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Media help information - downloadable apple and psp formats ?

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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 11:10 AM
As an ATS user - it is great to have the media portal, especially since youtube is becoming strange about which videos they delete. However i have been hunting ATS/Media/BTS for help information on the media portal etc -and cannot find a "handbook" for using it

The real thing I was was trying to find out is how to download a video from ATS so I can watch it on an ipod - (from youtube or yahoo I can download and convert etc -) I cannot find any download facility from the ATS media - Am I missing something? so two points

a) how do I download from the ATS media ? (ideally and itunes or psp download?)

b) handbook / "idiots guide" to the ATS media and all its commonly expected functions.

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