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Aliens want to play with us

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 09:30 AM
So the aliens would like to play with humanity but we appear to be too scared of them. If they would introduce themselves now, our psychic or mental powers might "kill" some of them permanently. Imagine you would see one in your backyard without warning, your being would instantly generate such intense fear and project it onto the alien it would be zapped out of existence.

To an alien, a human is pretty much a weapon of mass destruction, most of us have a dualistic mindset and aliens can't change that, they can only teach us what we are willing to accept and those of us who do have contact live in fear either for evil aliens or evil humans, not to mention discarnates and malicious spirits for some of the die hards. Because of our dualistic mindset and their initial appearance as beings of light (spirit, just like the human spirit is non-physical or astral as they are) we simply can't communicate. If I were to think "this is a bad alien" it would become just that for me, any communication would be like listening to an angel through a cellular phone, but the line being tapped by demons who change all the words so I can only hear something speaking out all my fears, as if my own mind wants to scare my spirit into oblivion. But if I would listen from a brighter perspective I would indeed hear valuable things beyond my comprehension from angelic beings and put my mind at peace.

In this topic I'm willing to try and write about how to communicate and share my information which I've gathered the last couple of years. I'm not affiliated with any religious institutions, spiritual organizations, governments, not do I have the intention to gather followers, I don't want the money or fame, I'm not going to predict anything, I'm willing to discuss many topics in relation to ET contact but as an outside observer and I would not like to go on about the same subjects, there is so much to discuss.

To kick off, the first information I'd like to share is last year February 2008 a portal to another dimension was dissolved, called the "New World", which was created in February 2007, which is a kind of prison for evil entities. To them it is a like a tropical island where they can experience all of their fantasies which might not seem appropriate because of their killing and evil actions. This scenario was not known to anyone on Earth because otherwise the evil entities could not be lured inside. Those entities caused most of the evil intentions in the world and now it's time to explain the trauma's caused by many contactees.

They are not spirits any of us know, they are ancient and it would have taken the ET's too long to teach them in order to change them and continue with Earth's main scenario. The portal itself was created in the astral planes (between the high and low planes, outside existence, think a zero zone where no human today can go to) and cannot be opened again due to the complexity of the portal. Those spirits, let's call them "the Generals" (not to be confused with any living present day military officer) for the sake of communication on this board, played their same game over and over for many ages, they did not know any other way, even the thought of changing their game could not be told to such closed minds. Unaware of it they played with human living minds for a long time, acting out lessons they should have mastered long ago. If the mind were a product of nature, their powerful minds simply did not evolve anymore, like a bodybuilder who had already achieved the maximum muscles but instead of walking down the boulevard they don't come out of their gym and just do the same exercises, forgetting they just did thei previous exercises.

Even though they were once living beings, to the humans who were travelling with their lightbodies (who received the knowledge from the ET's) through the spiritworld they resembled (astral) machines and it took awhile to explain to them the astral machines they found were actually living beings once. Making it even more difficult, a group of (dualistic) human beings who first discovered the Generals thought they were machines like Nature's personal computer gone haywire and infected with viruses and bugs. They thought they fixed it but instead the astral travellers awoke the Generals who realized they were spirits and remembered their former lives, uinleashing a powerful evil force in the world. All what the astral explorers could see were the movements of the generals, which were so fast and powerful they resembled perfect spheres, the opposite density of what they understood of a non-physical plane of existence. Believing they had found an astral world long forgotten they entered the Generals souls as it were an astral tomb and occupied it. Once the intruders started reading the teachings the Generals spirits awoke and unable to do anything against the intruders, they followed the source leading to an ET astral spaceship. Enraged by what had happened they quickly seized control by using ancient magic on the ET crew. One by one they influenced the players of the Game and lured them into the astral planes through a portal which is so difficult and complex to understand I cannot mention it here.

At the center of our galaxy however a collective of beings saw what was happening on Earth and because it is such an important time for us humans and ET's they traveled here to intervene and correct the scenario. The way it was done may appear deceitful to us humans, if they were not their plan to isolate those spirits would have failed. Because there is no major source of evil anymore and most of it's influence has dried up it is safe to discuss our experiences and let the healing of psychic trauma's begin. As humanity we are not in the clear yet but at least people can now freely discuss communication with ET without the need to fear any repercussions from malicious entities.

I would like to answer any questions as best as I can but be aware I am not going to name any specific group when I mention events. To begin with, the universe is teeming with life and civilizations, there are no galactic wars (they were just meant to isolate the Generals), man never went beyond the moon and the human spirit is far from complete or developed (even the oldest human souls existing now are just going through puberty). I'm not going to argue specifics, the Game is such a grand illusion many perspectives together might shed light on what has happened.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:22 AM
No disrespect to the Op but this thread belongs well and truly in skunkworks or the gray area. Though you may believe it yourself and intend for others to do so too, there is not one shred of proof to anything you have stated... and therefore it's really nothing more than a very familiar and dare I say fanciful story...


posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:29 AM
Like your avatar says, I do respect your opinion but I really don't see how any of that is possible or where you even got your info. Maybe explain that... Where did you come up with this?!

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:31 AM
Im sorry but I only made it 3 lines into your topic.
Are you kidding me?

Wow. ATS needs to start screening its members. hahahah.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by Common Good

HA HA HA....... me too! Couldn't even get past the first paragraph. I don't want to be unkind to the OP but........

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:42 AM

I assume this is just a joke and that 4-5 pages in, after various people have started a flame war when it devolves into completely off topic posts, he'll reply back with a 'gotcha!' or something

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 12:35 PM
I don't know about any "Generals" but the negative astral entities are not gone. Not only are they not gone but their operations seem to have been stepped up quite a bit.

If they really wanted us to believe they were gone then they would need to stop their operations all together. Do they think we're that dumb that we are going to believe some words from some source we don't know? Oh wait, humanity is known for just that. Well, despite that not everyone is blind to their influence.

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