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Is Earth a Prison Planet?

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posted on Aug, 1 2010 @ 12:03 PM
I have read allot of the responses in this forum, and I can see that a few members support the new world order from there given sect, and then try to cohere the topics conversation.
What interests me in this philosophical topic, is our history.
There are portions of history covered by Summerians, Egyptians, in India, and records in Tibet that agree on many events in our history not taught in schools (then again nothing is taught in schools, the questions are pre-defined and so are the answers).
The part of our history that I'm referring to is the part where an alien race came down to earth and 'rebuilt' mankind, this area of history is so detailed that the genetic processes are recorded and the local for the original experiments still has bodies of failed creations!.
In our history, when we where 'rebuilt' what this means is, that an alien race came here and destroyed the early humans that where here, when we where rebuilt, we where rebuilt as slaves, with much of our genetics removed then integrated in the slavers to enhance them.
The races that have been depicted and explained, in detail that are responsible for this, look typically like the ones described in many well documented and witnessed abductions, they also carry many of the detailed technologies as described in historical documents.
In fact our history goes in to as much detail as to document word for word, arguments among the alien races over the cruelty of several proposed methods of enslavement.
In my own opinion, and my own experience, I am born free, but in to a world that everything is owned by someone, and this world is full of psychopathic behavior and crushed controlling people, I have no where to live and for profit the creatures around me are carved up and sold back as food, with taxes insultingly placed on top, an array of health destroying chemicals are available to me and my children, and if our children are good enough they can go and die for the faceless people carrying out this horrific abuse, not a single government has ever told us the truth they posses, that's why we have websites like this one, what's more once every so often a 'ballet card' pops its way through the letterbox asking me who to vote for to continue the campaign of lies, media brainwashing.
If you consider that from the standpoint of those in charge, this (ballet card) is a humongous insult to already taking our resources to pay them to lie to us, pay them to poison us, use our children in wars, industrialize the sadistic unnecessary death of creatures for food profits, and tax us AGAIN for doing so, the oil is the fuel and blood that burns and makes our earth run, it also helps sustain the fields around earth that are needed to ensure life exists, and industry has been built on this despite the vast amount of knowledge there is to the creation of energy and matter.
Anyone that thinks the truth will ever be heard from faceless people with the above MO, are deeply deluded, and if they also think that they see you as anything but a resource then shame on you for being even more gullable.
And if you think these people are planning anything but mass genocide to resolve the overpopulation that was needed to get them there toys as fast as possible, then, yes you are gullable and insane.
Something humanity has lost in the way our children are brainwashed with the questions and answer in schools, and that group situational intelligence!.
Nasa's moon nuke caused the earthquakes, and shell oils mining caused the Tsunami, in a monetary culture, the real nice people RISE TO THE TOP. this is the system of slavery.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:08 AM

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:26 AM
Earth is alcatraz, a piece of rock in the middle of an ocean of space, no one can escape, you are here for a max of 120 years, if you kill your self it's like you escape then have to come back.

Not every one gets 120 years, depending on the bad we have comited.
This would explain why children very young are dying, they only had a small sentence to do.
Only the good die young.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 09:39 AM
The topic reminds me of this:


By Donald E. Simanek.

If the know-nothings ever take over the country completely and pass a law that everyone must subscribe to a religion on pain of imprisonment, I know the one I'd choose. It is a religion which does a better job of accounting for life, the universe and everything than any of the major or minor religions.

Many religions make the mistake of assuming that there is only one god, who is said to be all-wise and all-powerful. That just doesn't square with experience. Look around you at this universe you are in. See what a mess it is? Sure, it "works", after a fashion, but an all-wise and all-powerful god surely could have made it better, and simpler to understand.

Mankind: a crawling disease on the face of the earth.

And look at man, said to be god's greatest creation. Can you imagine any god being proud of such handiwork? Can god do no better at the creation business than to make mankind, a pathetic crawling disease on the face of the earth?

Some religions explain away these obvious facts by inventing an evil supernatural being, a devil, who continually thwarts god's good intentions. But the price paid for this apologetic is to admit that god is not quite all-powerful, or that perhaps god, for inscrutable reasons, permits evil to exist, even though having the power to eliminate it. It has been said that all existing religions fail when they try to confront the problem of the existence of evil.

It just doesn't wash. My new religion resolves these difficulties completely. Here's its basic tenets, in condensed form.

THE universe was created a long, long time ago (in fact, predating time itself), in a place far, far away (beyond space itself) by a committee of gods, no one knows how many (numbers hadn't yet been invented). They were not all-powerful, just more powerful than anything else in their neighborhood. Individually they were extremely capable, for they had truly universal minds. But it occurred to them that there's little point in having a universal mind if there isn't any universe. So they undertook to create one, for they also had creative minds, and there's little use having a creative mind if you don't create something now and then, if only for practice.

