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ECON: Just say NO, and the course of history can change: Gerald Celente

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 08:44 AM
"They are Not "All Powerful"! This is what people really need to realize! They are giving up too much, by thinking that these people are too great. All the people have to do, is "Speak up --- Stand up and say No! Just say NO! And the course of history can change!"

I had the pleasure of being granted an interview with Gerald Celente of on May, 4th 2009, exclusively for ATS.

I was nervous, as I was about to speak with a brilliant man who looks at trends intellectually and forecast events in the future from them. He is considered the number one trends expert in the world by the media, by being accurate on forecasting major events, before the events had unfolded.

During the interview, there was one especially very powerful statement he made! That one statement was an answer in regards to a question I had about "The Powers That Be". The one statement, will now stay with me and I will remember it and keep it in mind everyday!

The one statement?

Mr. Celente: "They are Not "All Powerful"! This is what people really need to realize! They are giving up too much, by thinking that these people are too great. All the people have to do, is "Speak up --- Stand up and say No! Just say NO! And the course of history can change!"

He made that statement, emphatically stressing the words spoken!

What he said right there, gives me strength and courage to face whatever is coming our way in the future and want to stand up again and raise my voice once more! I hope everyone reading this will also take it to heart! It is a very powerful and meaningful statement, we all have to keep in mind, when we think there is no combating what the governments have been doing to our rights.

Mr. Celente was very candid about believing a false flag can happen, so the governments can take away even more of our rights. When I asked him if he thought it could involve the internet --- with cracking down on it? He said "Absolutely"! The internet is where people are getting the truth and "The Powers That Be" have a problem with it, as they are not able to control it.

He also felt, "Yes, what is occurring now and the way various situations are going, we could be seeing Martial Law in our future".

We talked about how the Main Street Media is a complete distraction media. How one network cut an interview with him, so they could run a segment about Obama's dog, how another informed him "they only wanted pleasant conversation" and wanted him to talk about "what he thought about massages"!

I am still laughing over that! I am in disbelief, a network got Mr. Celente for an interview, who is an expert on what is going to be happening in the future about very important, critical situations that affect us all, and they wanted him to talk about massages?!

That is outrageous! It shows the full extent the networks are not actually giving "real news" to the people, but only news they conjure up and want to distract us with. Gosh forbid, we think about the direction our future is going and what the government is doing in the form of new legislation. Personally, I have not seen a network talk about legislation up for votes, which can have a direct impact on our lives, except the few controversial legislations of the FISA, TARP, and Stimulus bills, yet other equally important legislation is not brought to the American public's awareness.

Mr. Celente did mention, this is "The American Idol Society" it is about junk food and junk news.

He has mentioned a third party is needed, in previous interviews, so I asked him "Who he saw as fulfilling those shoes"? Mr. Celente's answer was "Ron Paul could do it, but, he does not have the charisma for the American public to get elected, though he has the intellect". Right now, Mr. Celente feels we are headed into being a fascist nation.

As far as the Swine Flu and his thoughts on it, he said --- years ago, in a book, he has predicted a new Black Plague, due to all the poisoning happening in the air, water and food, our immune systems are not strong due to the poisoning and there will be another very bad and dangerous plague. Is the Swine flu it? He is not sure, but it doesn't seem to be, yet he expects there will be one in our near future.

We of course discussed, Gold, hyperinflation, paper money, China. The fact, gold could in reality go to 5 or 6 thousand dollars an ounce, as there is more of a discussion of a money based "gold standard".

My first question was about China, as I feel they are central to the United States right now. They are the biggest holder of our debt and to me, they could make or break us in many ways.

Mr. Celente said China is holding all the cards right now. They will do what is best for themselves overall. Their dollar reserves will be used to buy assets in many forms; metals, companies and countries!

I hope you enjoy the interview below and the information provided as much as I enjoyed having the interview with Mr. Gerald Celente. There is much more information to be gained than mentioned above.

