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Clinton Flashed Devil Greeting ( She kinda looks....

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 08:10 PM
Hiliary is not in league with the devil, nor is she a reptile, but that doesn't mean she isn't one evil "B".

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by dedalive

I was thinking that was Richie Blackmore, but I see from a quick youtube that it's Rainbow. hmmmmmm. Do those two go together? Seems so.

To the Op, I've seen a thread where the past decade of politicians flash this sign..... do we really believe that ALL of them are united in some furtive group, even after they badmouthed each other prior to their respective elections? I dunno. That's a tough one. I might have to accept the notion that George Bush and President Obama are buds.

That taxes the imagination.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by intrepid

I was reading your signature, about not teaching, and recall a quote something about 'never try to teach a pig. You won't get anywhere, and you'll only annoy the pig.' Something like that.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by wclv13

If I am not mistaken, that hand sign was introduced by Helen Keller. Did you also know that she was an occult Theosophist? Those who research her life and believe in a NWO have argued that since the two hand signals are so similar, and she was indeed an occultist, that this may have been done intentionally. Something to ponder.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:09 PM

Originally posted by Bombeni
Sorry, I don't want to believe, but, I just can't imagine Hilary saying I love you. It ain't fittin' it just ain't fittin'.

And did politicians flash this sign prior to the last few years? I've seen this sign only the last couple years really and I still don't know what it means, I mean I have seen it so few times that I have to still ask every time. So why would a prez cabinet official use the sign? It does make you wonder.

The first time I ever saw that sign made was 1975 when Black Sabbath with the Ronnie James Dio not Ozzie Osbourne lineup gave a couple of clips to Wolfman Jack's late, late Saturday night weekly TV Show. Before airing the three song film performance Wolfman Jack explained the band's cult like following. Cult like following as in how the Grateful Dead had a hardcore group of fans who would follow them in concert from one town to the next, often like living like gypsies or poor musicians themselves to catch as many live performances of their very favorite band.

Wolfman Jack gave his traditional trademark howl at the moon and said "hey all you cats check out the hand signals Ronnie James Dio gives during these performances they mean I worship the Devil" and howled again.

By 1980 a young and wanting to aspire musician myself I had moved out to Los Angeles the center of the music and recording industry and I met both Tommy Iomi the guitar player and Bill Ward the drummer of Black Sabbath several times. Neither were definitely not Satanists. To them it was just marketing and a way to create a niche for themselves in the Music business. Ronnie James Dio had already moved on by that point to do his own Solo Band named Dio also with heavy Satanic imagery, I never spoke to him but knew his drummer Vinnie Appicce, Carmine's little brother from Vanilla Fudge and Vinnie was definitely not a Satanist and would only say "Ronnie is a real character"

Interestingly enough the first and most successful Cult Band, the Grateful Dead was long surrounded by rumors inside the recording industry community that Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia despite their prominent participation in getting the Haite-Ashbury San Francisco Hippie Drug Culture heavily turned on to '___', Marijuana and then later Cocaine were reputed or sought to be either CIA, MI5 or FBI Agents whose job was to subvert the anti-establishment youth counterculture into the much more easily discredited by the mainstream media and population anti-establishment youth drug counterculture to make their calls for change less credible and come across as simply talking nonsense under the influence of illegal narcotics. This was something I never saw as being too credible until quite recently when Bob Weir was named an Honorary member of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco which is perhaps the most exclusive Gentleman's Club in the United States and perhaps the second most prestigious in the world, it is famed for their Bohemian Grove Retreat in Sequoia California where the uber-wealthy members many of whom are former Presidents of the United States and their super influential invited guests enjoy a month long summer festival in the Redwoods complete with a mock sacrifice ceremony to Bahl (maybe not so mock) that members stand naked with their backs pressed up against the towering Red Woods for. One extremely influential member of the club who became a close friend and business associate bragged to me once that there has not been a President of the United States since the early 1900s that was not 'selected' first to be President by the Bohemian Club at it's annual Grove retreats. Both Bob Weir and the Bohemian Club Spokesman downplayed Weirs life long free membership in the club whose dues are well over a 100,000 dollars a year to be a member and becoming a member is something only the most wealthy of good breeding and standing could ever be, as being born of the Bohemian Clubs original Avant Gaurde nature, as the Club was in fact founded by News Paper reporters covering the California Gold Rush who pined for a lack of culture in the suddenly growing city of San Francisco. Weir himself cited they expect me to play for them and in fact many well known artists are invited to perform at the Grove Retreat, and members put on a variety of skits, as well as famed authors and scientists who conduct talks, lectures and workshops for the all male members and their guests. Yet even Bill Clinton while politely answering a 9-11 truth proponent from a campaign event of Hillary's last year he was speaking at, answered the hecklers accusation that Clinton was a member of the Bohemian Club by saying "The Bohemian Club are you talking about that camp out in the Redwoods where all the rich Republicans hang around naked leaning on Redwoods?" but then quickly added as the man was being dragged from the hall "You should go sometime the fresh air and nature would do you good" as if it was some Clinton himself was recalling a fond memory of.