The committee designs the universe

Now each of the gods knew he (or she, or it--sex hadn't yet been invented) could create a perfect universe. Each knew the others couldn't do as well. It soon became apparent that each god had a different conception of perfection.

They worked for cosmic aeons on the design for a universe. Plans were drawn up, argued over, and scrapped. Prototype models were made, modified, reworked and recalled for defects. Arguments over details became heated. The deliberations were unruly and chaotic, for Robert's Rules of Order hadn't been invented yet.

In desperation, to get the job done, each god agreed to assume responsibility for certain parts of the project, which would later be integrated into the whole. But since each part interacted with every other part, the gods could not agree how to put them together into a unified universe. So, obviously they never got around to a unified field theory. The most difficult part was man, whom the gods had unwisely decided to make in their own image.

Eventually the arguments became so heated that the gods got into furious argument followed by a god-awful row of cosmic proportions. [This was the big bang which scientists have called the beginning of the universe as we know it.] When it was over, all of the gods had been killed. The heavens looked like the aftermath of a Shakespearean play. The debris of the battle scattered far and wide: time and space, matter and energy, light and darkness, super-strings and sealing-wax, and a lot of dust--all the raw materials which the gods had gathered and fashioned for later assembly into such things as stars, planets and intelligent life.

A god-awful row!

Fortunately the prototype plans for assembly had already been installed, in the form of universal laws of physics; for the gods, being lazy, had planned the universe to be self-assembling. Out of this chaos, the raw materials coalesced into some semblance of order.

So we find ourselves in an unfinished, imperfect universe, with no gods left to set things right. We are on our own, to make the best of a bad situation we didn't ask to be in.

You'll notice that some elements of this religion are similar to some found in the more traditional religions. But these universal religious truths were previously imperfectly understood and therefore corrupted.

The big bang.

One unique feature of this religion is that there remain no god or gods to pray to, no heaven or hell. There's no sacred literature, either, for the gods never got a chance to dictate the final committee report.

Yet this religion does a better job of explaining the existence and present condition of the universe and the human situation than any other. It is also in harmony with the operation and results of committees even today.

Now I don't claim this is the one true religion. But it certainly makes more sense than all those false religions vying for the allegiance of mankind. Why, you ask, do I presume to call the others false? Well, they call each other false, and in that appraisal they may all be right!

I certainly wouldn't ask you to believe in this religion. That's exactly where most religions go astray. It is my view that religions are relatively harmless until you start to believe in them.

However, if you'd care to send money...

First published in The Vector, No. 17 (Late 1988).
Text © 1988 by Donald Simanek.
Illustrations © 1988 by John C. Holden.

Of course, there are other religions which account for the observed facts rather well. I like this one from Mike Royko, who was, for many years, a syndicated columnist of the Chicago Tribune.

…I am a member of the Church of Asylumism and believe it is the one and only true faith…

Our church was founded by Dr. I. M. Kookie, one of the world's leading experts on lots of things. In our church, he is called the Prophet Kookie.

As Prophet Kookie has revealed in the Book of Kook, man is not native to this planet. He did not evolve from monkeys, as some people believe, or descend from Adam and Eve, as others insist.

Millions of years ago, a highly advanced race of peaceful, happy beings on a distant planet had a perfect society. But they developed a social problem. A few hundred of them became deranged. Their madness took different forms. Some stole or became violent. Others tried to become lawyers. Some wanted to form political parties. And a few claimed that God spoke to them and told them how everybody should live.

So they were rounded up, put on a spaceship, and a search was made for an uninhabited planet that would serve as an asylum. They found this planet.

IoP is a not-for-profit company. Our book could help them retain that status. This material is © 2002 by The Institute of Physics Publishing and appears in the science humor collection Science Askew. by Donald E. Simanek and John C. Holden. You may order it directly from the publisher: Order your copy now!. Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery in the USA.

Sorry - haven't figured out the quote thingies yet.

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by LiquidLight
I've had a recurring dream that is one of the reasons I have an interest in this sort of thing. In the dream, I die and my spirit goes to a station run by extraterrestrials where I am asked several questions like how old my spirit is (apparently I'm a new spirit), and where I would like to reincarnate at (being a new spirit, I don't have much knowledge of the Universe, so I'm always at a loss for words at this point). I'm then put through some tests that I can never quite remember the details of, and then taken to a ship where my I am transported to my new home world. The dream ends before I'm reincarnated.

They sound a bit like Norns to me (Norse gods of fate and destiny)

posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 04:04 PM

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posted on Aug, 4 2011 @ 04:31 PM
Hi all,

This is my first post on ATS, and I will try to make it count.

