post their own. Question mine, share yours, and let us all mingle our minds (sounds like some sort of alien intercourse deal). Thank you.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 08:45 PM
just wanted to let you know i like how you think.
what really jumped out at me was the topic of life being a game.
i found myself agreeing with what you said about losing focus.

i used to get angry at myself for things that were out of my control. these things would affect me for years. i essentially gave these things power over my life. eventually, i had to forgive and forget. i had to move forward in order to be happy. the anger and pain that i went through was holding me back.
it was influencing how i problem-solved and formed relationships.
i've gone through a lot in my decades on this rock and the one consistent train of thought that pulled me out of each ordeal was:
it can't get any worse than it is now. but, it would.
it wasn't until i no longer allowed the past to rule my future, that i literally became a different person.

what i endured as a young person caused me to be very aloof and sometimes, downright rude.
i've had to learn through trial and error, like everyone else, who to trust and who to steer clear of.
it was only until about 2006, that i felt "i'm where i want to be and i'm content with who i am as a person".
now, i would characterize myself as streetwise and worldweary.

how i've raised my children and interacted with my grandchildren is a definite result of my life experiences.
i'm not a strict parent, nor am i a "cool" parent. i believe in respect and fairplay. i wanted my kids to go out into the world an asset not a burden.

now, i still have stress/problems. but, they're in no way compared to the dark days i experienced from the time i was born, throughout my childhood, and adolescence.
i don't know yet the reason of why i am here in this timeline.
i'm still on that journey.
i have however enjoyed some of the sights i've seen.
and i am definitely curious if i find out if there was reason to all this when i arrive at my destination.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by heather65

Thanks for the reply - really.

By no means am I one of those happy fruit loops walking around, pissing everyone off with their aura of happiness (bless them).

I still get sick, down days, etc. But as a whole, I feel as if I no longer look at others for guidance but myself. There is no jealously, because I have realized that despite my current situation, if I want something, I will have to work for it. That work will be filled with trials of meeting new people, and doing interactions that are brand new to me.

Another way of putting things into perspective (for myself at least) is to look at it like math. Math is fun when you understand...but when theres a new topic that is troubling you - the real challenge starts. Once you get it though, it is a weight lifted.

Life is a series of putting a very small amount of "stress" on yourself and then changing it into a solution. While the stress is gone, it seems as if my confidence and esteem continues to build.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:47 AM
Another way of putting things into perspective (for myself at least) is to look at it like math. Math is fun when you understand...but when theres a new topic that is troubling you - the real challenge starts. Once you get it though, it is a weight lifted.

that is a good analogy. that particular subject was my least favorite in school. but, once i grasped it, i definitely felt less stressed.
applying this method to life's little challenges definitely works.

as a rule, i usually don't like to talk about race relations. only because it sometimes develops into name calling or a blame game.
but, i had to comment on what you wrote.
i don't consider myself "colorblind". i take people at face value and when friendships form, that 's great.
i judge a person only after they've given me a reason to be either friendly or hostile.
racist individuals, on either side, are unlikely to change based on what i have to say. i characterize them as addicts. if they want to live their life that way, there's nothing i can do about until they choose to change.

earlier this year, the attorney general commented that we are a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing racism. he was criticized for speaking his mind.
here we are, months later, and nothing else has been said.
maybe the topic is too much for some. maybe they fear change. i don't know.
i too, have no idea how to solve this problem.
it's a possibility that it will never be solved. but, talking about it is a good first step.

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by heather65

I hear ya.

About race. I find it naive to interpret EVERY race the same way. There is a cultural difference between many races. Let me use a dramatic example.

If I head over to Mexico, I am going to be weary of all Mexicans because of the high crime rates and the stories I have been told. If I see a white guy over there, I would think much less of him as to trying to rob me and what not.

If walking through a ghetto, and I see a black guy dressed exotically coming towards me, I would be more scared than a black guy in a suit (which wouldn't move me at all).

Or if I was a black guy walking toward a bunch of white hicks waving their southern pride flag around, I would be a bit nervous.

But if the conversation ever came up between me and whoever, I would treat them like a normal person. There is normally a different upbringing between races, and I acknowledge that while also realizing that we are all just humans and deserve equal respect for each other. As hypocritical as that sounds, that is my impression about "race".

posted on May, 15 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by FritosBBQTwist

i understand where you're coming from.
i've also done the same when i see outward appearances or come across certain situations.
i also tend to socialize within my own kind 89% of the time. there are places i've gone where i'm the only one of color.
for example, my husband loves to go to civil war reenactments and to historic battlefield museums here on the east coast.
i go along because i'm genuinely interested in history.
we are always the only ones of color attending. we don't get treated differently or anything and are always treated very kindly.
it would be nice to see more blacks but, that's ok. it may not be their cup of tea.
when my husband and i are at events or social gatherings where it's a predominantly black-orientated happening, there are very few other races present. i've never seen any tension there either.
i think it's natural to gravitate towards what your race enjoys. it feels familiar and safe for some. nothing wrong there until one race makes it their "business" to say a different race is unwelcome.

on a side note, i'm surprised there are not more posters on your thread.
you have interesting opinions on different topics.
maybe some aren't comfortable discussing religion or race.
it's too bad. i'm definitely curious as to what people think.

posted on May, 17 2009 @ 05:11 PM
I was looking forward to more views on ways to live life but I guess no one wants to share.

To me, it is the way you interpret the material's at hand, not the subject itself.

After all, it is not what hand you get that matters, but how you play it.

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