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ESA Prepares For Launch Of Herschel And Planck Telescopes beyond the orbit of the moon!

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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 07:56 AM

The European Space Agency is gearing up for this month’s launch of two of the most sophisticated astronomical spacecraft ever built, the Herschel and Planck telescopes.

The instruments will orbit deep space around a special observation point beyond the Moon’s orbit in a revolutionary campaign that will help scientists better understand the history of the Universe.
sourceWhile NASA is busy fixing a dinosaur the ESA is taking over the reins, but I believe this will be short term as NASA is focused on returning to the moon and sending humans to Mars. NASA is launching there mission to fix hubble today.nasaI just wonder with the two telescopes in that deep of an orbit what if something goes wrong, even minor problems how do they fix them. Wait till NASA goes back to the moon? Or do they have some kind of plan to beat the USA back to the moon
I guess its lifetime is only three years "Herschel space telescope" but still.

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