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UFO and Alien Body Recovery Teams

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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:24 AM

It looks like someone has finally sent me that figurative
"Brown, Unmarked Envelope" to me for ATS member perusal
and possible amusement.

On the morning of Friday, May 8, 2009, I received an unusual email
to my personal account which had ABSOLUTELY NO
IP ADDRESS or HEADER information at all and NO RETURN ADDRESS

The ONLY way this could have happened is if someone DIRECTLY
embedded an email entry into the Microsoft Jet-type/MS-SQL low level
structure of the Hotmail database system and deleting any header
information at MICROSOFT itself...or if my Hotmail email login session
was actively monitored and modified as I downloaded my emails from
the Hotmail Server to my local computer which is in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada.

This letter was very interesting in that it has no name or attached
identification information. IMHO it is written in a style similar to
someone with a technical writing background using a clipped and
to-the-point writing style. IMHO, it is definitely from the United States
and NOT Canada or Britain due to the lack of Canadianisms and
Britishisms within the text and due to the inclusion of certain Internet
speakisms, I believe the author to be under the age of 35.

I also believe the author to be at least familiar with military speakisms
if not actually a member of a military fraternity but I simply cannot be
sure if they haven't been simply reading military speak up on the web.
I did some preliminary Wikipedia and Internet dictionary lookups on
specific words and phrasing within the email message and so far some
of the text entries look at the very least plausible in manner and tone.


I, Henry Eckstein, ATS Handle StargateSG7 am currently a
Video Production and Multimedia Production Specialist with a
1993 Diploma in Television Broadcast Operations from
the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and I AM NOT
an accredited scientist or linguist or lexicographer, so I must
indicate that this email should be taken with a grain of salt
and added to the annals and historical footnotes of the ATS forums.

I make absolutely NO CLAIMS OR WARRANTIES as to the source or
factual nature of this email. I also make NO CLAIM as to the veracity
or authenticity of any claims or statements made within the text and
contents, distribution or uses, wherever, whatever or however
the email text is used or misused!

And NO I didn't write it but I must admit it has a similar style
to my type of writing so I suspect it could be from someone
who has a media background like me or least has done some
technical writing or possibly has copied my writing style.

To put it simply, I just don't know what to make of it,
so I leave it up to you ATS members on what opinion
to form and vent about. It SOUNDS cool but I have
NO WAY of confirming anything said in what I received.
So I suggest you be skeptical about it and if I receive
any updates, you'll all be be the first to know!

This text file is the ONLY copy I have of it because the original email
is simply GONE from my ZR4 Hotmail account and I didn't delete it!!!!!!

Luckily as part of my usual practice, I did a local cut and paste to
Windows Notepad after reading and before closing the Hotmail window!

The text in the next post below is EXACTLY AS RECEIVED IN MY EMAIL.
It is a direct cut and paste from the Hotmail email window over to a
Windows Notepad file. I should note that I have done hard carriage
returns/linefeeds so that the text wraps properly within the ATS window.
The original text seemed to have originally been done in a word
processor which only adds a hard CRLF at the end of a paragraph and
not at the end of each single line of text which allows varying margins
word wrap to take place as a user resizes a text window. I manually
added the CRLF after each line of about 80 characters so that I could
see the text in its entirety on a line by line basis.

I originally checked the Hotmail options to show the entire header
which was ABSOLUTELY EMPTY with NONE of the usual IP address
original/forwarding/server info that normally shows up. Unfortunately
I set my Firefox cache to delete it's contents after closedown, so I could
not retrieve the original deleted Hotmail web page source code
cache to peruse by using Norton Undelete or similar to examine the
recovered contents and stupid me mea culpa overwrote the cache that
was already deleted by continuing to surf the net on other matters later
on in the day. Sorry about that!