I have not changed the wording in any way, I have transcribed the interview using his and my exact words as spoken. There was no softening or misconstruing any of his words or statements in the interview.

For the conversation purposes -
Mr. Celente - is abbreviated to "C"
Sherrie Wilcox --- is abbreviated to "S"


S --- I would like to Thank you Mr. Celente for honoring us at ATS with this interview and Welcome you.

C --- My Pleasure

S --- You are so brilliant and have a huge following at ATS. You are the world's number one expert on trends and predicting what will happen in the future with them. If you could, please give us some examples of the trends in past you predicted and they happened.

C --- Well, I guess, when we really made our mark, was when the Wall Street Journal credited us with forecasting the 1987 stock market crash and we had said in January 1987 that the markets would crash. Then there are many other trends of lesser importance in terms of financial, but very important in terms of life. For instance the whole craze for bottled water, the organic clean foods trend, in fact I coined the term "clean foods". The outcome of the Iraq war a month before it began, we said the United States would achieve a swift battlefield victory, then it would evolve into a long and hard fought guerilla war. Things such as the recession, the last couple of recessions, the panic of 08, we forecasted in 07. Now we are forecasting the onset of the Greatest Depression.

S --- Yes, you have been so on target with everything. I have listened to your different interviews and watched you on the network news, about what you perceive or predict what will be happening in the near future. With that, I have some questions. One is regarding gold. I know you have predicted gold to go to $2000 an ounce. A question with China regarding China had gone from 600 tonnes of gold to 1054 tonnes of gold reserves since 2003, that is a rise of 76%. Russia has been increasing their reserves along with organizations of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Gold demand has risen, yet the prices have gone down. There have been claims that Comex has been manipulating the market through JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Do you think that manipulation is going to get busted?

C --- I don't know if anything ever gets busted when Wall Street and Washington are both on the same team. It is not in the best interest of the United States for gold prices to go higher, or any of the central banks. What is happening, what I believe is only the delusional believe that paper money is going to be worth anything at some point. You can not keep printing money as they are doing now out of thin air and not expect it to devaluate the currency. So it is only going to be a matter of time. Today, gold is up $17.00 and we are going to continue to see those kind of spikes. Once the general public becomes aware that their dollars aren't going to be worth anything and their investments in companies with fake balance sheets, will mean nothing come retirement days, there is going to be a rush on gold. The reality is, you can only mine so much of it, supply will be way, way below what demand is going to be. When we say $2000 an ounce, we are saying that, at that price, not to sound as though we are bringing it to astronomical heights because we believe it will actually go much further than that. We are only putting that number on it, so the public can grasp it, at a rate basically a thousand dollars higher than it is. But it has the potential particularly if there is more talk about gold standards for it to go to 5 or 6 thousand dollars an ounce.

S --- Right. Regarding that, when you were talking about printing money, on April 11th the Central Policy Research Deputy Director of China stated they wanted other countries to join them in demanding the U.S. dollar to be tied to inflation, do you think that will happen and do you think they will continue to fund our debt? Because wasn't the end game of the U.S. govt. to cause hyperinflation to pay off the debts easily?

C --- That could very well be, that is very true, which gives people a good reason --- if they are going to refinance, they should do it now, because they will be paying off their loans with cheaper dollars. But I don't think that China could really force or tell the United States, in terms of… it's only business, and as long as the United States keeps buying Chinese products , they will keep funding us to a certain extent. As it becomes more difficult for China to sell their products to the United States as demand goes down, because of declining wages and real income, China is going to do what they need to do. With or without the United States.

We believe they are not going to be dumping dollars they are going to be buying up assets, whether it is gold, platinum or silver, whether it is companies or countries. China will be using that money, it won't be so much we believe as a negotiation of monetary policies, but more they are going to do what they need to do when they want to do it in their time frame.

S --- Right. They will do what is best for them.

C --- Right. They won't be jawboned by the United States to do anything. They are holding all the cards.

