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Tea Party Aftermath...are you still outraged?

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 03:20 PM
Well... Here it is May 4th. Half a month since the April 15th tax protests. America spoke it's mind, and that mind was pissed off...

Angry about govt. spending headed into low earth orbit...bailouts run by the same idiots that helped cause the mess in the first place...and, of course, high taxes that show no sign of going down any time soon. Basically we all had a good rant...swearing to remove some of that problem during the midterm elections in 2010.

All very good things... But (you knew there was going to be one, didn't you?)...

Deep down inside, I can't help but be a bit cynical. Knowing that our collective attention spans are roughly equal to the IQ of Perez Hilton...non existent, in other words. We were all up in arms then, but come the elections, I can't help but think that the majority of the incumbents will return to Washington DC to continue the same old blame games, while doing the same old spend non existent money games.

So...What do we do to keep the outrage alive?

Well, here's my idea...not very original, I fear, but here it is anyway. We have, obviously, Internet access. Use it. Email your Congress newspapers, email bloggers, start whatever you can to keep the outrage hot in your hearts and minds. Keep that "tea-party" anger front and center. Come the election cycle, make sure that the would be Congress critter knows that we are going to expect something resembling fiscal responsibility from them.

Now comes the most important part: Holding those, hopefully, new congress critters accountable. I say hopefully, because what's the point in sending the old one's back? We already have positive proof that the vast majority of them don't, and won't, listen to us...

Accountability. That's the key, and to my mind, the answer to the problems in Washington DC.

We, and I mean YOU, need to watch them, and make sure they know they're being watched, and that they will be held accountable.

If we aren't willing to do this dirty work? Well...

...we'll get what we deserve. So will our children, and their children...

govt. of... govt. by... govt. for...

...the govt.

Think about this over the next year. It's up to us...It's up to YOU, to decide what we want.

A gov't accountable to the will of the people? Or a people accountable to the will of the govt.

Do think on it.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by seagull

S & F

It is always the same old story and don't think for a minute the politicians don't understand it better than we do..

Americans will always get in an uproar immediately after some big issue, or when we see an attack on the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution.. But we are a fickle bunch and we apparently have the attention span of the average goldfish..

Just let a little time lapse and everything gets back to normal.. We get taxed at 40% instead of 35%.. OK So What? Right? We can live with that..


They continue to throw our money into insolvent businesses and require absolutely zero accountability from those same businesses...

They come out and insult every Veteran, Christian and American with an opinion, and there is no apology forthcoming...

Even though the science has yet to be established more than 50/50, this administration has determined that global warming is a fact and is spending even more of our money; all when the economy is going in the tank..

When we elected this liberal administration into power, I said I would say.. "I told you so" and I can safely say that now...

I had to let someone go today.. A single mother... No helping it and I wont get into details here..
She left crying and asking me how she was going to feed her family...

Maybe Obama will buy her a Hybrid Car?

It is time to step up and the OP, seagull, has it right.. It has to be us, we have to teach them who is in charge and the only way to demonstrate that is to vote some of the trash out..And let them know you are going to...

This whole admin makes me so angry I can't see straight!!!!


posted on May, 5 2009 @ 05:30 AM
I wasn't particularly referencing this currant administration, though I share your low opinion for the most part...especially concerning comments made by Janet "the clueless" Napolitano, it's not easy to insult the majority of Americans, but she managed. With his silence, whether intentional or not, Mr. Obama has tacitly condoned her statements. Nice.

Our outrage, if past examples are anything to go by, will become muted over the next few months and will be totally silenced for the most part by election day...and we'll have the usual fifty percent turnout, or less, and it'll be business as usual in Washington. I see this as clearly as though it's already happening...

Folks, even if it's not hurting you, it will hurt your children, and their children. This budget deficit is going to haunt us, and them, for the very long term forseeable future.

Will you all, by your silence, condone this? Will you meekly except what is, and will, by your silence going to happen? I can't tell you what's going to happen over the next few years, I'm neither omniscient, nor omnipotent, but I've seen the trend and I don't much like it.

So the question is this: What do you, and I, do about it. I know what this current crop of trough feeders want us to do...they want us to kowtow to their all knowing omniscence and let Big Brother take care of every thing. You know...

Govt. of... Govt. by... Govt. for... ...The Government.

Hey... if being told what kind of car you have, not should, have to drive suits you. Or being told which doctor you have, not should, go see for your medical needs suits you. Or a whole plethora of other things the govt. would love to be able to tell you you have to use, not should.

Should use...hey, that's advice, kinda like your neighbor across the fence might do. We've all done that. Nothing wrong with that, you may ignore at your leisure. However, "have to" is a whole nother kettle of fish altogether. I'll make my own decisions thank you kindly. The govt. at whatever level have shown no ability to make rational, muchless good, decisions concerning fixing a pothole in the street, you think I'm going to let some political trough feeder make decisions concerning my healthcare? Wrong, and wrong, and wrong... Not without my having my say, several times.

How about you? Going to fight it, or are you going to stay home and watch the Seinfeld episode for the 50th time? It's up to me, and YOU, to make the determination.

Be outraged. The indication that we should be, is that so many talking heads are telling us we shouldn't be...

Be outraged. Stay outraged. Vote outraged.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 02:52 PM

Over the past 50 years, some would say longer than that...there's been a creeping symptom of people wanting the govt. to do everything for us, up to and including, their thinking.

The anger at the govt. last month was real, I saw it, I heard it, I even expressed some of my own. Since then, however, the anger seems to have become muted...

Why is this? Can someone explain this to me? My anger is still very much in evidence. Where's yours? Will you remember it come the next election cycle? Or will you find a reason not to be involved?

We're told the govt. has our best interests at heart. To put it bluntly, that's a crock of monkey poo. The only interests the govt. has at heart, is it's own. Maintaining it's power over us...

Will we let it continue, or will we speak? It's up to us...

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