So go see the next post for the actual email received by me ==>

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:28 AM

of Original Email Sent To Me on Friday, May 8, 2009:

ATTN: Henry A. Eckstein (aka ATS member StargateSG7)

EBE-RT (aka pronounced as Eee-Bert)
Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Recovery Team

ETECH-RT (aka pronounced Eee-Tek-Are-Tee)
Extraterrestrial Technology Recovery Team

In the early 1980's and specifically in 1982,
a special operations group was started after
consultation with then President Ronald Reagan,
and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger in
cooperation with a secretive group within the
DIA (aka Defense Intelligence Agency) after reports
that UFO's, some with living or dead EBE occupants,
began inexplicably crashing in Alaska, Northern British Columbia,
Yukon, Ohio, Arizona, Northern Mexico and also internationally
in Norway, the African continent, Argentina, Colombia & Brazil.

These events were investigated whereupon crash debris & entities were
retrieved using existing Special Operations Forces (aka SOF) such as
the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
(aka 1st SFOD-D - Delta Force) and other high level, vetted for
security clearance Combat Engineering Teams. During some of the
recovery operations, turf wars were fought between the
SAP (aka Special Access Program) groups internal of the
NSA, CIA, DIA and a few other agencies within each arm
of the Department of Defense over who had access to and
custody of the retrieved goods and entities.

The resulting inefficiencies became an operational nightmare
after certain crash events became "media fodder" and magnets
for the local, national and international press, in addition
to the ruckus raised by local military commanders close
to the "Areas of Operation" who became aware of specific
retrieval events and were chagrined at their exclusion
to the festivities.

Upon the presentation of a 7 month, 130-plus page Estimate of the Situation
Report and "Eyes-Only" Situation Report (aka SitRep) presented to Ronald Reagan
and DefSec Caspar Weinberger, a series of recommendations was brought forth
to allocate monies for and to outline the formation of a highly specialized series
of recovery teams that were thoroughly vetted to high levels of security clearance
and had both fast operational deployment capability and clandestine logistical
support embedded within.

Initially, these teams were based in and designated only for Areas of Operation
within the Continental United States and the country and territories of Canada.
It was only until the extremely large Fiscal Year 1987 291 Billion-Dollar Defense Budget
(aka Equivalent to 551 Billion Dollars in 2009 using CPI method) was passed, did Ronald Reagan
sign a Classified Department of Defense Directive allowing the formation of multiple
teams based domestically and in foreign nations that had the local authority
to act in a coordinated manner without oversight or interference from
any other U.S. intelligence agency or DOD department other than the
President, DefSec, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
and the Presidential appointees overseeing and directing the retrieval teams.

Initially, all team members were vetted and culled from then current
Delta Force operatives and the vetted Defense Intelligence Agency (aka DIA) personnel
until 1988 when specialized and heavily vetted operational Combat Engineering types,
Transport & Logistics Support personnel and Biological & Medical Evaluation
and Measurement & Signature Intelligence personnel were added to aid
in the effectiveness of Alien Entity and Technology retrievals.

Specialized HumInt (aka Human Intelligence) from the DIA and NRO (aka National Reconnaissance Office)
Imaging & Analysis personnel were also added later to document and analyze immediate Areas of Operation
that allowed the forensic-level recording & preservation of immediate evidentiary & scene analysis
data at crash or contact sites to aid the tracking of global crash and contact cases
and to predict future areas of interest & operation -- and again this is on a global basis!

The recovery teams, while using all available intelligence assets within any usable & available
DOD group and operatives from within the NSA, DIA & CIA, were designed to be completely autonomous
from those groups and used the secrecy of the compartmentalization that is intrinsic
to such intelligence assets to allow no external group access to or the ability to
make sense of all available information & gathered intelligence data from the recovery teams.
In most cases, external personnel are given specific sub-sets of data to work on
but never see the entire picture and thus cannot obtain a clear overall & objective
overview of the alien entity & technology recovery program.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:30 AM

of Original Email Sent To Me on Friday, May 8, 2009:

In late 1989 and early 1990, President George Bush (aka Bush 41) signed another DOD Directive
allowing vetted personnel to be transferred and assigned from the NSA, DIA & CIA
and from current Special Forces directly over to the recovery teams in one of
4 operational Global Recovery Centers based in Maryland, California & Nevada, Australia
and England that are tasked with the coordination of logistics and personnel to allow
the rapid covert recovery and transport of alien entities and technology back to
specific "Holding and Evaluation Centers" within the United States.

