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Chakras Meditation and Body Vibrations.

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:54 PM
Hey everyone,

I'll start of with a brief introduction, but if your like me, and never read other peoples intro's just skip down.
Recently, through a contact, i have been told that i have a gift, and show the beginning signs of "intuition and telepathy gifts, with perseverance and good attitudes." I'm not hear to dispute the contact, just thought i would explain. If you have questions on that, feel free to U2U me.

So i thought, well, where do i start?
Meditation is a good place.
So here i am.
I've been meditating for a couple of weeks or so, and i am really enjoying it.
As i've just started i find it hard to block out thoughts etc, like all beginners do. I started using the Chakras, and imagining them.
But i have a few questions that after a quick ATS and Google search, need clearing up a wee bit.

I used CavemanDD's thread for starting help, which was the best i've seen - anywhere.

I use that position he mentions, and i find it alot easier to "see" the chakras on myself if im lying down.
Although i do occasionaly try to use the lotus position as i find it actually quite comfortable.

So im wondering what do i imagine?
I normally focus on each Chakras individually and then in a line running through my body, all spinning in balance, at the same time, which i use to symbollise my body is in balance and harmony.

Is it better if i imagine each Chakra with certain characteristics or such?

Also before writing this post, i did a quick 10 minute meditation and it was absolutely amazing. I just thought about chakras and like i mentioned above and felt an amazing tingling sensation in the balls of my feet, and hands, and i could feel it moving up my legs ever so slightly.
I was so amazed at it i actually laughed to myself, in excitment, it truly was brilliant.

A few tips would be most appreciated.

Secondly, i come to the body's Vibrations or Frequencies.
I've heard certain things can raise and lower them.

I know pork lowers it, which is good, since i do not eat it.
I've heard some music can have effects and some other things can.
I did alot of searches and i cant seem to find anything, and asked a few people too.
If anybody has any info on that it would be great.

Finally, i'd like to say that everyone over in this part of ATS is so much nicer than other topics like UFO's etc.
They are full of debunkers, skeptics whatever you wanna call them arguing constantly with eachother and it gets a little bit boring.
There is a higher feeling of love here, when reading each others posts, like we are all on the same team. Which is how it should be.

So i thank you all for reading, i apologize if i have graced topics already done, and i wish you all the best.


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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 02:50 PM
Hi Jacob here are a few links for you,keep going my friend it gets heaps better.

It wont be long before your head will tingle all the time ,its great.The second link is good for beginners,the rainbow tech is really powerful and had a big affect on me .cheers Jay

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by JacobNH

A lot of people today, especially with all the New Age as such "Guru's" and spiritual propaganda out there, unfortunately do as you have Jacob and think that "meditating" or visualising chakra's is what meditation is about.

Many think you need to have amazing and vivid "visions" etc, both of the subtle energy bodies and "Beings".

This is a part of it, but real, true and the best meditation is not based on this. When we day dream or remember a time in the past in the past are we meditating? No, just using our imagination and following, chasing if you like one thought after another.

So I will teach you to meditate properly for your amount of time doing it.

At the end I will let you know the real Secret to what advanced meditation is about and how to do it, what the yogi's and advanced practitioners, what Buddha spent most of his meditative time doing, the absolute fundemental way to be in tune with the cosmos and all that is, to gain enlightenment if practised enough.

First though you must relax, and once ive shown you below how to do that, reply to this post when you have managed first to do what I say on this post, and I will reply then when you are ready by following this first step with the secret and real special instructions on very deep and powerful meditation well beyond any chakra's or channelling or LOA type things, ok?

I promise you when I show you the secret, ancient way it is passed down directly from a disciple of the Buddha the ultimate meditation master, unbroken Master to Student to this day, That Lineage of information on this secret practise I garuntee is true.

But first as I said this wont work at all, and you cant do the "special" one until you first relax as it messes up the chakra energies and such like.

So I would like you to as you say sit in the Lotus posture, but not the full one the Half one is better unless you have been doing body yoga for many years. Do the half one for now and maybe change later OK? If though this is uncomfortable just sit cross legged.

So sit like that, with a cushion or pillow under your Bum/Buttocks so it is higher than your knees.

Keep your back straight but not too rigid, have your pelvis tipped forward as such, and your neck slightly tilted forward, your head slightly looking down.

Make sure the tip of your tongue is on the roof of your mouth just behind, or depending on how long your tongue is
lol touching too the back of your front teeth!

Place both hands on your knees, or your right hand on top of the palm of your left hand, both facing upwards resting on your lap just below your belly button, with the thumbs just touching making an inverted V .

Got that?

Ok now then if it feels more comfy open your mouth slightly too, and keep your eyes open, this is especially important, don't be worried bout blinking, just start relaxing now you are in that type of position.

Take 3 long deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your mouth, really fill up, and empty your lungs, and as you breath out imagine all the stress leaving you, tension fading away.

After those 3 long breaths you will probably find that you may need to get more comfy again to relax a bit more, so just stay in this position and let all the tension leave your body, all the stress.

