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How the r3volution will be won.

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 05:18 PM
Humankind must take control of our destiny and evolve beyond the need for a state. This is how it will be accomplished.

I think the r3volution will become more of an evolution and will be both rapid and effective and will be one that will not require the initiation of violence.

It will be a revolution of ideas where the choices we make in mass directly impacts how we can evolve as a species beyond the need for a state.

With idea like those discussed at length on

See this youtube video below.

Take a real good look at this guys work at and see if when you plug these ideas into the mass actions of huge numbers of people all the sudden changing course and taking control of our evolution beyond the need for a state does not end up ending the state as we know it.

The violence and corruption that is the modern state must be left behind in the dust bin of history to protect our world and safeguard our children. The mega-corps that have build up around these institutions will fall as well when the control of the state has vanished worldwide.

It will start with mass action as discussed in this short video link below.

A Homegrown Revolution

Visit their site
to take a closer look at this above outfit.

It will continue from there as follows. The ideas of freedom will continue to spread like a brush fire as the people begin to realize that we can outgrow the state by becoming productive in ways that outmode the state control systems.

It will continue with a combination of private electronic exchange technologies becoming widely adopted by this same self empowered evolutionary group.

Currently systems like Bitcoin are available.

These being open source they will quickly evolve and integrate these communities into a spying secured global digital commons written entirely in open source and distributed for free creating a very private commons .

This will be joined by a new free internet that will bypass most corporate network with air bridge technology connecting Wi-Fi free webs with hard encryption being widely adopted by the community.

Free open source software applications and operating systems will perform the bulk of their computer work worldwide.

The combined effect of this evolutionary path will be the end of the state as we know it and the beginning of a much more humble and manageable form of self global governance by free association and volunteerism becoming the norm not the exception.

Personal productivity and creativity will explode and we will have a revolution that is non violent and exceptionally effective and save the planet from this malevolent global corporatism all while taking control of our evolution and moving beyond the need and the fear caused by the state.

Of course we still will need to maintain our own self defense. This can be accomplished really only in the United States and a few other small bastions of liberty at present but would become widespread.

The more people that can become armed with at the very least non lethal weapons such as stun devices the better. It should be common for someone to be armed with a holstered weapon. It should be like the Wild West where everyone is packing but the weapons are for knock down not for killing .

Everyone was real respectful back in the wild west. If it is common to carry at least weapon to stun, temporarily blind, or knock someone down then street thugery will end and the police will be needed in far fewer numbers.

If your alarm goes off it should not call the police or security company it should quietly alert your neighbors who would want to help you out if you are slow to getting your own gun or are away from your home.

These type of actions are not the initiation of force but they are when combined the most effective means to take down the entire machine of state and end war, famine, and pestilence within a very short transition time period of perhaps only 5 to 10 years or less.

The world must quickly evolve as a people in this way in order to assure the survival of human kind and put an end to this centralized source of evil we call the globalist corporatist slave state. We will all be far more happy and productive and our future will become far more secure.


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