Each team is sub-divided into two assigned specialties:
EBE-RT (aka pronounced as Eee-Bert)
Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Recovery Team

ETECH-RT (aka pronounced Eee-Tek-Are-Tee)
Extraterrestrial Technology Recovery Team

which are assigned two very different tasks which have very different
logistical and intelligence support assets behind them.

EBE-RT teams are tasked with the observation, engagement and, if necessary, recovery
of extraterrestrial biology which can include living or dead alien beings and∨
any alien fauna and∨ other living or biological-based artifacts or environments.

Specific protocols dealing with rules-of-engagement, protection and prevention
of disease & infection are outlined to and practised by all team members on a continuous basis.
Other protocols for initial & continuing contact, infiltration and∨ survey
of facilities, bases & quarters were also created and tasked to each singular recovery
team which were then allowed to build up an experience database that is then
disseminated to all other recovery teams on an ongoing basis.

While containing specific and experienced subject matter experts, these recovery teams
are tasked much like EMT (aka Emergency Medical Team & Ambulance Personnel) which is to,
as quickly as possible, recover alien biologically-based items, fauna & entities and
bring them back to the United States for further observation and analysis.

The ETECH-RT teams have a slightly different directive which is to, as quickly as possible,
recover any hard technologically based items such as spacecraft, undersea craft, facilities,
clothing, infrastructure, gear, goods, devices, weapons, or any other type of hard-technology
items in a secure and clandestine manner for further evaluation by specifically assigned laboratories
and test facilities based in the United States mainland. These teams usually have no interaction
with alien entities other than to obtain information that would allow them to recover
and transport hard goods and devices back to the evaluation centers.

A secondary task assigned to the ETECH-RT teams is the exploration of and preservation
of immediate evidence using Audio, Video & Multispectral recording devices of the current
area of interest. This is not an advanced search and explore mission but instead a general
survey & mapping and recording of the current locale using multiple recording systems to
capture 2D & 3D Audio, Video & Multispectral imaging data that is then sent to another
combined and highly specialized EBE-RT & ETECH-RT team which can be assigned for weeks
or months at a time to explore and analyze a specific area of interest which can and
does include going "Off-World" or into "Other-Space".

It is a specific sub-task of both the EBE-RT & ETECH-RT recovery teams to be tasked
with not only the entry and security of obvious "Hard Locales" but also entry into
and directed operations within locales that have been described as being in
nebulous "N-Space" and "Inter-Dimensional Space" that is difficult to
describe within the context of daily 3D human experience.

It is only within the last decade that ORRE (aka Observe, Record, Report & Engagement)
protocols have addressed specific instances and∨ possibilities when operating within
non-Euclidean operational spaces. Again, as an experience-base is analyzed and inventoried,
individual teams then disseminate that operational experience to all other recovery teams
to aid in their own recovery efforts and to alleviate or mitigate specific issues within
any individual team recovery effort.

As experience within recovery operations has been built up, a large database
of textual, audio and visual materiel has been indexed and made available for
training of active personnel and for training of recovery team inductees as
older team members retire or become otherwise unavailable due to injury,
disablement or death.

On a general operational basis, it is remarkable that there have been very few
(aka less than a few tens of) active field personnel and∨ operatives that have been
injured, disabled or killed in the line of duty since 1982. It is an objective reflection
of the professionalism of the active-duty personnel themselves and of the effectiveness of the
intense training that they have received which is highlighted by the very low rate of attrition
due to active duty personnel disablement and death. Active and previous personnel have made me
aware that the intensity and high-level attention to detail of their initial and active recovery
team training far surpasses the already intense nature of their initial special operations forces
induction training. I opine that it is a credit to these members that the general public is
still blissfully unaware of the existence and history of EBE-RT & ETECH-RT operations.