S --- With that though, in the way of trying to tie the dollar to inflation and stating they want as the inflation goes up they want the debt to go up. Do you think they would be able to do that, even though we are buying their products?

C --- I don't think so, I don't think they will be able to force the United States. Let's remember it is about 1.2 trillion dollars, it may sound like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, they can start working through that debt. Maybe on taking new debt, a demand on inflation falls into it, we just don't know, there are so many variables behind it, it may well happen, but we don't see that as one of the issues right now. Again, only because we don't know enough about it, to make a sound judgment on it.

S --- Okay, Let me ask you, because obviously it is the biggest news happening right now, is the Swine flu. What is your take on it, in the way of financial markets and what extreme actions do you think the governments will take?

C --- Well, first of all. This is not new to us, we have forecasted…. In one of my books "Trends 2000", we actually wrote in 1995 --- of the new black plague. You can not continue to poison the air, poison the water, poison the food, grow animals on these factory farms, and not have break downs of immune systems. Whether or not it happens, whether it is Swine flu or SARS, bird flu, you name it, there is going to become a time when there is going to be a real pandemic. It has to happen. Again, you can not poison people in massive numbers and not expect immune systems to break down. So, of course these are real opportunities to focus people's attention away from some other issues. Is it government contrived? We would doubt it. Would they seize on the opportunities there to divert people's attention? Yes! That is the way we see it. If it is not going to be Swine flu, in our very near future within the next several years, we are forecasting a new "black plague".

S --- You don't think Swine flu is the black plague then?

C --- We don't know, we don't know which one it will be, which variations of the scene it might take, it is doubtful this one is it, but there will be something. 

There are scientists out there who want to argue, you can dump pesticides into food. Genetically modified foods are good for you. Raising factory farms doesn't hurt, if you feed the cattle, chicken manure, as they are doing and cardboard and other junk and that doesn't affect you. That you can put poison in water, poison in the air and it doesn't affect you. Let them save that for someone else, I don't get involved in those kind of moronic arguments, that these scientists will come back with. I am not an imbecile! There are people that buy, that swallow those beliefs. When you compound that, by the amount of vaccinations that people are going to be taking to divert these things, which of course is going to weaken the immune system in other ways as well….we are set up for a pandemic. It is not a question of if, it is a question of when.

The hypocrisy, just to show you, of what goes on. You take the Obama administration, how they are planting their own garden and how they talk about all they will eat is organic foods and how they buy it locally. In the mean while, they push legislation that permits, factory farms, genetically modified foods, bovine growth hormones in the milk. It is the height of hypocrisy! Let them eat "frankenfoods".

S --- You are exactly right, it is amazing, the whole organic thing, yet all the legislation that is going through is about GM foods.

C --- Exactly! They don't care! If anybody hasn't grown up yet, it is about time they do. This is a country for the Elites! Look where the money is going. "The too big to fails", while the rest of us are "too small to save"!

S --- Yeah, with that, do you see us going into Martial law around the world?

C --- It could absolutely happen. I put nothing past them! Obama is turning out to be "The worst of Clinton and the Best of Bush".

"The worst of Clinton" in terms of, he has turned his back on all the progressive things he said he was going to do. Whether it was renegotiating NAFTA, bringing in the same criminal group --- of Larry Summers, and Orszag, and the rest of the people that dismantled Glass-Steagall act, and other legislation that prohibited banks from becoming casinos that gamble. They are back in the White House, so it is the worst of that crew. The other element of "The Best of Bush", they just sent 21000 more troops to Afghanistan, on terms of wiretapping, on terms of habeas corpus. He has taken the Best of Bush, which is worst for the people and has accelerated those to new levels. So martial law? Absolutely!

We are turning closer and closer into a fascist state. I don't say that as hyperbole, as a merger of corporate and state powers, by definition according to Mussolini - who knew a thing or two about fascism --- is called fascism. So when you put that with the dismantling and abrogation of our constitutional rights, martial law, could very easily be instituted in our system.

