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Brother Stair aka Ralph Gordon Stair, Sr.

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 06:06 AM
Or as I like to call him "Brother Scare".
This guy is all over the shortwave stations like a broadcasting whore. It's really annoying when every other US based radio station broadcasts his crap.
Okay rant over, serious now..
What do you guys think of him? He is always talking about the apocalypse, an impending Second Coming of Christ following a nuclear war, the rise of the NWO from different political organizations including the Roman Catholic Church, or the economic and political destruction of America.

I will admit a few of his crackled voice rants are interesting sometimes but most of it seems like a crazier version of Alex Jones gone super religious w/o any of the credibility unless you believe in his "visions" and him talking to God.

He just seems kind of like a wack job to me, you know the kind of guy who would get enough followers to live with him and drink the red kewlaid. Kind of scares me a little that people can take him so serious.

What do you think?


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