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Confession & Epiphany

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posted on May, 9 2009 @ 04:20 PM
I admit to losing it a bit on a few of my recent posts. I'm going through a difficult transition period (too long a story) that managed to coincide with poor physical health. Guilty of some unclear thinking.

Namely, I actually briefly considered the possibility of the "wormhole UFOs" part of the first OP video in this thread being real:

The "epiphany" is really a stronger, now permanent reinforcement of the old adage I've known for a long time: If it LOOKS too good to be true (especially in the most blatant way), it IS (forget probably). Kee-rikey, something THAT huge would definitely have been caught by more cameras (at least in one of the locations) and made mainstream news! Sorry for the major brainfart.

That said, there's plenty of real truth available, if only enough and the right folks can get interested enough. If I need to prove I'm not a complete yoyo, my blog speaks better than I can here. It also contains my history of the unexplained that I care to make public now. Latest entry mentions ATS. Peace out, live long and prosper. (Haven't seen the new Star Trek yet, but look forward to it).

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