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John Lennon, interviewed by 14-year-old in 1969

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 11:21 PM
i can't believe i haven't seen this video before! here, from 1969, John Lennon tells so many truths that apply to today's world; he also hints at a solution...

he reiterates what so many people have said (even here on ATS), yet hardly anyone feels compelled to take action as individuals (i'll try to refrain from mentioning fluoride
...oops) - the power is with us, and i'm not talking about democracy!

"I Met the Walrus"

"...Protest non-violently, because violence begets violence, you know, and if you run around wild you get smacked, and that's it, you know, that's the laws of the universe. And they've got all the weapons, they've got all the money, and they know how to fight violence 'cause they've been doing it for a thousand years - suppressing us. And the only thing they don't know about, is non-violence, and humor, and there's many ways of promoting peace - do everything for peace!"
-John Lennon, 1969

well, i'm thankful that this kid interviewed Lennon, and there's no better time to spread this message than NOW!'s bad enough that this has fallen on deaf ears for 40 years!

even if people have heard this message, we seem to not be taking it to heart - unless, there's truly nothing us citizens can do when it comes to reclaiming our power and freedom from TPTB!

...surely this proverbial prison we dwell on can't last forever!!

...and yes, i'm very much aware of ATS's policy on "action plans", found in Section 1e.i of the Terms & Conditions... however, John Lennon is not!

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posted on May, 13 2009 @ 01:27 PM
isn't it funny how TPTB have been known of for so long, yet they still exist?!

not only have been warned about them by our "forefathers", yet we still seem to want them around, because "silence is consent"!

...what's worse, is that some people i talk to actually think that we need them!

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