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Is Hollywood Brainwashing us to Accept the New World Order?

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:27 AM
Do you think that it is an accident that recently we have seen a resurgence of Alien doomsday movies in the last few years? The Knowing, the remake of - The Day the Earth Stood Still, the remake of - The War of the Worlds, Men in Black, aliens vs predator, are all rather recent movies highlighting the end of the world.

Just as well, we have seen a tremendous resurgence of doomsday movies of all kinds. Everything from biological viruses killing everyone (28 days, resident evil, dawn of the dead) to general environmental doomsday movies (Volcano, Dante’s Peak, Day After Tomorrow) have also been on the big screen recently.

Do you honestly think that the creation of all these corporate media doomsday movies are an accident? Do you also think that it is a coincidence that often these movies are remakes of older dommsday movies. Why is that?

I tell you what. It isn’t because Hollywood has lost its creativity. Far from it. It is because remakes have a predictable psychological outcome upon the populous. Their consequences are known equations. They can also be produced very quickly, due the fact that not only is the story all ready written, but most of the screenplay and scenes themselves can be readily duplicated. Production work on a movie remake can begin immediately. Hence, there might be some urgency to all the doomsday remakes of late.

Is any of my conjecture from an authoritative movie production source? No. Am I guessing here? Yes. But I certainly think that there is something more to this idea. What would it be? Why would they do this? Is this some sort of orchestration of the public mind set for some ulterior purpose?

Here is what I think.

It is widely known that during the 1980's and early 1990's many movies showed that the Russians were going to invade our country or start World War Three. Many of these movies were made to stir the American people into supporting massive government military spending. I feel that today’s movies are a version of the same idea.

I believe that governments may soon attempt to scare the people of the world into accepting the creation of the American Union, or the New World Order directly, because of perceived threats from forces beyond human control. I believe that they will use the fear of everything that we have been inundated with over the last few years (Doomsday Aliens, Doomsday Asteroids, Doomsday Volcanoes, Doomsday Global Warming, Doomsday Everything). Eventually, these doomsday events will be a reality, as the Book of Revelation in the Bible states. But, I believe that our government, and other governments, may attempt to utilize fabrication or exaggeration of these massive doomsday events in an attempt to unify the world in demanding the full creation of the New World Order, immediatly.

What’s your view?

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 04:09 AM
Let us see, think the Hollywood bigwigs. What would make us money?

A film containing lots of action and thought provocing drama?
Seeing as a people like to see action even if it includes other people misfortune might make a good move and rake in some money for us.

or shall I make a 2 hour 'special' watching bunnies playing in a field ? or maybe a 1hour 40 minute film of the sea lapping against the shoreline? or and hour and 26minutes of fluffy clouds ?

what would you prefer to watch?

its like the papers, doom and gloom sells, good news and fluffy bunnies doesn't.

If there was a more sinister theme then there would be non stop films about concentration camps, and fascist filmmakers bending over backwards to promote their ideals.
or in this day and age, FEMA camps and Flu outbreaks.

If anything the disaster films are there to distract us whilst they build the camps around us , poison us with viruses and poison our food, whilst we watch films featuring other people's downfall we grow acclimatised to watching the foul events affect others , that way when it affects us we won't be in a mind to retalliate.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by Hot_Wings

The same thing happened in the early 60's. Hollywood has its roots in propaganda and molding of public opinion. Most media is used for this purpose.
If your uneducated enough to believe it or let it sway you, your a lost cause to the truth!


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