I would just like to say that I very much concur with Pharoahmoan and Cosmicpixie's comments on the nature of our predicament. That is to say, it would appear that humanity have been manipulated on a massive scale by ‘other-dimensional’ overlords for a very long time, and the cycle of reincarnation that we seem to be tricked into time and time again would seem to be a significant element of this deception. Likewise, I’m of the view that the astral realms would seem to be merely an extension of the earth-bound matrix in which we are currently imprisoned. I'm also willing to consider the possibility that through our physical, mental and spiritual imprisonment, our collective energy is being used to perpetuate various astral realms that serve the overlords (who are quite possibly the 'archons' described by the ancient gnostics).

Similarly, I believe that our release from this predicament will only result from a simple, heartcentred (and, perhaps ironically) grounded approach to spirituality, whilst at the same time maintaining an awareness of the potential for astral and earthly trickery. (For one, I've every intention of NOT returning here for another seemingly pointless incarnation.....). In my experience so far, conceptually-laden and overly-complex spiritual approaches tend to lead back to astral deceptions, distortions and dead-ends.

It's possible, perhaps, that the overlords may in some way be a manifestation of our collective ignorance/self-deception, but for now I am reserving judgement on this point.

I would like to make 2 further main points:

1. Astral vs 'pure' spiritual

Having spent the last 10 years trying to get to the bottom of what's going on - that is to say, the human condition, the manipulation of humanity, the New World Order etc - I've recently reached the conclusion that this is indeed a 'prison planet' and the deceptions surrounding the 'necessity' of repeated reincarnations are central to this. Key to this realisation has been the understanding that spiritual (that is to say 'pure'-ly spiritual - i.e. truly heartcentred and truly enlightened) and astral phenomena are very much distinct from one another. The nature of astral un/reality is a question that has troubled me for some time, as I'm aware that not all those who can perform 'signs and wonders' in an astral sense are necessarily spiritually well-developed. I've encountered a number of individuals in my own life whose experiences on the astral plane (which I am not doubting, having discussed these at length) have not always been matched with maturity on the spiritual, emotional or practical levels - at times, such individuals have behaved in very arrogant and egoistic/grandiose ways.

I've therefore come to recognise that some form of ability on the astral plane does not necessarily indicate 'true' progress - it can be as much a diversion as sex, drugs, etc 'here' on the mundane level. 'Astral' abilities can be understood in some ways to be a quasi-'technological' function of the mind. What I mean by this is that one doesn't necessarily have to be spiritually or emotionally developed or have genuinely spiritual intentions to explore the astral plane, or be 'psychic', or perform remote viewing etc. All that is required, it seems, is the ability (through natural predisposition or practice) to enter into certain 'alternative' states of consciousness and/or focus ones intent. The fact that TPTB have been exploring and harnessing these capabilities in a militaristic context should make this abundantly clear. Further, as others have pointred out here. it seems many return from their explorations on the astral with as much questions as answers.

2. Astral/subconscious worlds, cultural arbitrariness and spiritual anarchism

Having studied anthropology, it seems very clear to me that the astral beings and concepts that astral travellers, NDEers and channellers tend to encounter are suspiciously 'culturally laden'. When I hear of entities or concepts like the Council of 9, the White Brotherhood, the Akashic records, and Archangel Michael, my hackles raise. For these names, numbers, aesthetics and concepts originate from discrete and arbitrary cultural systems of meaning (whether they be ancient/organic, or contemporary/manufactured - possibly, many of them originate in some form from the astral overlords).

The key word here is ARBITRARY, defined by Merriam Webster as:
1 (of an action, a decision, a rule, etc.) not seeming to be based on a reason, system or plan and sometimes seeming unfair. (example: “ The choice of players for the team seemed completely arbitrary. He makes unpredictable, arbitrary decisions”)
2 (formal) using power without restriction and without considering other people (example: “the arbitrary powers of officials”).

And whichever cultural system an individual subscribes to - be it occult Hebrew, the manufactured New Age, native Amazonian, mainsteam globalised culture, modernistic, futuristic, a mixture of all of these or anything else - you can bet that it will be arbitrary (read: arbitration, rules, human partiality, aesthetics, local or global power plays determining how that cultural system takes shape). No human culture is free of this issues, if indeed it ever has been.

Culture is never 'pure' in an energetic sense. It always comes accompanied by complex and often inexplicable baggage. The trick is in learning to 'read' what is being presented to you and recognising where arbitrariness is being imposed.

For example: astral concepts like the Council of 9 and The White Brotherhood (or similar) have a futuristic/modernist aesthetic appeal to many Westerners, raised as many of us were on Star Wars and the like. But to, say, a tribesman from the Amazon, their futurism/modernism may be utterly alien (no pun intended). Likewise, what may seem everyday to the Amazonian tribesman may seem obviously arbitrary and culturally determined to us - not matter-of-fact at all. So, like the anthropologist, we must exoticise the familiar and familiarise the exotic to seek a ‘higher’ perspective.

