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“Carbon Benefits Project”: Land management lowers CO2, may open carbon markets to poor

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 09:41 AM
A new study, sure to attract the attention of AGW parasites, has begun to quantify the beneficial effects of land management and forest-preservation on atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Although farming practices and de-forestation in developing countries have long been recognized as harmful to the environment, the study is measuring the benefits derived from improving land husbandry, and re-forestation and anti-deforestation efforts.

Climate researchers launched a $12 million study on Monday to help the world's poorest farmers benefit from multi-billion dollar carbon trading schemes to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. The Carbon Benefits Project will examine rural sites to see how much carbon is stored in trees and soil when land is managed sustainably.

Tropical deforestation accounts for a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. Farming contributes as much CO2 as all the world's planes, cars and trucks, and that will increase as the world tries to feed an extra 3 billion people by 2050. Putting a price on living trees and storing carbon in the soil could give developing countries an incentive to save forests and adopt more climate-friendly farming practices.
(emphasis added)

Carbon Benefits Project”?

The title alone will set off alarms among the AGW advocates who insist that only AGW-revenue-generating activities deserve consideration as part of a growing world-wide effort to minimize the impact of human activity upon the environment.

Greenpeace recently attacked the very idea of considering conservation and preservation efforts worthy of credit in the “carbon trading” and “cap and trade” schemes designed to generate income through fines, fees and taxes. Such practices would diminish the impact of schemes designed to punish industry and consumers, and allow the use of passive or non-government controlled activity to earn credit for CO2 mitigation and remediation practices.
"Forests Could Undermine Carbon Tading Market"

Of course, this study, and the idea in general is going to meet stiff resistance from the AGW advocates who see “global warming” as an avenue for revenue. This camp, led by Al Gore, the IPCC and pseudo-environmentalists, believe that AGW can on only be mitigated or reversed by punishing industry and consumers.

A passive activity, or any activity that does not result in the transfer of wealth, is inherently suspect and subject to criticism, dismissal, or worse, as not keeping in their anti-development agenda.

The “shoot the messenger” attitude directed to AGW deniers, and even to climate scientists who take no position but call for more research, doesn’t really apply to these types of efforts. Accordingly, you will see a new effort directed to minimize or criticize the validity of such studies and projects and their effect upon carbon remediation and mitigation.

As many have knowingly suggested, “Follow the money.”

Deny ignorance.


posted on May, 12 2009 @ 09:55 AM
Efforts to discredit and deter non-revenue-generating activity are not limited to AGW advocates.

Presidnet Obama is intent on changing consumer and industry economics as quickly as possible, even withour Congressional oversight.

"Environmentalism by Decree"

His programs would not offer credits to anyone who did not purchase them from the Obama Energy Department or EPA. His plan gives no avenue for CO2 sequestration and mitigation efforts that do not affect industry and consumers, despite the significant impact of farming and de-forestation on the carbon cycle.

"Obama Budget Calls For Auctioning All CO2 Credits"

And, NGOs like Greenpeace are not about to let their own interests be ignored in the carbon trading schemes.

"Forest Could Undermine Carbon Markets: Greenpeace"


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