S --- Well, it is amazing, when Obama ran on change and we expected all the Bush doctrine, all the torture, everything to end and to get everybody out of Iraq immediately, it seems like everything is continuing, plus even more extremes are happening, in the way of legislation.

C --- Exactly, you nailed it. With torture, he was going to close Guantanamo. Things… they just slip them out on the weekends, they just announced for example, he is going continue with the military trials --- military tribunals, that he spoke against during the election. As far as torture as well, they are closing Guantanamo at some point, but they are sending the prisoners to other countries to be tortured, and rendition. So it is going more extreme with the wiretapping, the justice department is backing the Bush plans, it is the same game. This is World Federation Wrestling, that is all it is, they put on a show in front of the people and then they go backstage and have a beer together.

S --- What is interesting, is with the American People, his ratings are very high, yet, why are they not seeing he is not doing the change he promised?

C --- There are two reasons why. The first reason why is his core support, the liberal base. They are hypocrites, in the sense, they hated George Bush so much, they believed anything Obama would tell them. Even when Obama changed his mind with pulling out of Iraq immediately, as he said he would, now it is up to 18 months and bringing more troops into Afghanistan and preemptive strikes in Pakistan. He did these things and they turned a blind eye to them. The second element of the question is why don't the other people see it? Because this is a junk food, junk mind nation. It's turned into, lowest common denominators, quality doesn't count. This is an American Idol society. Look where the people get their information from. When I go onto these blogs and websites, and even the New York Times, quoting what Jon Stewart said, what Steven Colbert said, what Limbaugh said, what Hannity said, what O'Reilly said, how 'bout what Moe, Larry and Curley said? These are comics! This is the highest intellectual common denominator of comics, buffoons and loud mouth broadcasters? Who know nothing about anything and speak as though they know everything about everything? People…. this is where they get their sound bite news from.

I was just bumped recently on Good Morning America, they were going to run a piece about my broadcasting and how ahead of the pack we were, for Obama's new dog. That is America.

S - I am laughing in the background

C --- Does Boo bark?

S --- It seems like, the people that you mentioned - behind those people, those newscasters, are actually corporations with agendas though, that are actually controlling the type of news that gets out.

C --- It is corporations with agendas to some extent, but if anybody has ever worked for a corporation, and I have - thankfully, I got out at a young age - by it's very nature it is restrictive in thinking. Look at the corporations in this nation, do we have to look any further than General Motors, Chrysler or Ford, to see the dead thinking? When they had it all and could have kept having it? But they shut out any foreign thought.

I remember the saying when I was a young man… when you went into the corporation, it was "Welcome aboard, don't rock the boat". So, it is more than just an agenda, it is the whole corporate thing that prohibits people from expanding their minds, because they are stuck into a structure.

I have to tell you, I have FOX news, welcome me more than any other broadcasters. As far as the liberal media, I don't get any coverage from it at all. Even when I talked about the failings of Bush, the liberal media wouldn't give me any coverage. I am a political atheist, I don't believe in any of this nonsense. Again, to me it is like watching World Federation Wrestling.

I worked up in Albany, I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate, I ran the mayoral campaign, out of graduate school out of Yonkers, New York. It is a sizable city, some 300,000 people. I was involved in West Chester politics, I know what the deal is, so when people talk about FOX… yeah, sure I know about Rupert Murdoch and on and on. But, at least I have a voice on that medium, I don't get anything from the others.

S --- Yeah, when I have watched on your youtube "Gerald Celente Channel", I have seen the interviews on FOX, compared to other networks. And….actually it is amazing at FOX, you will tell the truth, which is wonderful, that you are trying to inform the people… what is really going on, what is really happening, and that FOX is allowing that, compared to other networks. It seems, like you said… it is all about distraction. It is about the dog, or what Michelle Obama is wearing or how much her shoes cost. It is amazing the amount of distraction, that is suppose to be our network news.