Haite-Ashbury also became the scene and center of perhaps the Country's largest group of practicing Satanists who also thrived in the drug counter culture and still have a large presence in that area of San Francisco today.

In all fairness it was a Haite-Ashbury Satanic Priest who by chance encounter I met through a neighbor in Hollywood who barged in on me one night as i sat heartbroken with the recently purchased materials from an occult store and a book on white and black magic about to attempt to do a black magic spell involving saying an incantation from within a pentagram on the floor to reclaim the affection of a woman, that quickly examined my materials, that even the occult store owner refused to sell me for that spell, which I had to send friends one at a time to buy them piece by piece on my behalf, and declared that I had done well and had everything I needed to cast the spell. He spent the next hour drawing out my Pentagram on the reverse side of the poster boards I had taped together that I had badly botched the first attempt at doing. He explained to me patiently that if I wanted a demon the pentagram is what I wanted, perfectly round no unconnected points but if I wanted to go for the gold and call the devil I needed the Jewish Star of David...that sure was a surprise...after he got it all set up...then came the biggest the owner at the occult store he looked me dead in the eye...pulled his Star of David, Pentagram and Upside Down Cross Pendents out from beneath his shirt and said..."look you don't get this is actually real, to you it's just an elimination of every possible stone in an academic quest to try to gain what you want, but you do not want to do this, you don't want to do this because it really is real, and if you light those candles and sit in that circle and say those words from that spell you intend to, with this oil anointed on your third eye, you are going to soil your pants when you see what really happens, and your life will never be the same, and I refuse to leave your house until you rip all this stuff up and bag it up and give it to me" Talk about some unnerving coincidences and as I at first began to reluctantly comply as he explained to me what is life was really like as a High Satanic Priest and I could see the sweat pouring off of him as he spoke in my well air-conditioned apartment and my neighbor who was as straight laced as the day was long explained they had been friends from a very early age that had long gone their separate ways but vouched for his credibility, I was pretty happy and relieved to have it all gone and out of my house and still a bit skeptical but thankful for the intercession if not the total waste of 52.97 cents in no longer needed supplies for my aborted experiment. The thing that convinced me the most was that the sweat pouring off this young man as he determinedly talked me out of doing it was amazingly just like the sweat pouring of the owner of the occult shop when he first tried talking me out of doing it and then refused to sell it to me. Too many coincidences but as he turned to leave with my neighbor satisfied with the outcome of my efforts and I imagine feeling quite a bit like I did that we had just shared an incredibly intimate experience in a way of appreciation and empathy for him I gave him that Ronnie James Dio two finger salute to which he grimaced and wiped his brow like someone does when declaring you a complete idiot and said "don't ever do that either" leave this stuff alone.

Had those two strange characters the occult shop owner who refused to sell me these things despite the fact it was his business and my next door neighbors mysterious friend come to share a bottle of Old Jack that was never opened been Hare Krishna or Evangelical Christians I would have been likely wearing an Orange Robe with a shaved head, or on my way to Africa with a box full of freshly printed bibles on my lap by this time...yet for some reason that baffles me to this day about something I don't completely understand or want too, these self proclaimed Satanists and Occultists did not want me having anything to do with their practice even though the sweat pouring off of their brows and apparent physical discomfort as they lectured and extolled me not to do it seemed to be causing them some form of punishing pain?

