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Truth and Religion

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 02:31 AM
Religion can make or break a whole society, the "era" of the people. It is a benefit to society if the belief is based on truth. But if it is based on false truth's it is the ultimate determent to a society.

Why do modern religions base their faith on old truth, old knowledge? Do this, think that, don't do this, it goes on and on. We all know that this supposed "truth" and the way we are supposed to follow it is not beneficial to us overall. You simply cannot say modern religions unites in any way. If these religions based their beliefs on truth wouldn't they all come out to be the same? There is only one truth, and it's divine. Divinity, has been describe as 2 things, as entities or as a force. Truth is both, as an entity because it is something that has a distinct, separate existence. A truthful world would be a total different place than our current world which makes it also a force, the manipulation of matter.

We have all the tools and energy to bring truth out but we do not push like we used to push for just another day. We have been sidetracking truth, we no longer rely on it like we used to use it to survive day to day, but it's what really brought us here today.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 02:43 AM
I do not think the Tanakh is OLD knowledge. If more people understood it from a humanistic standpoint rather than the Christian perspective, they would see many wonderful things therein. The conspiracy is in that it is called the OLD testament... power of suggestion keeps people from reading as it is meant to be read.. allegories with great knowledge and wisdom that are seen via experiencing life.

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 11:24 AM

Why should a book tear people apart?
Is it not far more important to have Faith Love and hope in all things?

‘I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it’ (St. Matthew 16:18)

The Words of the Lord Jesus Christ.....though the church(Ekklisia meaning the people)may be small, it will always stand up until the end!

DarkStar86...Old knowledge,you mean by Old beliefs?
This is like saying that History will never repeat itself!

You will always have people tearing people apart because of people not wanting to hear the Truth!
There can be only one truth(fact)and that truth will set you free!

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 12:40 PM
World Destiny Org

This link provides a lot of fascinating independent history compiled by historians, archealogists and scholars who research and study the many extinct cultures in the region.

Quite a bit of it dates to pre-Old Testament history and how the people of the region interacted, viewed and what they new about the ancient people that would become to be known to most through the Old Testament and New Testament as the Hebrews and Judeans.

This is likely a more accurate reflection than Biblical text for one who wants to take a purely scholarly approach to better understanding the complex situation that still lingers today in quite a bit of controversy between competing sects.

There is no disputing Hebrews do not actually name their Lord but simply write G-d. This was true in ancient times as well and the peoples of the region who dealt with them in commerce, trade, warfare and politics all had their own oppinions regarding them and none of those peoples believed that the Habiru/Hapiri only had one G-d but several.

Many of the different nations and cultures conducting trade and commerce shared some of the regional G-ds and Treaties were often signed between such nations as to which G-ds were to be officially recognized and given respect to, even if one chose not to worship any or one of them.

The names Yahweh or Jehovah appear nowhere in any of these independent accounts having to do with local history and politics and religion of that day.

The G-d Yahwehsi does though who was the Patron G-d in the Canaanite Family of G-ds to Pirates, Mercenaries and Thieves.

I am not religious and my own interest and knowledge simply stems from a love of history.

My own personal oppinion is though that as the evidence is overwhelming still to this day that the Hebrews and Judeans never speak the name of their Lord amongst themselves though and in reference to their Lord simply write G-d that they have never, and likely will never reveal the name of their G-d(s) to anyone, and it is perhaps only known to a select group of Elders who only pass the name(s) to one another orally.

Based on that it is entirely possible when weighted with the further evidence that the Hebrew/Judean religion did not and does not believe Christ was the son of their G-d or even a prophet of that G-d or G-ds and the Muslims believe that the Hebrews and Judeans broke their covenent with G-d and that Jesus is one of a few very significant Holy Prophets of their G-d, that a mass deception has been visited upon those of the Christian faiths.

I do not put this forth as an argument or debate nor wish anyone to quote scripture in their attempt or desire to dismiss such things. As I said I am not religious and how you wish to believe is no business of mine as long as no one is attempting to force me to believe it.

I only put this forward for those who have an interest in the history of the region and the peoples that was not compiled to suit a religious agenda, bent or end.


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