C --- It is junk news! NBC, had me down there to do the "Today Show". They set up a whole off-location production for me to talk about massage and why it was popular!

S --- (laughing) You are kidding?

C --- No, no. It is those kind of things, again I have been on all of the shows, "Good Morning America, Today Show, Oprah, you name it. I used to do these shows more frequently, it was always "Now, Mr. Celente, it is early in the morning, we don't want to disturb anybody, let's talk about something, Light".

People have to really grow up in their minds. Don't they realize the same people for example, our top politicians are the people that in High School, we couldn't stand? That became the student government presidents or the president of their class and they used to brown nose the teacher and they always talked in terms as if they knew everything. Everybody couldn't stand them. These are the same guys, we are listening to now, that people are looking up to. The people who are running the media, were the ones who wanted to run the school newspaper, that we also couldn't stand most of them, because they were such pompous little jerks! This is who is there, they are only older! People look up to them, as though they are something different! All they have gotten is Grey Hair!

S --- Yeah, I am still at the fact that, I can not believe a network wanted you to talk about "massage", compared to you being an expert and an amazingly brilliant person, who can see through trends what is happening. And it was about "massage"?! I am bewildered!

C --- Not only that, this was an off site shot, so we had to go somewhere, bring a camera crew --- we are talking tens of thousands of dollars! For a stupid, three and a half minute piece. This is the kind of thing they do, but again this is the quality of people. This is what is going on in America, we are an "Under Developing Nation".

S --- You have talked about, in your different interviews… you have mentioned a false flag possibly happening, that would take more of our rights away. Do you think that could actually be internet based? Because, Sen. Rockefeller said "The internet is the number one hazard". My thought, when I heard that was "hazard for who"?! Because this is where we gain so much information, about the truth of what is happening! Do you think a false flag could happen regarding the internet, where they would crack down on it?

C --- Most definitely! Most definitely! Because that is where the word is spreading. As we look at the numbers, the numbers don't lie, people are tuning out of this broadcast stupidity, on the major media. The internet is becoming the new source of information and Net Neutrality is going to be a battle for the rest of our lives. Rockefeller, calling it a "hazard" --- absolutely! These are entrenched people. The great thing about politicians, look at the lives they lead. They hold jobs of which they are held responsible for none of their actions. Some 96% of the elected Congressional officials, some 96% of Congress incumbents get reelected. They have aides and staff around them, in the old days they used to call them "slaves and surfs". They have benefits that are the top in the world. They never have to get dirt under their fingernails. So anything that would disrupt their style of life, their life style they have become accustomed to, is threatening to them! There is going to be coming to a point in this country and it is not going to be far away, there is going to be a revolution. People have had it.

In my saying as a Bronx boy is and I repeat it frequently is: "When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it"!

S --- Right

C --- People have to understand what is going on here about this. This is serious, people are losing everything! ( anger in voice, as the conversation goes on ) These white shoed boys, don't know what it is, not to have any money in their pocket, not to be able to pay the bills, not to be able to pay their mortgage, not knowing where your next dollar is going to come, and not knowing when you are going to be thrown out into the street! When you get to that level, what do you have to lose? That is what you are going to start seeing happen!

S --- Well, you have mentioned an Intellectual Revolution was needed and also a third party, in various interviews. When you mean a third party, who do you see heading that third party, what type of third party are you talking about?

C --- A name that I came up with many years ago. In one of my books was "What Zizi Gave Honeyboy", we called it a "Progressive Libertarian". Libertarian in terms of government rights and staying out of our lives. We need some controls, I am not a complete libertarian, like for example I was all in favor of the Glass-Steagall act, you know the act, that didn't allow banks to become gangsters.

I am in favor of some types of legislation. Progressive in the terms of quality of life issues. How do we achieve to become more enlightened and move in the direction for the benefit of all living things? So those kind of things, type of a party, I would say the closest person, I would see now, would be a Ron Paul type of candidate.