All I know is there sure are a lot of strange things in this universe and those two very strange people probably wouldn't think Hillary should be making that sign unless there were any deaf people around, especially since she was not saying or mouthing "I love you at the same time"...or would they in fact very much approve of it in her particular case. Life and it's mysteries.

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:18 PM

Originally posted by Viral
reply to post by wclv13

If I am not mistaken, that hand sign was introduced by Helen Keller. Did you also know that she was an occult Theosophist? Those who research her life and believe in a NWO have argued that since the two hand signals are so similar, and she was indeed an occultist, that this may have been done intentionally. Something to ponder.

OH I should have known that Helen Keller would have been brought up eventually. I have contributed a lot in another thread where it was claimed that Obama was flashing this satanic sign.

To OP and anyone else agreeing, provide HARD evidence that a simple "I love you" sign is satanic or an Illuminati sign. If anyone can, then I will listen. That includes proving that Hillary or Obama or anybody else INTENDED to mean that the sign they were flashing show that they are a member of Illuminati or that they are following the Dark Lord.

I know that they are members of the Illuminati, but this is not the way to go unless you have hard evidence.

[edit on 7-5-2009 by Deaf Alien]

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:23 PM
Look at my avatar that I drew. Does that mean I am a member of Illuminati or satanic?

By the OP's logic, I am a follower of the Dark Lord.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:29 PM
I'm not sure if I want these phony politicians flashing the sign if they mean "I love you". They found a way to lie without saying a word.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by Seany

[This woman IS the Devil, No one ever said the Devil cant be a woman

Oh absolutely! Remember the movie Bedazzled? Think she'll come run through the hospital zone in her Lamborghini Diablo?

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 11:51 PM

Originally posted by Deaf Alien
Look at my avatar that I drew. Does that mean I am a member of Illuminati or satanic?

By the OP's logic, I am a follower of the Dark Lord.

Hey I sure do appreciate that many things in life have double meanings and sometimes one of those meanings have very special importance to people.

People sometimes call me a horse's ass...but when they do so in front of a Stud Stallion the horse seems to take exception when he tries to draw that connection.

I don't think there is any chance that the OP or anyone would confuse a hearing disabled person using sign language as being Satanic or that those who have a hard time hearing or have no hearing are in any way shape or form involved or inclined towards devil worship.

I sure could appreciate how a group of people who have to live with such an impairment who might be often and sometimes cruelly overlooked because of their impairment sure might be very grateful indeed for the thought of or the very real action of someone very important paying homage to both them and the alternative lifestyle their impairment has caused them to develop by from time to time using part of it's communication gestures, especially as one as powerful and effecting as "I love you"

You know I don't know because I am not Hillary Clinton, or George Bush, or Gordon Brown, or Tony Blaire, or Barack Obama, or Laura Bush or any of the many people caught on film and then recirculated by conspiracy theorists who know that Satanists use a similar sign.

I sure in no mean way wish to be disrespectful to that culture the hearing impaired have developed so they too can enjoy as much of the social interaction as all human beings crave and long for. I don't imagine the OP does either...

You might though be able to consider and empathize with this better than most people...a lot of us are nervous, some of us are even frightened, and some of us are even terrified about things we can't hear ourselves...privileged conversations between politicians and important people of wealth that go on across the globe sometimes in far away places at a time where the world as become a much more uncertain place and much more difficult to make our ways in.

They don't invite the press to those meetings, and they don't often release full transcripts of those meetings, and many people the world over are finding not just politicians, and corporate leaders but the press as well harder and harder to trust in and believe as they jet all over the world from one spot to another, holding these private meetings, about very important things, that effect us all alike and we can't hear or know for certain what is being said.

So we look for clues, trying to calm and dismiss our fears or find some resolve in knowing the extent of the bad things that might come that we can steel and prepare ourselves for when they come in the future.

