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CDC has made your doctors office a H1N1 phone call recording.

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posted on May, 13 2009 @ 12:39 AM
Coming to your doctors office soon. Your sick or your childs sick you call your doctors office and get this message. It includes that if your child looks blue or cant breath well then see a doctor.


or follow this link and scroll to audio!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING??? Think they plan on your doctor being overwhelmed? You have to listen to this lady speak - calm and soothing BUT if ??? happens.

I have to say, I am truley fed up with the blow off suddenly concerning this virus by all involved who are suppose to be alerting us to danger.

H1N1 finally came to my town last weekend, the news stated that the 33 yr old man walked into the emergency center at a local hospital 1 of 2 here and waited his turn (probably hours) to be seen.
Now we all know how this flu and any flu spreads but the hospitals and doctors here do not seem to because they 1st stated that all in the emergency room where this man walked into were being contacted and tested. Then the next day they said Oh sorry update, they decided that the people in the emergency room were at no risk to contract this virus and were not being contacted. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS BULL. They had some doctor who I have never heard of which is hard in this town as I have lived here 20 years come on and state well if they get sick they should stay home but they were not at risk in the emergency room....
Come on !!!! I thought i was going to go through the TV and tear his head off.
As we all know if someones immune system is already at risk or if you are pregnit you could really be at a high risk if you contract H1N1, so the people in the emergency waiting area with this man must HAVE ALL JUST NEEDED WELLNESS CHECK UPS.

Had to vent

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posted on May, 13 2009 @ 02:57 AM
They decided a week ago, they are only doing the H1N1 test on the critically ill. Meaning that the numbers you see for people infected or suspected, are those who have been tested, which is to say only the worst cases.

This keeps them from being swamped, it also hides the seriousness from the population.

The Mexican Flu is twice as contageous as seasonal flu.
Seasonal flu has a .6% death rate, Mexican Flu has about a 1.5% death rate.

The regular flu infects 15% of the population in a single wave, so the Mexican Flu will infect about 30% in a single wave.

Flu typically comes in 3 waves, meaning 90% of the population will likely get swine flu in the next two years. About 36,000 die from seasonal flu each year in the US.
Projected dead from seasonal flu over two years 72,000.

Population of US is 306,416,869

90% = 275,775,182.1

Projected dead this wave of Mexican Flu: 1,378,875.9
One point three Million

Projected death toll over 2 years: 4,136,627.7
Four point one Million.

The raw percentages these estimates are from, are supposed to be reputable numbers from reputable and authoritative sources. Anyone can do the math, the estimates are my own, based upon the latest values given by experts.

Statistics show that by not allowing people to gather in large numbers, you cut the transmission rate in half.
This is well documented but they seem to be ignoring the potential for reduction in transmission, in favor of financial concerns regarding the economy. When four million people in their prime have died, rather than two million, that will also have a negative impact upon business.

The people in charge are afraid of sounding alarmist. They don't want to announce anything until the day after everyone already has figured it out, so they sound prudent! Just in cast it stops getting worse.

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