S --- Right, when you say that, do you think Ron Paul… it seems he is really about the American people, that he is actually, if you want to say "fighting the powers that be". Do you think he could really step into those shoes for the American people?

C --- I don't think he has the personality to do it. For example, what we are seeing now is the "Presidential Reality show --- Obama moves into the White House". It is about celebrity, this is a celebrity culture. He doesn't have enough celebrity about him. We need somebody that is more… you have to be charismatic at some point, more so than he is. He is great as I said! But does he have what it takes to win over the entire population? I don't think he has those credentials, in terms of, in looking at the celebrity context. Does he have it intellectually? Obviously!

S --- Yes

C --- But that is not enough to win an election in America.

S --- Right. Well, especially he doesn't have the media influence.

C --- Exactly!

S --- Who they are directing the people, to vote for.

C --- Exactly!

S --- "Global meltdown" --- There is a lot of talk, from the book from the 1960's "None Dare Call it a Conspiracy" in the way of the bankers and what their agenda has been since, the early 1900's and them having with FDR the meetings and the whole Federal Reserve act. With this global meltdown, do you think it was actually a "systematic long range plan or just dumb regulation"?

C --- No, I do not think it was a systematic plan at all. If there is an "illuminati" they have the "un-illuminati" in control. These are just a bunch of greedy people that have speculated beyond their means. You have people like Warren Buffet losing billions in derivatives. No, I don't think so. Will they seize the opportunity to gain more control? Absolutely! But was it contrived? No! Too big for anybody to manage! It is totally out of control! Was it contrived in the sense of lowering interest rates to sucker people into borrowing more, to borrow and expand beyond their means? Yes! That was done purposely! Was it done with the purpose that at some point, it will fall apart and then they would be able to move in to gain more control? No, I don't see it like that.

S --- You don't see it like that?

C --- No! Not when you look at who the players are and what they have done. We just saw General Growth --- the largest mall developer in the country go belly up! We are looking at Chrysler people --- Cerberus, John Snow the former Treasury Secretary under Bush and Dan Quayle, the CEO and Cerberus. Dan Quayle he is one of the directors, losing their shirts in the Chrysler deal. No!

Again, are they using the situation to their advantage? Absolutely! But it is way, way, way too big for anybody. It had nothing to do with Iceland going belly up, with Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, all in financial distress. Yeah, is it to the benefit of the IMF and other banks to keep them under control? Absolutely! But did the Austrian banks, who are now 70% now in debt, that are losing their shirts in this venture, did they do that purposely? No!

S --- What about Sarkozy and all of them calling for a one world --- currency, government. You hear the "New World Order" again. Do you think a New World Order or One World Government, and currency will come from all of this?

C --- That is what I mean, they will seize the opportunity to gain more control. Just like they do, whether it is a terrorist attack or whatever it might be. So, sure! We could see the push of a Global currency.

S --- Okay, so that is what you mean in form of a government, a financial board?

C --- Right!

S --- Do you think that will happen in the near future?

C --- It is so hard to tell, we have to see the way things start unraveling, because at the same time, you can have more and more of a push, as we are seeing now for secessionism. Governments around the world, people not wanting to be affiliated with a world government. They are wanting to maintain their own identity. So it goes in both ways.

They are Not "All Powerful"! This is what people really need to realize! They are giving up too much, by thinking that these people are too great. All the people have to do, is "Speak up --- Stand up and say NO! Just say NO! And the course of history can change!

S --- Okay, regarding the speaking up. Last year, when FISA came up, I got on the phone to every single Senator, wrote the White House and called - when Obama was still a candidate --- called his Senate office, and I said "No to the FISA bill"! I would ask at the same time, "How many calls are you getting against it"? They would say, "One for --- a thousand against". The same thing happened with the bailout --- how many millions of people called against it? And also the stimulus bill, and I got involved in everyone of those. And yet, when you say "raise the voice" …. So many people raised their voices, including me, doing absolutely everything I could, yet it passed "against the people's will"!

