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HAARP and its Range (spreading of radiofrequency)

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 08:58 AM
I had some questions about HAARP.
If HAARP is located in Alaska and the Russian counterpart Soera also somewhere near the North Pole, what does this say about its use and range of the radofrequency energy?.(Low or High)
If we look at this picture

Does it only spreads the radiofrequencies up to the north and then when it reaches the (north) pole it then distributes the frequencies all over the world like in this umbrella pattern but then the frequencies will thin out when it reaches farther away? If that is so, how can you pinpoint a location on earth and say, lets start an earthquake over here and a storn over there?
Another thing, if it can cut through the Ionosphere and cause a plasmashield to destroy missiles, then does the missile shield /star wars project already works?have they succeeded in doing so? or was that just a smokescreen?

I really like to hear your opinion, and maybe about correlations with earthquakes in China and such

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:24 AM
While HAARP can do a numebr of things...

think of the artifacts of the god Apollo. he had :

a staff and a snake (the kundalini energy)

a bow and arrow (mastery of math and trajectory (spaceflight etc)

and a lyre or harp. (mastery of frequencies of sound and electromagnetic radiation)

try to view Apollo and his artifacts as representative of the 3 prime aspects of thought and invention that man must master in order to ascend to a higher level of species / civilization.

in the bible, in revelations the 144000 are said to follow the Lamb.

think of the Schuman resonance as the Lamb.
k.. well LAMBda is the Greek letter used to signify waveform, and a LAMB wave (coincidentally named after Dr Lamb) is a harmonic standing wave just like the Schuman resonance.

haarp effects the ionosphere , where the Schuman resonance resides, 7 being the frequency, coincidentally being the same frequency of that of the brain when at the threshold between sleep and awake... the "spiritual threshold" where out of body experiences happen.. etc..

I've my strong suspicions that HAARP is used to modulate human behavior on a mass scale, but at the same time, can literally influence the Schuman resonance to affect humans on a higher level, inducing evolution,

so using the lyre (haarp) . they can use a specific frequency 144000? .. to form a standing wave (the lamb?) ..

and those that will awaken and evolve through this entrainment will be the next of the new species... those susceptible to the frequency. those who have been bitten by fiery serpents. (whole other discussion heh)... those who've raised their kundalini through their own course of action or not...

there's more to it than that.. but i feel haarp is one of the most important aspects of our survival... even though it gets a bad rap for earthquakes, hurricanes and beached whales.


posted on May, 12 2009 @ 10:57 AM
I had my own goofy theory about HAARP:

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