As other information is made available to me, I will send you further
emails outlining specific EBE-RT & ETECH-RT recovery team activities.


posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by StargateSG7

Would you be able to forward to my email? I would like to have a look at it in more detail

[email addy removed]
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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:45 AM
link there you have it fellow ATS members!!!!

A weird Hotmail email message and no other identification,
authorship or even a name to claim the glory for this story!

I am still waiting for an ACTUAL BROWN UNMARKED ENVELOPE
from *** ANYONE *** who has evidence of any sort about
Aliens, UFO or even other paranormal events or entities which
can include artifacts, DVD's or CD's with JPEG photos or
WMV, AVI, Quicktime or DV Video moving images which
can be sent to:

[personal info removed]

keep each message to less than
10 megabytes each message though!

I will make any evidence I collect available to ATS members
and I will upload any interesting videos and photos I get
for everyone's perusal.

So if you're out there Mr. TTYL, send me more info
and more evidence....I can take it! I Want It!

As Mulder says.....I WANT TO BELIEVE !!!!!!
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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 08:38 PM
Just an update to tell you about my efforts to
recover the Firefox Web Browser Cache using
a hard Disk Sector Editor -I use HexEdit- to find
and preserve the files used to display the Hotmail
email message I received above.

Well those files are DEFINITELY gone and overwritten
so no go on seeing the original HTML/XML/Java
source code used to display the original email message.

The reason to obtain that source code is to see if the email
actually originated from a Microsoft Hotmail server or whether
the Hotmail code was modified as it was downloaded to my
local computer or whether some software trickery was
used to fool me into thinking it was a Hotmail message
when it really wasn't.

It takes quite a bit of expertise to modify email display
web code on the fly so if such a thing was actually done there
are two scenarios: a) The email is from a secretive but
legitimate source within the intelligence community who simply
wishes to be unidentifiable. b) the email is active disinformation
or simply a high-level prank from someone SMART ENOUGH to
be able to erase email header information within a Hotmail
email message or user account.

I don't know so either way so I am treating the contents of
this email as Plausible but Unconfirmed rather than simply
as Busted!

I am skeptical and am axiously awaiting TRUE
Video-based or Still Image-base evidence that
will pass muster to my Trained Video and Animation eye.

As a tip for those of you who might see or receive
similar emails, press the Alt + PrintScreen keys to capture
only the current window as a Windows Bitmap OR press
the Shift + PrintScreen buttons to capture the ENTIRE screen
into the Windows Clipboard.

Load MS-word or any other word processor
such as Wordpad or Open Office or a paint program
such as MS-Paint, The GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint
and PASTE the screen capture to the open
program window then save it to a descriptive filename
a JPEG which causes the screen capture to LOSE pixel
information - Then email me at
or U2U me to arrange a delivery method of those screen shots.

Hope it helps!

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 01:34 AM
One more detail that I should make public
regarding the email I received...The ONLY reason
I posted it on ATS is due to the means and method
it was originally received...Normally I would treat
this text as mostly bunk and conjecture...BUT...because
it appeared in my Hotmail account WITHOUT ANY HEADER
information and subsequently disappeared AFTER I closed
the Hotmail window without me deleting indicates
that someone with some rather serious computer sophistication
was able to get that email INTO my account or insert it
on-the-fly as it was downloaded/accessed...THAT takes some serious
smarts not normally available to the general public nor to those
without the insider knowledge of how Microsoft Jet/SQL databases
work within Hotmail and advanced XML/HTML/Java type coding.

So again, the source must be from either an active disinformation campaign,
be a practical joke played by someone with sophisticated insider knowledge
of's a real account of Alien/UFO recovery team activities from
someone who wishes me to have that if YOU - the Author -
can send me some more info and details preferably with some VIDEO,
I'll be happy to get that evidence up onto ATS for review by all!!!!!

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 02:20 AM
but why would they pick you out of all the people on ats to send this to? Jus curious, why not a site moderator or the owner of the site?

Is there something specific you did to warrant the attention?