C --- Which is why we need to go more towards a direct Democracy. Where people decide what they want. And again, these are the kind of changes that need to take place and kind of things we are talking about and when we talk about a revolution, those are the kind of things as well.

S --- Okay, I have kind of thought "It does no use to raise your voice to the government, anymore".

C --- Well, it doesn't! Not to this one, that is why there has to be some kind of a change, and it will come in terms of direct Democracy.

S --- Thank you, so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview and I really appreciate this. I hope in the future to be able to do another interview and we appreciate it.

C --- Thank you so much for having me.

Mr. Celente, graciously continued the interview over the 20 minute allotted original time granted, the interview, in fact went to 35 minutes of time. I thank him for the extra time, besides for granting me the interview for ATS! Of course the time had flown, due to the amount of information I felt he imparted.

I sincerely hope, as more events unfold, I will be able to again speak with him and not be as nervous next time.

For those of you who would like to gain more information about Mr. Celente and his previous work, you can go to his website at, he has a newsletter you can sign up for on his website. There is also has a Gerald Celente, youtube channel at: he has the latest interviews and radio shows he had done, including conversations with Alex Jones, Art Bell, FOX news, Wall Street Shuffle, the list goes on and on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview and I sincerely hope you have gained some knowledge from it, as you look towards the future.

I want to again stress, Mr. Celente's statement --- in paraphrase "The Powers That Be, are only given the power because we are letting them have it, BUT it does not have to be that way! If we stand up collectively, we CAN CHANGE the course we are headed on"!

Question to everyone: Are you willing to stand up? Are you willing to have your voice heard? Are you willing to stop GIVING the "Powers That Be" the power…. through fear of them and thinking they are too powerful?

I want to recognize ATS member Nenothtu for his editing of the written report and doing all the editing and clean up of sound on the audio from the interview, so it can be made public also.
Thank you very much, Nenothtu!

This was my very first interview I have conducted with someone I admire and look up to, as being a leader in our world and in fact more of a leader than any President past or currently, due to honestly wanting to help others, by speaking truths and trying to do what is right by ALL people, in my opinion! That was my main reason for asking for the interview in the first place. Mr. Celente is someone who has been doing all he can to help others, by warning and trying to get people prepared for what is coming down the line soon and trying to change the course of what is coming, by speaking out about it.

This is Sherrie Wilcox, reporting for ATS, and extending our collective thanks to Gerald Celente for granting this riveting interview.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 08:57 AM
Well done Sherrie , an excellent interview. Glad to see the ATS press corps up and running. I look forward to many more well thought interviews in the future!

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by ATS Press Corps

"They are Not "All Powerful"! This is what people really need to realize! They are giving up too much, by thinking that these people are too great. All the people have to do, is "Speak up --- Stand up and say No! Just say NO! And the course of history can change!"

Possibly the most important message ever published on ATS.

A fabulous read...well done! And congratulations on being the first Press Corp interview published too.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 09:25 AM
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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 09:30 AM
Mr. Celente's phrase - which the interview it titled - to me - is VERY powerful!

I have never heard someone say that before - as he did.

Funny - it feels that it gives ALL OF US POWER back - to start doing what we can and as Mr. Celente said - Change the Course of History by standing up!

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 09:48 AM
Absolutely, Celente is correct. Look at the way Montana, Utah, Texas, and others are throwing a wrench into their machine right now.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 09:54 AM
Totally agree with everything in this interview

Gerald Celente is truly a brilliant trends forecaster and has sooo much knowledge on the inner workings of the power structure its just a shame that more people don't listen to him

But I'll end on a positive note and remind people that its not too late and all we need to do is stand up and say NO to these people and there plans for a NWO

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 10:21 AM
Honestly this is nothing new. He didn't predict the callaspe in December 2007. I knew it was coming long before then. I was in the mortgage business back then. I knew the credit crunch will bring down the economy way before it hit mainstream news. People in mortgage knew it was coming a year before the mainstream media because they were the first ones effected by it.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 10:34 AM
Great read- Thanks!