In that process of secret diplomacy and backroom deals we aren't just deaf, and we aren't just deaf and blind, but we are deaf, dumb and blind, because we can not speak to these people ourselves to ask them questions, and we can't see what goes on behind those doors, and we can't hear what is being said and while many of us trust these people to lead us and many of us hope they will do so honesty, far too many of us do have a varying levels of mistrust in them and what they do show us and tell us, because for most of us life keeps taking a turn for the worse and not for the better, and we hope for and trust in them to do is make life better.

So much like someone who is hearing impaired all the time we look for nonverbal clues to fill in the blanks and between the lines of stories we are often certain we are not getting the whole story of.

Fear is a hard thing to live with and a lot of that search for nonverbal clues is based on an inherent human desire to try to confront and overcome our worst fears.

I know a little bit about the Occult, a fair bit about New World Order conspiracies, and virtually nothing I am sorry and a bit ashamed about the hearing impaired community.

I do not know as part of their political process, civil outreach, charitable acts or special interest interactions in their past or present if some of these people I cited above caught on tape giving this hand signal have a known relationship to the hearing impaired community or if there is a universal relationship between the hearing impaired community and the political elite class to give this signal in public as a way of saying "I know you are watching to and can't hear me at all because maybe this broadcast isn't closed captioned, I can't sign it for you but know that I love you" as a way of reassuring the hearing impaired community that you aren't being overlooked by the politicians and leaders you have to place trust and hope in too?

I can certainly understand and appreciate if they could do but one sign to let you know that you also are in their thoughts "I love you" would without a doubt have to be the very best one and most reassuring and meaningful and special one to use.

If you know for a fact that's the case please know we sure aren't trying to intercede, denigrate or cast dispersions on that special relationship, the hearing impaired or the people thoughtful enough to truly always remember and include them in a loving way.

But if for some reason you suspect or know that no, it's not a universal unwritten code, or widely held belief within the hearing impaired community because no one like Laura Bush, or Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama ever addressed a gathering of the hearing impaired in a way that they could communicate directly with absolute clarity "And when ever you see me do this sign it's because I know they might not be doing close captioned and I know you don't know exactly what's up, but I do love you all, and remind you of that by signing I love you" Politicians speaking to the hearing impaired community that way sure would be pretty definitive.

Now having said that, I would like to ask you directly if that is truly the case or something similar...

Or is it just a widely held belief amongst the hearing impaired that a bit of your culture has been adopted by certain people to silently but visibly say to someone special they know in the scene these films shoot and capture "I love you" discreetly because the pomp and circumstance of the moment of the First Lady and the President getting off their Helicopter might not be the best time or place to pause with the world watching on camera and say "Thank goodness we landed back on mother earth, it's always a risk flying, "I love you".

If it is that second one, just a shared unspoken belief that important people are adopting a part of the hearing impaired culture which would of course be flattering and reassuring if so that more and more people saw the value in knowing sign...

Then please if I might ask you then ask yourself this and share if you will...

Have you seen such notable people use other sign symbols in situations that aren't closed captioned where they are directly simultaneously speaking a little to the hearing impaired community and if so can you tell us what signs they are also using and mean. If you think they are doing it to just silently and discreetly communicate with one another using sign, but not for the specific purpose of including the hearing impaired what other signs have you seen them using when communicating this way to one another...and what do they mean if you could share that with us please.

Now if anything I have just pointed out or asked has caused any alarm bells to go off or maybe cause you to rethink in some way what you believe they mean when signing "I love you" or other signs, you might as part of that want to ask, how come they are just communicating their love to the hearing impaired, how come when they are that important, and the event being captured on mainstream media film is that important it isn't being closed caption, are their many people who are hearing impaired that don't have access to TTY or closed caption TV sets because of economic or living circumstances? Are you absolutely certain each and every occurrence you have seen the "I love you" sign when it wasn't being verbalized or fit the social setting that it did fit the social setting. In other words when two heads of state are in the midst of an important conversation the because of it's gravity effecting us all, there is really someone out there in their immediate field of view or can immediately see them from their field of view that the bit of distraction it takes from the serious conversation or moment is the kind of appropriate behavior an important leader might indulge in without violating the trust we place in him or the protocol of a situation, in other words is it being done in a situation in a way like a kid supposed to be paying attention to a teachers important lesson who is instead making a paper airplane and tossing it when he really ought to be paying absolute attention.