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by ManBehindTheMask

An interesting question which I have no ready answer for
EXCEPT for a few things that might have something to do with it:

1) I'm a Photoshop/Adobe Premiere expert and someone
like me might be buttered up for release of a video
that will hopefully soon end up in my email or post office box!
And since I have significant legal video expertise
(1700+ hours) That might make a difference to someone
who has investigated my background wanting to send me
"Real Evidence" and this text email MIGHT be a preliminary
"Shot Across the Bow" of eventual full disclosure!

2) I am Canadian and thus U.S. Laws are limited up here
and thus I would not face legal sanction within Canada
if I release any U.S. evidence given to me.

3) I have as a hobby, the ability to construct custom hardware
computer systems down to Chip Level such as micron-Level
microcircuit manufacturing AND I have significant expertise in
Autonomous Flight Systems and Vision Recognition software
having created such commercial-grade software programs
over the last 15 years. Very few people would know that
about me but those that do might think that my technical
experience base might be another factor in someone
releasing evidence to me.

On a more somber note, I really don't know "Why Me?"
they could have just picked me out of the phone book
or liked my ATS name or profile - Who Knows what the
reasons were?

The one thing I CAN SAY, is that whoever sent me that email
SOMEHOW got it into my private Hotmail acccount WITHOUT
having the email having any header or other sourcing
information embedded within...and that takes some
SERIOUS EXPERTISE to do....So THIS is why I am treating
the email with just a bit more reverence than usual. ----- I'd still
take it's contents with a grain of skeptical salt...but that evidence
is more palatable to me BECAUSE of how it was received!

I'm still waiting with belated breath for REAL VIDEO EVIDENCE!!!!!

in other words


posted on May, 13 2009 @ 06:38 PM
Starred and flagged. This is very interesting. Its a really unusually mystery and just the way you described it as being done makes it worth posting. Would be something if this turns out with a video sent as well.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 07:42 PM
I don't mean to be a troll but you could you please format your posts properly for this forum they are very difficult on the eyes.

[edit on 13-5-2009 by gYvMessanger]

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 07:50 PM
I read a bit on your thread about world domination. How's that going for ya? To me it seems like your waiver is about as well written as the letter. I'm not done reading it tho.

Also, it seems you left a clue when you listed your possible suspects, you used......instead of a you're giving us time to see the clue. Hmmmm?

[edit on 13-5-2009 by heyo]

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 09:11 PM
Sorry about the formatting of my posts,
I have a 24 inch 1920 by 1200 pixel monitor
so I see a lot and cannot what tell my posts look like
at lower screen resolutions, next time I will try and
do a proper text formatting and fix the character

I did the formatting in that way because the email
I received was displayed as a normal Hotmail web entry
except with the ATTENTION: and my name as subject line.

I opened the email and found it intriguing and
did a cut and paste of the text to an open
Windows Notepad window. At that time the text
just kept running to the right and thus I had to
manually insert carriage returns into the text
so I could read and post it on ATS.

That tells me the original text was done in a
word processor such as MS Word which does NOT
insert hard carriage return/linefeed sequences
at the end of a line to give a hard line break
so that is why the formatting is a bit off
not the mention I was a bit excited and
wanted to post as fast as possible BUT ONLY AFTER
doing some preliminary Wikipedia and Internet searches
on some of the phrasing and wording of the email
text to see if it's language conforms to some
generally accepted military-speak or memo formats.

It does NOT, but some of the acronyms
and minor phrasing DOES conform to someone
who would have extensive knowledge of or possibly
might BE of military origin or placement.

The following paragraph:
The resulting inefficiencies became an operational nightmare
after certain crash events became "media fodder" and magnets
for the local, national and international press, in addition
to the ruckus raised by local military commanders close
to the "Areas of Operation" who became aware of specific
retrieval events and were chagrined at their exclusion
to the festivities.

Is a bit suspect because it is typical news-speak, editorialising
and opinion, so it makes me think a person with a media
background or education wrote the original email but mixed
in some factual information from another source!

