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Tom Biscardi-A legend in his own mind and his next con??

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 05:30 PM
hi everyone.

I know this is an older topic but this may be some news to some.

I gave myself a history lesson going over the old topics of the last previous hoax of the dead bigfoot found in Georgia by those 2 idiots,

personally ,,,those 2 would still be making youtube videos and playing this out if it was'nt for the con man Tom Biscardi who took it to the next level....

Im kinda surprised weeks leading up to the hotel news conference,, very few even typed "tom biscardi" in a google search engine and read all the filth and cons this guy is about.

And add 2 idiots with their youtube videos and constantly changing their stories and 2 weeks after they buy their domain(.com) they trip over a dead bigfoot body 2 weeks after.

Im all for anyone makin a buck doing something they love but ones gotta put u some "pay dirt",,,not cons and lies and blames everyone else if one honestly is caught in pickle!

As for javabob??,,,he is just as corupt as tom biscardi....!
He told me im gullible and stupid for beleiving tom biscradi is a hoaxster and biscardi never seen the body due to it being frozen????

biscardi isnt stupid nor am I,,,!!,,,

no one would fork up 50 grand not seeing a body to anyone without proof,,especially 2 idiots who lie and change there story daily....

this was a hoax/scam/con to rip people off,,,!!!
somehow it fell short on biscardi's full scale plan with the boys packing up their suitcase and enuff was enuff.....

but the new interesig thing is they say they are taking the georgia boys to court,,,,

thats just a publicity ploy i bet!!!!!!!!

if they did a crime with the so called 50 grand they woulda been arrested within days but now more like a lawsuit case???

and now steve kulls had enuff heat and broke and turned on biscardi

if he woulda done sooner he woulda been a big man!!!!
all i can say is he didnt start the hoax but his silence hurt him,,,,

but he did come clean!!!

even loren colemen said this may be the real deal for a day,,,,??

It was a pickle and a mess for a lot of people,,,,bt we know DARN well who is responsible!!!!
either bascardi just want a few million hits of traffic,,and hopin to refund 30% if anyone complained but this does not include his grainy fake dvd bigfoot lives sales or other merchandice....

now if there is such a lawsuit,,,i will never play out,,,its a ploy!!!

I could imagine in court with the 2 georgia boys and steve kulls telling the judge it was all a hoax and pointing the finger at biscardi.....

it'll never happen....

biscardi will be back again with another hoax sooner than you think,,,,
im not going to forget!!!!

everyone is entitled to their opiions on this slime ball biscardi,,,

all i can say is do a google search on him and throw a pot of coffe on,,,,
all is 101% BS for his pay dirt!!!!
ranges from lawsuits,,having 1 captured(2005) feeding it milkshkes,,,this week 98% certain thy will net one with a bazooka net rocket launcer,,,the hand in a pickle jar,,,found one burried and the dna says its 8 feet tall,,,
all rubbish....

heres the kulls report o biscardi!!!!

i guess we are lucky tom biscardi doesnt investigate ufo's and ghosts!!

but he will be back again with another hoax!!!!
more like a con or fraud!!!

the way it works with him is poor tom biscardi,,,we are all wronge about him!!!

and the 50k,,,,??,,biscardi is a clever con,,,if it was real biscardi woulda forked it over himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

he will be back!!!!!!!!


posted on May, 12 2009 @ 06:35 PM
Those Georgia boys are up to something again. They claim to have a Bigfoot body and will reveal the evidence on August 15, 2009. They claim they asked Loren Coleman to come and examine the remains but he refused.

Check it out here.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 08:01 PM
It is people like Buscardi and the individuals from Georgia who do a disservice to legitimate Cryptozoologic investigations by making it look as if all people who investigate Bigfoot and other "unknown" or "hidden" animals are crazy, lunatic fringe types out for a quick buck and/or instant fame. Cryptozoology has enough to deal with from the scientific community without Buscardi and others making us look like a bunch of freaks, when most of us are genuinely interested in finding the proof of Bigfoots existence.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 08:09 PM

Originally posted by sylph hugger
Those Georgia boys are up to something again. They claim to have a Bigfoot body and will reveal the evidence on August 15, 2009. They claim they asked Loren Coleman to come and examine the remains but he refused.

Check it out here.

not shocking to me.

Rick is the mastermind or idiot who plays the games and probly feeds matt along for the ride.....both lack low IQ's and somewhere down the line and they like to pick/play upon Loren for some reason,,,,???,,

Loren is a decent guy who 10000% had nothing to do with anything but probly told them to ..... off back in June,,,,

he runs a good clean sight and is nice guy!

the idiots are the georgia slimes and biscardi....

far as im conserned Biscardi is the big fish!!!!!

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 01:25 AM
I agree.

Tom Biscardi will be back,he's like one of those floaters(turds) in a toilet that wont flush.

The way he sounded to me during that news ordeal it seemed he practicly gave the so called dead bigfoot mouth to mouth(cpr) even.
Ive done reseach on Biscardi as well and he is one of the worst and gives the whole bigfoot community a bad reputation.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 01:41 AM
I also agree! Tom Biscardi is a straight up con man that doesn't know when he's been made. Everyone knows he's a fake. He's lied over and over again. I wouldn't believe him if he told me the sky was blue. I'd step outside and look for myself.

I'm starting to believe that he doesn't care if everyone knows he's a fake just as long as he's in front of a camera. He's like a kid screaming "Look at me!". Just wants the attention and if he can get it money.

Only thing I think when I see Tom Biscardi on a news piece is "Yeah right!". Anything that man or the two idiots from Georgia say should be considered a lie till proven otherwise.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:21 PM
I did not think the 2 Georgia idiots would do a news conference and risk the policeman's job. I was wrong, and when they had the news conference, I thought there might be something on to it as no idiot would risk losing a nice pension and retirement plan over a hoax that would be found out. I was quite wrong, and the policeman did risk everything.

Well, they have nothing to lose when they make any claims now. All I know is fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will not believe anything that comes out of their mouths. They took the first one to such a level that it cost one of them a career. That shows the type of morality they have.

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