Now to relax properly so that you will be ready once doing the following, and replying for the real ancient instructions directly from the Buddha.

Do as I said above and now just fix your gaze in a relaxed way just past your nose the tip of your nose about and arms length away from your body, now to relax properly first before meditating, and as done by the Yogi's you want to don't let that sight of the room blur away, blink as normal and relax, and just breath normally, but

As you breath feel the air coming into your nostrils, it is best to relax and focus on the feeling of the air inside the right nostril as you breath in, feel it enter you, and then just breath out through your nostrils again and feel the air flow back out past the same spot.

Once this happens and youve finished breathing out, count 1 to yourself in your mind as such, go back to focusing on breathing in again, the sensation in your right nostril, in and out, and count to 2, let go and relax about 2 and numbers and do the process again.

If you get distracted or start thinking about the past or the future, imagining things, wondering about how long it will take etc, or loose count, it's ok and normal just come back in your mind to your breath, that spot in your nostril, feel it, and start again at 1.

Do this until you really genuinely keep your mind on this and complete it for 21 counts.

So this is the main part of getting really ready to relax properly so you can then be ready to really meditate at advanced levels.

Do the above then, and it is vitally important you can keep relaxed but focused on this from one to 21 before the next bit. Otherwise you are only kidding yourself and the secret meditation wont work.

The next bit then gets you "In the Zone" so you will be relaxed enough to do it properly, do the 21 as above, in that posture after 21 is reached just relax and dont focus on your breath anymore, just breath naturally, relax, just sit there and relax yourself, keep your eyes looking as said slightly down just past the tip of your nose not looking at anything in particular, and just be in the present. If thoughts about what am i going to do later, or am I realxing properly, or what made that noise and your mind goes and makes a story, as we all do, dont worry, just relax and watch those thoughts and feelings.

Its no use trying to push away a train of thought thinking this isnt relaxing as im imagining, or thinking if it happens this feels nice and looking for more, just be aware of them and dont put any "Good" or "bad" labels or thought's on top of those thoughts. Relax and be awake and let your mind do what it does without looking for anything, expecting anything pushing away or holding on to any "good" or "bad" thoughts or feelings that you have. Relax and when the mind wanders and you become aware of it doing it, let it go, and just relax and be awake and come back to the now.

Once you have genuinely done all of the above as described with at least 5 mins of the second part just sitting and relaxing after counting the breath in one session, you will be ready for the ultimate Chakra and ancient special meditation technique.

So post a reply here once you have done that, telling me what it was like and then I will give the actual advanced Tantric Mahayana Yogic Technique as used by all who really master their Chakras and such like.

Looking forward to you sharing your experiences of relaxing to get ready, I remember when I first did these as described above to get ready and what it was like, and telling you the next bit.

Love and Light.


edit to add, any long time, or even slightly experienced meditators will please think before pressing submit, and adding any more until after I have replied to Jacob?
And be especially wary about quoting or trashing anything ive said until they see what jacob's experiences themselves first, and not put any EXPECTATIONS on him or what ive stated or have said will reply with

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Hey there MischeviousElf,

First of i must thank you for an amazing post, and for the time you put in into writing all that for me.
So thanks

Originally posted by MischeviousElf
reply to post by JacobNH

Place both hands on your knees, or your right hand on top of the palm of your left hand, both facing upwards resting on your lap just below your belly button, with the thumbs just touching making an inverted V .

I'm having a little trouble with that, i dont quite understand what you mean. Should i just place both hands on my knees, or my hands together?

Also, do you have a recommended time for meditation?
I do it at night, before i go to bed, so i haven't tried out what you've told me yet.
I will do so tonight, and reply to you on my experience of it.
I also meditate before i have a football match, or training too.

Other than above, its all crystal clear and i'll reply back soon.

Thankyou so much MischeviousElf,



posted on May, 8 2009 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by Moreonethananyone

Thanks for the links Moreonethananyone,

I'll have a quick gander through and see how they are.




posted on May, 8 2009 @ 07:11 AM

And also just to add, does anyone know anything about subconcious texting?

Recently since i've been meditating, i've sent people texts whilst i've been asleep, or i just dont remember them.

The last text i sent to a friend made absolutely no sense, and a couple of the words were in French, but since i use predictive text, you have to change the language to say the word.

And this morning, i woke up holding my phone, typing a message.
It said something like:

Bleep 1234 1234,

but i deleted it before reading it all.

Really confused me,
I'll save the messages from now on, they might mean something.

But its only since i've been meditating.




posted on May, 8 2009 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf


I'm back after trying the meditation.

It was good during the 21 breathes, and then when i got to just relaxing, i found it a little bit hard.
Its good, except above all i could just feel my back hurting due to the half lotus and being pretty much upright for an extended period of time.
I tried to block it out, which helped a little bit.
I also felt like i was wobbling back and fourth occasionaly, but i wasn't.

Where you say to just let go at the end, and relax for atleast 5 mins, im not so sure i did.
I didn't time it and lost track.
I'm very impatient which is what i need to work on.
But practice makes perfect, so I'll be trying this again tomorrow aswell.
It can only get better.


posted on May, 8 2009 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by JacobNH

It's a Pleasure to write that for you.