It would be interesting to read the Original Source Material.

In terms of suspects, I have some personal beliefs
but those of course are unsubstantiated. What I do know
is that email got to me in a rather unusual manner
which is why I am raising some brouha here on ATS.

My guess is that there is both TRUTH and some fallacy
in the email text....This indicates to ME that is is both
dis-information and a sneak-peak at what might come
for real....otherwise someone is having a big laugh
at my expense which would PO me to no end!

And again, I have no knowledge of the reasons
WHY I was chosen to receive this text and as another poster
noted, why not send it to a moderator or the ATS website owners?
What do THEY gain by sending it to ME instead of CNN?

Otherwise, my take is to read the text with a grain of salt
and keep looking for the nuggets of gold in all that
wet sand of information overload.

If you've got good stuff such as Audio/Video/Photos,
you know where to reach me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send Good Stuff to:
[email addy removed]

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posted on May, 13 2009 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by heyo

My plans for World Domination are
ongoing but going rather slow due
to a current lack of qualified evil minions,
lackeys, yes-men, ogres and other riff-raff ;-)

On a more serious note, the reason I put in a waiver/disclaimer
before my post is to indicate my qualifications (none really!)
and that I think people need to read the email text with a
grain of salt and be more skeptical than some of the other times
that I've witnessed here on ATS and elsewhere.

For all I know, it could be just another script-kiddie
trying to pull a fast one on me and this case,
even a script-kiddie would NEED to know on a deep level
how to get an email WITHOUT HEADER INFO into MY personal
Hotmail account. And my coworkers or family/friends simply
ARE NOT sophisticated enough to perform such a stunt.
So it's someone outside of my current circle of associates
BUT who has some rather intimate knowledge of who I am
and where I am located.

Hope that explanation helps!

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 09:43 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7

I sent you a u2u, you will know what I am talking about. Do you think that could relate?

Wow, I am speechless man, I believe you, but yet I am reserved due to the pure nature of this. But a lot of what was included in that email relates to research I have been doing (and I am sure others).

This might relate to what was said. and help form some

This isn't the first time I have heard of these teams and the the statement of "African areas of interest" really peaked my attention.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 09:50 PM
Well good luck with that. Ya know, i'm movin' back to bc soon maybe we'll put your plans of world domination to the test!! What's one lowly carpenter? lol just razzin' ya bud.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 09:52 PM
Sorry, I think you misread my implication. To be blunt, somebody with plans for world domination could easily be crazy/genius enough to pull off a hoax like this. This thread and the one i spoke of are indeed on "a serious note", intertwined with insanity. so i believe. I'm kinda nuts too. I don't hate ya for it.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 10:17 PM
Are you active in the UFO community? Do you receive newsletters, attend ufo conferences, participate in online communities outside of ATS?

If not it does seem rather odd that that would be sent to you, unless it was a mistake and the sender made a typo, which would account for why it was deleted.

Interesting... Flag and Star for you!

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 10:18 PM
Maybe somebody heard of the plans for world dominatin and liked what he said? gave him some power? Maaaybe.

posted on May, 14 2009 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by xynephadyn

I am more of a watcher rather than an truly active member
of the UFO community but I DO HAVE an unabashed interest
in all things UFO, Alien, Cryptic and Paranormal so it wouldn't
totally surprise me that my name would somewhere be out there.

One must NOT read too much into ME specifically being chosen
as a messenger, because there are too many variables
and possibilities as to why...again I could just been
chosen out of a video production directory or
had my profile persued on ATS for all I know!

The two biggest possible factors I think, is that I am
located in Vancouver, Canada which could be considered
"Friendly Territory" for leaks of Alien Recovery teams
and the fact that I work in a professional Video production
company and studio with many hundreds of thousands of
dollars of rather high end computer and video editing gear.

Who better to have analyze evidence of any sort be it
video OR emails than computer and video experts?

I'm still waiting for the anonymous, dropped on my doorstep
videos and photos package though.........

[edit on 2009/5/14 by StargateSG7]

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