(second line)

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 10:57 AM
Sometimes the truth has a way of getting out, even when many people oppose it. let's hope more and more people hear Mr. celente.
By the way, that was a very good interview, with intelligent questions. I would love to hear a sequel. Keep up the good work.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 11:06 AM

Have always enjoyed listening to this prescient man speak.

2 points worth bringing up:

1. brother in law in real estate investment (Apollo) offered General Growth (mall owners) a buy out , they poo-poo'd this last year, "no we're fine, thankyou very much..." So, did someone manipulate their demise or are they just an unwitting victim of the pseudo-depression?

(C --- No! Not when you look at who the players are and what they have done. We just saw General Growth --- the largest mall developer in the country go belly up! We are looking at Chrysler people --- Cerberus, John Snow the former Treasury Secretary under Bush and Dan Quayle, the CEO and Cerberus. Dan Quayle he is one of the directors, losing their shirts in the Chrysler deal. No! )

2. Wife's family members are Gold and precious metal dealers in NV. About 4 years ago, the uncle stated matter-of-factly "Some in our business think gold should be priced around $3,000/oz., and a few speculate around $30,000/oz due to our paper money problem..."
My wife's aunt is a longtime investor in Berkshire Hathaway, and just recently purchased another million dollars in gold....

I feel too many things have not changed with Obama, simply because

"they are too big to change now...."

Lets hope for a mild cataclysm, and not a violent, short, revolution.

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 11:51 AM
Holy crap that was a good interview. Poignant questions. Thanks for doing all the leg work and making this happen!

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 11:53 AM
Thanks for the interview! I've been waiting to read it for over a week now. I've followed the various interviews of Celente and he does have a knack for getting it right.

And I admire him for stating in the interview on a couple of occasions that he couldn't forecast something because he didn't have enough information yet. It would have been very easy for him to make some type of statement just to answer but he was honest about it.

I'll be keeping my eyes on his interviews in the near future. There are quite a few things he's predicted in other interviews that I see getting ready to happen soon.

Again, thanks for taking the time to interview him! Good job!

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 11:56 AM
Thanks for all your hard work on this interview with Mr. Celente!
An asset for ATS for sure!

I especially appreciate Mr. Celente's down to earth stlye, as he speaks with honesty. Rare in todays world to hear someone speaking the truth!

Also appreciate his comments on TPTB! I like his attitude...
and he is right! "They" can only do to us what we let them!

Thanks again for bring this to ATS!


posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:19 PM

Which is why we need to go more towards a direct Democracy. Where people decide what they want. And again, these are the kind of changes that need to take place and kind of things we are talking about and when we talk about a revolution, those are the kind of things as well.

This statement disturbs me. While I recognize the fact that the current government is against us and we have no voice, this direction is counterproductive in my opinion. As mentioned by the late, great Aaron Russo in his interview with Alex Jones, the founding fathers hated the idea of Democracy. 51% of the people control the other 49%? That's counterintuitive as far as I am concerned. I don't care if %99.9 of the people want to curb one of my rights....they can't have it!

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:27 PM
Good Job Sherrie. It was a pleasure reading your article. It both educated and and captivated me.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by questioningall

You did a great job Sherrie!

Thanks for the interesting interview, looking forward to read more from you in the future!

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 01:07 PM
While i appreciate the information presented I feel the interview was too conversational in tone.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 01:16 PM
Just a quick question here, and my apologies if this has already been answered.

But it seems to me this interview would work much better as a podcast. What was the reasoning for posting it in transcript format only and not releasing the audio....?

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Im sure i just read the interview and he stated he does not believe that things are being run by a 'cabal' or elite's?

im sure he said it is too much of a big mess to be organised?

This is the world's best trend setter, and he just said that he doesnt believe that TPTB are running thing's thats a big blow to all the NWO believers out there huh?

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