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Dream or reality ??

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posted on May, 6 2009 @ 08:49 AM
Hi all ..

I'm not sure this is in the correct place or even if it deserves its own thread so mods feel free to move/delete.

Ok .. i have always had strange and weird dreams, and really enjoy dreaming. I have had experiences lately and i'm not sure if it was a dream or in fact reality. Let me explain, oh and i have posted about my dreams etc in other threads but not recently.
So around a year and a half or so, my brother gave me this astral travel CD, i tried it out and it didn't work, i'm sure it was my fault, i do find it hard to relax. I forgot all about astral travel until a few months back, i was in bed with my wife listening to relaxing music, it took a few times listening to the CD to get to sleep. I remember laid in bed feeling really tingly, it was the most amazing feeling, anyway .. i remebered the CD my brother gave me and how things may feel when its time to leave the body so i thought . .ok . .this must be astral travel .. i tried to get up so to speak . .it was difficult and the feeling intensified with every try. I ultimately got all the way out of bed and walked up to myself laid there. My wife got out of bed and walked past me to the bathroom, then back to bed .. the next thing i was waking up the next day .. now the other night i was laid in bed, tired and extremely relaxed (which is not always the case for me but i had had a busy day that day) , when myself and the wife had finished chatting, said good night i was soon out for the count. Then i hear this loud noise like someone tearing selotape off a role but into a microphone, and at the same time i'm being pulled fast out of my body over where my wife is, i knew i wasn't physically doing this because i was hovered half way over her in an awkward position. This whole thing lasted seconds but frightened the life out of me. Although i didn't purposely try to leave my body so to speak, i was very aware and scared, so i "woke" my self up .. Ok so i have an open mind about all this, i love dreaming and also the possibility of astral travel but i'm also skeptical in a way too .. my question is . .do you think i was dreaming or could it have been real .. has this happened to any of you ?? i'm on the fence whether i was dreaming or not but the feelings and emotions were very extreme and i'd love to hear if it has happened to anyone else and if its a dream what does it mean .. Thanks for listening ..



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