I once read somewhere that when some businessmen went onto the astral, they found themselves smoking cigars and seeing bowler hats. This is a classic example of how our imposed/inherited cultural concepts/ baggage can determine the nature and boundaries of our experiences beyond the strictly earthly plane. And as every anthropologist knows, the experiences of Western businessmen are no less culturally determined than those of Kalahari bushmen – it’s just a different set of concepts to juggle and identify with.

The problem lies in believing that arbitrary concepts/culture (read: illusion) actually have some grounding in truth/reality/spirit. They do not. And the sooner we begin to interrogate the conceptual space-junk that litters our unconscious – be it personal or collective – the better.

That which is purely spiritual does not need to identify with arbitrary 'handed down' concepts (for that is basically what culture is). In many ways, following the spiritual path demands that you become an anarchist - rejecting all external forms of authority, whether they be earthly or not. And we are naive to think that human culture and human concepts - handed down, such as they are - are exempt from the imposition of earthly or non-earthly arbitrariness. This demands that we recognise the arbitrariness of not only our own culture, but also that of the non-Western cultures that are so often naively romanticised, misappropriated and/or taken at face value within the New Age scene.

Conceptual baggage may be aesthetically pleasing, familiar, comforting, it may make us feel 'in the know' or 'special', but it is still illusory/astral and it will hinder our progression in the longterm. To progress along the spiritual path, we must all, in a sense, become anarchists and anthropologists. We must neither bow down to ‘gods’, ‘overlords’ nor their/our handed-down concepts.........

Just my two cents - phew!
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posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 06:02 AM
If my "memories" are correct then Earth is a prison planet. I had some alien encounters that were locked in my memory behind a tremendous barrier of fear. When I got back the memories of the alien encounters I got past life memories as well. Some of those memories involved the five or six prison planets in this galaxy that are kept away from all the major civilisations. Some alien race has come up with a secret method of transferring the "soul" (for want of a better word) to one of the prison planets at the time of death. There is a process that is is done a few days before our execution such that at our time of death we go to a prison planet. It costs a lot of money but is worth it to keep repeat trouble-makers from messing up societies. We are stripped of our past life memories and abandoned in this place. We have fake religions to keep us in check. When we die we go to a place to have our memories wiped again and sent back to Earth where we are supposed to achieve some fake purpose told to us. This is a Scientology view. I was once a Scientologist but no longer.

Think about the people we look up to. Catholic priests who sexually abuse young boys. A judge who whips his disabled daughter with a belt. Chiefs of police caught with sexual images of children on their PCs. This makes sense if they are all criminals that have been removed from peaceful societies.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 07:30 AM

Originally posted by pharaohmoan
Just wondering what your thoughts are on the threory that earth is a prison planet?

Believe it or not some people do manage to have happy and fulfilled lives.
I'm guessing 'not' then.

posted on Dec, 23 2011 @ 04:57 AM
The human mind is a construct, we have an engineered "system" that our minds share, like a hive. It contains all kinds of information, as well as the conduits that allow for other beings to inhabit human bodies. I believe reincarnation of aliens into humans only occurs through the "system" conduits, because naturally we should incarnate from our evolutionary "DNA" history.

I believe that many of these beings are housed in the mind system, and human beings are the living portals that are used to support the "prison" system, without a "prisoner" I believe humans would return to their natural selves.

In terms of the so-called "harvest" I believe that it is a time for those beings to be released from thier bondages or transferred to another prison.

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 03:53 AM
The Secret of the Saucers, by Orfeo M. Angelucci, [1955] talks about the earth being a prison planet. is where you can read this online novel 167 pages.

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 04:13 AM
Yes it is for me. I am on a gang stalking list and have been under 24/7 surveillance for 7 years now. This has meant I have been work place mobbed, harassed, discredited around the community to people I have never met, followed and poisoned 3x. I also have a scarred and disfigured face from the 3rd time I was poisoned.
This happened after I went to work at a corporation like Wal-Mart, here in New Zealand.

But before this I led a happy upper class, safe life. Jealous people introduced me to hell. I now see why upper class people are often snobby. Even though I was from a wealthy family I was never snobby but I wish I had of been.

Sorry if I went a little off topic OP but I think that gang stalking victims do really have to experience the reality of prison planet more than most. It's just a shame that a lot of people don't take us seriously.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

Feels like it sometimes.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 09:29 PM
Is that the van allen radiation belts are there? are they meant to keep us held in until we reach a certain place where those barriers will break down and the world has some how shifted? Do the belts completely encircle us?

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