No I don't think you are an occultist or an Illuminati but someone who could share a lot and shed a lot of light on this subject which is why I would like to and have asked you so many more questions in response to your one.

I know I would appreciate answers for these questions if you can, or anything else you could clue us in on or help us with so because we too sometimes can't 'hear' we worry and become alarmed and sometimes scared about what might really being said.

Thanks a lot friend.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by argentus

I was thinking that was Richie Blackmore, but I see from a quick youtube that it's Rainbow. hmmmmmm. Do those two go together? Seems so.

I touched quite a bit on the musician involvement in Satanism and Witchcraft in my first post to the thread too.

In it I mentioned Ronnie James Dio when he was the front man/singer for post Ozzie Osbourne Black Sabbath and his own band Dio, but prior to playing with Black Sabbath he was in Rainbow with Richie Blackmore and Cozzie Powell.

I lived in Hollywood and worked in the Music Business back in the early and mid eighties and know some of these people personally but not terribly intimately. Richie Blackmore actually lives in New Jersey and his neighbors are terrified of him, he is one of the many musicians who is heavily into the occult though many of the bands and musicians that use Occult imagery only do so for theatrical purposes. Richie Blackmore's Rainbow like Deep Purple itself before it's final 70's break up, after which Richie went on to form Rainbow had many different lineups that almost all of had Richie on Guitar, and did produce some other possible Satanists like Ronnie James Dio that I can't really honestly confirm is one but heavily uses the imagery and lyrics that are often about embracing Satanic type principals and emotions.

Many conspiracy theorists do believe the Illuminati promoted Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal as a product to expose youth to Satanic principals and people like John Galt claim that many of the songs actually contain spells that are cast upon the people who listen to them. I have worked a few times with some fairly big Producers and Engineers like Shep Gordan and Phil Spectre in the state of the art recording studios of the day where most of the biggest rock records were recorded. I didn't see anything at the mixing level or song writing composing level that would suggest that is true though with 32 tracks and sometimes 48 and now days even 72 tracks, many tracks aren't used and the Master Tape it is all recorded on at some stage is handed over to the record Label to be turned into vinyl...ooops just showed my age there huh? So I suppose the Record Companies themselves who often have the Artist Tracks independently written and recorded could then add something that would have to be fairly silent without ever having the band in on it. I knew the guys in Motley Crue, Poison, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Guns and Roses, and L.A. Guns when they were getting girls to hand out free tickets to try to fill up the Troubadour or Gazarris on the Strip on a mid week night to try to built a following while leading a pretty spartan hand to mouth existence. I can't say I would have trusted the sum total players in anyone of those bands to be included with all the details of that kind of conspiracy John Galt alleges. It might happen one level up when they turn up over the Master Tape, but I don't think it happens in the recording studio with the band itself being involved in the crafting of a spell or the laying down of some kind of silent subliminal frequency on to an empty track on the tape that wouldn't audibly effect the quality of the song.

Just my 2 cents from a vantage of a little closer to the action.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:19 AM

Originally posted by Deaf Alien
Look at my avatar that I drew. Does that mean I am a member of Illuminati or satanic?

By the OP's logic, I am a follower of the Dark Lord.

By my logic , your a follower of the Dark Lord , that no one cares about

Become Sce of State, and I'll start a thread about you

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:32 AM
It sort of looks like love each other, but that with both hands(source) The website doesn't have i love you though.


posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by Deaf Alien

Is there something wrong with bringing up Helen Keller? I am just restating what I have heard in the past. I'd like to read the opposing view if there is one.

In terms of hard evidence, are you looking for a quote where Hillary Clinton outright says, "I love Satan, here is my tribute to him and his servants!" Any detective throughout history has to deal with what evidence he has, and he strings together bits of pieces of information together to make a mosaic that appears to explain everything. When you see the political elite who are also members of the Bilderberg group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and so on, flashing that hand sign, one has to wonder. Tie that in with their common trend towards one world government and the abridging of our rights, as well as eugenicist policies, and again one has to wonder.

