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Atom based Government

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 01:05 PM
Why? To have a system of government that is based on a system that has worked in the past for billions of years.

The fundamental unit of governance is the Atom. A single person is a hydrogen atom,
and a group of people can be a more complex atom
-- 92 being a uranium atom group, that might radioactively decay into two smaller groups.

An atom has it's own place, direction and is self-sustaining.
The next layer of government is the molecule -- like a county.
After that is the cell -- like a city.
and then an organ -- like a province.
and then the body -- like a nation.

The individual atom sets the laws by which it lives by.
The nation/body can make general recommendations (laws) -- potentially based on common recommendations (laws) which the province/organs have found in common in their sub-groupings/sub-polity.

So this is actually very similar to a republic with the additional feature that a sub-polity can over-ride a law set in place by a super-polity. In some parts of America this already was taking place with medicinal marijuana, where state law was/is overriding federal law by allowing for medicinal marijuana.

So a hydrogen atom can override the law in the jurisdiction of themselves -- they can do whatever they want to themselves. And a group-atom with more members can override laws in the jurisdiction of their group, they can do what they want within the group -- though to pass any law within a group there must be unanimous consensus. Members are allowed to leave a group if they wish.
A county/molecule enforces laws agreed upon by the atoms within it typically in relation to inter-atom relations.

the same concept extends for larger polities -- municipal, provincial, federal.

This form of government should appease a large majority of people, as they can simply move to a region where the laws are to their liking.
Another advantage is that testing can occur on a small level in a natural way before it is scaled up -- a personal atom law, can become a group atom law, and so on.

Questions and suggestions welcome.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 05:01 AM
reply to post by lowki

Your theory is not as crazy as it may sound at first

Your structure appears to reflect the true nature of human beings, coalescing into "social groups" as it does. However, geographic dispersal and localised homogenisation of peoples and cultures in villages, towns and cities, even countries, acts against this process producing an ever-fluxing state of society.

It is a bit like a pan of boiling water. Too much heat and the pan boils over, too little and it remains dormant, never achieving a degree of effervescence.

You have aligned the rules of society with the atoms, but this isn't so far from an illustration of society in that all people align themselves using a general principle of "likeness" - We tend to group ourselves and mix freely with like-minded people.

I like your theory but cannot indicate that it is entirely ground-breaking, it being a pseudo-illustration of what happens naturally in real life anyway. If you were to cast your eyes back to, probably, the pre-war years you would see that lines of delineation were much clear, your atoms were not mixing so much.

Often, people hark back to the social temperament of this time as a "Halcyon" period, regardless of the way that it "boiled over" into an extreme fascist view and subsequently into WWII. It was much easier to understand where you stood since the rules of society were much clearer. This didn't mean that society in itself was any better, just easier to comprehend.

I think that your view is an imaginative and highly commendable approach to the ever growing problem of globalisation and the aforementioned homogenisation of peoples and cultures that is so detrimental to civilisation. It recognises the crux of the issues facing mankind - the balance that produces "latent heat" is currently off the mark, the gas is turned up way too high for humans to cope with and maintain a coherent society.

Perhaps it may be a bit too surreal for others to cope with and understand but I like your thought process and application of analogy.

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