With the hands , just on your knees if comfortable. or like the lotus posture.

Now the back thing, maybe you have your back to straight next time just keep a straight back, but not too rigid, naturally straight but not like a rod

The 21 breaths well done!

When you were relaxing and noticed the pain in your back. That is fine just do it again the same and notice that you are focusing on it, try to let that thought go, watch the discomfort but dont merge or become the discomfort like you merged with the breath meditation first of all.

Now the secret and special meditation all the top Yogi's have done and as passed down directly from the Buddha.

The secret is, you did it!

There is nothing more to do!

Well done!

I was not trying to misleed you, but wanted you to experience it without "Anticipation" or "expecting" something.

It is the best way to start it, without knowing you are doing it!

The watching your breath is known as Subject/object meditation, you can do it with your sight and look at something, don't blur out, don't analyse it, just keep looking at it, or with sound, when your mind wanders come back to the subject your are meditating on, without going deep into what it is, where it came from etc, just see, feel hear feel it, and keep coming back.

The one after that is called "Mindfullnes" or shiney in tibetan meditation.

These two types of very simple meditation are the daily things you need to do, if you want to really progress, and achieve after time of doing it the mind experiences of the greatest yogi masters of history.

You say at night that is fine, first thing in the morning is the best when you first get up, but no worries.

Really trust me Jacob, ignore Chakra meditation and all these types of things, they have a place but to be effective and not to cause problems in the future, and also to really gain the necessary type of mind of real meditation masters this is the daily habit you need. It truly is the basis and main part of many very very advanced meditators. By doing this for months or years you wont then just be spacing out, or Imagining things with the new age as such BS.

We all tend to "look" for something or "Expect" something, these things come along but when we are not looking for them, when we are able through the first meditation gain real concentration and focus, and the second one mindfulness.

Just relax, don't look for anything or expect anything, do the practise as it you know will help your immune system, mind and happiness and then automatically your chakra's and such like will clear up and become balanced.

I know personally a very very advanced meditator who has been a monk daily practising since age 11, he is in his 30's, is an official teacher, and holder of many very very advanced Yogic practises and very complicated meditations that are only passed on by word of mouth. Really he is very very special.

Knowing all these very advanced instructions, and having mastered them all, what does he do when he gets up very early in the morning?

Does he visualise chakra's? or go on astral travels (which he can), does he produce body heat as seen by Tumo practise with monks in the Himalaya's sitting naked melting the snow around them?

No he gets up, no drink and just for 2 hours does the mindfulness meditation, just relaxing but awake, watching his mind, not holding onto thoughts or pushing them away if a bad thought comes up he just thinks and detaches from it, "oh that's a bad thought" and lets it go, no aversion, if a good one comes up he does not get excited or look for more of them, just watches it and lets it go like a cloud in the sky.

Over time your thoughts and imaginations become less and less, and eventually you will be totally aware and awake with no thought and experience your true mind.

Relax, when you wander bring your mind back, let go, dont push or pull thoughts or stories in your mind....

I promise you, you will be very very amazed at the difference in your mind and daily experiences after some time, it does not come straight away but keep doing it and don't look for or expect such an experience.

The dreams, just dreams
sometimes they can have powerfull messages and info from your subconscious but we can loose midfullnes and experience life to its full by thinking whilst awake what we thought when asleep!

And trying to figure it out, when all you truly have is the NOW can be a rabbit hole.

Now is all we have practise as you already have and one day sooner than you think your experience of the Now will be clear, positive and very very big and happy!

Lots of love and light to you Jacob, njoy youve taken your first steps to enlightenment :d


Ps you have my name u2u me with q's on your path, I can share what I have learnt and experienced.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

Well said Elf

Jacob, you would be wise to listen to this advice. MischeviousElf has given me some advice on meditation in the past and he is right on. Dont try and complicate things with visualizations and such. Sometimes they can help in bringing on feelings of connectedness in the body, but in the end the goal is stillness of the mind. Visualization only hinders this. You were successful with the 21 breaths so stick with it!

You have wandered down an amazing path and if you really have some dedication, your life will be changed for the better. You have come to the right place for advice. Good luck.

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by MischeviousElf



So the secret is to just let go, and free your mind.

When you say let thoughts just drift away, i find that extremely hard.
If a thought pops up, i think oooh get rid of that, and then end up concentrating on getting rid of it, thus focusing on it.

I understand there are lots of dfferent types of mediations, and the body heat meditation does sound pretty cool.

I guess that using them all is a very good thing to be able to do.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me, on my quest for my innerself.
You too, bringthelight, i thank both of you.
For the encouragment and the advice.



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posted on May, 9 2009 @ 07:10 AM
Puppy mind

An analogy that will help you. It takes dedication but nothing is more rewarding.

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by bringthelight


Thanks, thats quite a clever anology.
I especially like the comment below, about savoring the present.

In our everyday lives we take everything for granted, and dont time the time to actually realise how amazing everything we actually do is.



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