No one here is stating that everyone who uses the "I love you" or even the diablo hand sign is worshipping Satan; in fact, most of them are not. You just have to take a comprehensive look at each individual person's history, and then figure out why they would use that hand sign so often. Clearly it raises a bit of controversy even in the newspapers, but they don't seem to care. Looking at the Clinton family's political history and possible drug trafficking and homicide crimes, it's a pretty safe bet that they aren't all that loving.

Is it an ironclad case? No, but I don't think it should be ruled out because of disbelief.

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 01:28 AM
Its called the "Corna Hand Signal". Its one of the secret hand signals used by illuminati, cfr, trilats, bildberg, miltary industrial complex, satanists, TPTB. Originaly it was used in rituals to the demi-god Moloch, baphomet, Astroth-baal, Sekhemet, and a few others.
As for it looking the same as the hand sign of I love you, in sign for the deaf, its just part of the program. To make you think its normal. Its an identifier to those in the club. Its a very old hand signal.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by on page 3
... look straight at the camera then look at varying angles. put that on your computer now zoom in, HOLY #...your a reptilian too. ... #en idiots piss me off... and you have Einstein as your avatar. love irony.

Again personal attacks (“#en idiots piss me off”). Lowest level preschool name calling. "Civility and Decorum" on ATS? Sure.

Lens effects occur, but what we see in the video on the first page is no lens/"angle" effect, no way. And why that fishy over-zealousness of yours ("hell ... god damn ... HOLY #")? I don’t know if you’re an illuminati or related somehow, but you act exactly like we would expect one to.

My avatar is none of your business. Btw most LOVE it. Because of its hearty smile. And its deep logic. And why not use some more simple logic: a) Illuminati exist ((edit: Illuminati or certain "special interests" groups, that are e.g. blood-related or anyhow financially related to the Illuminati or the NWO group/business)) b) They’re clever, can write, and consequently post on ATS c) They have many vested interests in covering things up. Now just combine a+b+c. Over-zealousness explained.

[edit on 8-5-2009 by CoolBlackHole]

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 05:36 AM

Originally posted by Eye of Horus
Its called the "Corna Hand Signal". Its one of the secret hand signals used by illuminati, cfr, trilats, bildberg, miltary industrial complex, satanists, TPTB. Originaly it was used in rituals to the demi-god Moloch, baphomet, Astroth-baal, Sekhemet, and a few others. As for it looking the same as the hand sign of I love you, in sign for the deaf, its just part of the program. To make you think its normal. Its an identifier to those in the club. Its a very old hand signal.

Simply correct, simply exact, simply well informed.

As you state, denial, diversion, and ridiculing have always been a part of the program.

"I love you" sign? Harrrr, haarrr! Not all humans are THAT stupid.

[edit on 8-5-2009 by CoolBlackHole]

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 05:51 AM
Funny, this didn't seem a problem at all when the last few presidents where doing it, but now that Hilary does it, she's an EviL Illuminati Demon sign flasher... go figure

Serieously you people need to watch less da vinci code movies...

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 05:59 AM

Originally posted by XyZeR
....Serieously you people need to watch less da vinci code movies...

Seriously, why should we NOT assume you're also Illuminati related somehow - and therefore denying and ridiculing? ((Edit: "Illuminati related" = see below)). Excuse me, just a polite question.

// edit: Illuminati related = certain "special interests" groups, that are e.g. blood-related or anyhow financially related to the Illuminati or the NWO group/business.

[edit on 8-5-2009 by CoolBlackHole]

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 06:52 AM
Since this was posted in Skunk Works I will give this thread the entire grain of salt it deserves.

The premise is pedantic and immature. I would hope it could never pass muster in the other forums considering the alleged new enforcement by the Polite Police and Political baiting standards. (Especially since the source is an Anti-Obama blog.)

I would suggest if the OP has a bone to pick with the sitting Secretary of State, he visit KFC. I hear they are giving away free chicken.

I don't know what makes people who start, flag or star threads like this so silly.
But whatever it is, it certainly seems to be working.

I give a this thread a one finger salute.


[edit on 8-5-2009 by kinda kurious]

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