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Technology vs. health and disease?

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posted on May, 13 2009 @ 12:32 PM
Why is it that we are so far advanced when it comes to technology but so behind when it comes to disease/health/DNA/viruses/bacteria etc.

We can build the stealth bomber and send men to the moon yet we can't even find a cure for MRSA? LOL. We can't figure out what causes autism?

Something seems wrong with that picture. We had the Blackbird in the 70's yet didn't realize Crisco and trans fats were bad for us?

If we weren't visited by aliens or had some sort of alien/ufo technology from crashes why the sudden leap of progress in specific areas and lack of progress in other areas.

This leads me to my other theory that if aliens do exist they are very old and dying human beings that became so reliant on their "technology" that they lost sight of their own health and ruined whatever natural planet they ever had. They drift through the galaxy/universe or whatever looking for "resources", food, or whatever they need to survive that they have since depleted in their own world. We are repeating the same mistakes they are and will one day end up like them after we have destroyed our own planet. And this is the lesson that "god" our creator has tried to teach us but that we continue to fail to learn. That the answers are right in front of our love one another and get along and respect our natural world.

Or maybe we are in fact slaves ruled by the annunaki?????


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