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Mass sterilization campaign Exposed! This Includes You! Epigenotoxins! Legal Loophole!

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 05:20 PM

Originally posted by Indianapolis
....I take valproate for my epilepsy (1000 mg daily)

should I be worried ???

If you have epilepsy you should be worried about passing it on to your children.
Do you want them to have your problem?

posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 06:38 PM
Does anyone really think that the US should busy itself raising the living standard of the world?
Don’t we have enough problems here at home?

Yes, all TV shows, all movies, even commercials that appear to be fantasy or just far out imagination are in fact telling you something that is real, or in the works to be real and appearing in your life soon.
This gives you a chance to get used to it so you are not too freaked out when it happens/appears.

There’s a high ratio of people who cannot conceive?
Teenagers do not seem to have that problem.

Forget the Neanderthal theory….Humans and Neander are not related.
Not related

Someone will decide who gets sterilized. Likely you family doctor. He know best what heritable problems you have. These folks should be taken out of the gene pool. You see that Gene Pool needs a little Chlorine.

Yes, Sterilization should be by way of simple surgery, not chemical. Do they still really refer to having tubes “tied”? How about cut? They need to take a good big chunk out of them so they don’t grow back.

It is not just drugs that you should be wary of. I have for some time wondered about all the new Vitamins and Food Supplements that have come on the market in the last 10 years or so.
Hydroxycut taken off the market. Pulled

I also wonder about the new forms of supplements. So many of them are not “Citrate” something or other. I am sensitive to Citrate and have a bad reaction to it. Research shows me that it is used in Blood as a preservative, and that some people getting Transfusions have various bad reactions to it including death.

And Take NOTE: The Citrate/Citric Acid that is in everything (READ labels) is made from

Someone said Education and giving women control over their bodies would solve the problem.
How exactly do you educate 3rd worlders? It has been tried.
Likewise it has been tried for the poor in America. It doesn’t work. Education does not proved Motivation.

Space travel is about as airy fairy as Santa Claus and his sleigh carrying them. & Mars of all places?
If you want to live there have at it.

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 12:15 PM
Two things to update:

Forget the Neanderthal theory….Humans and Neander are not related. - Ohzone.

Well OhZone, you're going to have to do better than that.

Modern Man Had Sex With Neanderthals

This source refutes OhZone's claim that Neanderthal epigenetic traces do not remain in the human machine.

The second thing is a response to a recent Depakote article that made the ATS recent posts list.

Drug could turn soldiers into super-survivors

I am inclined to believe the article is total propaganda. I won't harp over what a prime example of propaganda it is, why soldiers are mentioned in the title, because those are opinions, not facts, but I can truthfully say that if you know nothing about Depakote, Newscientist is now officially the worst place to start looking for info.

Sure an ample supply of stem cells is great for survival of any catastrophic cell death, but it is execution in the context of your cells survival calling for methylated DNA. See where I'm going with this?

Oh yea what was that thing...that thing that is keeping us the human race from cloning viable offspring so easily...that is destroyed by depakote?..Oh yea gene imprinting. I said it once, I'll say it again, the science behind epigenetics shows that global demethylation in ANY context but fertilization and embryo development is ultimately harmful. I have heard no one ask, "What happens when a brain cell reverts back to stem cell state after exposure to depakote?" Does it lose its memory? Does it cause seizures?

All I have to say is...Sterilant Poison advertised as a supersoldier pill/injection... It looks like they need something new to lie to patients to get them to take the shot. Glad we caught this one.

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 06:34 PM
Elusive one, Neander was not the progenator of modern humans.
And if there are any of the mixed varieties still around would you know them if you saw them?

Some folks think that Neander still exists, and is the creature we call Bigfoot.
And you think Cro-Mag mated with them?

These Ogres were likely rapists.

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 07:05 PM
If anyone remembers the masterpiece of a novel "A Canticle for Leibowitz", you will remember "the hate" that grew after the fall of civilisation, and the ordinary people killed all the scientists and all of the educated people who had destroyed the world.

I see that "hate" rising on many fronts. I read threats in various places on the Internet announcing the intention of Asian secret societies to kill the Illuminati and all members of the so-called "13 bloodlines". Every where to different degrees the "hate" is rising to a boil.

I find myself horrifyingly participating in this growing "hate" by my feelings against Sunni Muslim culture and Shia Muslim culture -- which I tell myself are perfectly rational -- even though to be honest they are as emotional as they are rational. What are the catalysts of this growing "hate"? Some are obvious, others more prone to the shadows, and all of it unworthy of the human family.

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 07:06 PM
Valproic acid is a Gender Bender

The person chronically exposed to high dose Depakote has likely had an area of his brain known as the bed of stria terminalis, partially desexualized. This is a part of the brain that is normally robustly sexually differentiated, as it is responsible for, shall I say, the humping instinct.

Endocrinology Vol. 150, No. 9 4241-4247
Epigenetic Control of Sexual Differentiation of the Bed of Stria Terminalis

VPA treatment did not influence volume or cell number of the BNSTp in control females but significantly reduced both parameters in males and testosterone-treated females. As a result, the sex differences were eliminated. [...] These findings suggest that a disruption in histone deacetylation may lead to long-term alterations in gene expression that block the masculinizing actions of testosterone in the BNSTp.

How did we get here?

None of these deleterious epigenetic effects were advertised. This medication has been injected, forcibly in many cases, into epileptics and psych-ward patients since it was approved by the FDA in 1978. Before its Gene Imprinting / Methylation Erasure effect was elucidated, it was known from early on that VPA's mechanism of action involved a loosening of the chromatin structure (the DNA found in the nucleus of your cells) visible on slides exposed. Anyone who knew that little fact wouldn't be caught dead giving VPA to a loved one, even a suffering epileptic or migraineur, but apparently some organizations put out papers applauding its use, and I'll write a blurb about one of those organizations in my next post.

Depakote's use was then expanded in Fall 2000 under G.W. Bush's administration's FDA appointee cronies to include the pill form for migraineurs. Then in 2003 depakote's pill form use was expanded for pediatric use .

Epilepsy, then Migraines.

Two conditions which are well-known to be racially associated with the descendants of ancient peoples of the Pyrenees and the Caucasus regions. This is part of an ongoing direct epigenetic genocide...a fertility war.

Where we are going.

The Depakote debacle is a big money-mover of course. In-Vitro Fertilization and Gene Sequencing for everyone, there are big bucks on the line. There is a push to remove liability from doctors, not for vaccines as was already done in previous legislation Bioshield II, but for other liability limitations so medical malpractice insurance will go down, thus reducing healthcare costs, bolstering the economy or so it is said.

I would ask a question about this push for limiting doctors' liability. Tens of thousands of licensed professionals have bought into the pharma advertising garbage, the baloney research. So many doctors are thus tainted in their negligence and breach of responsibility to do no harm amid this colossal epigenetic oversight.

Out of fear that so many doctors could be persecuted, perhaps even hunted down for this "soft genocide" of women, children, pregnant women, would/could agents within the government have staged the healthcare meltdown? Republicans might pose as the good guys and write off this Holocaust that happened under their noses most importantly before any victims make it to the congress floor to say those precious words I hope to one day hear,

"We have evidence the FDA knowingly approved a sterilant for use as a medicine."

Another thought on the super-survivor depakote use article... I see it as a push for everyone involved to cover their asses after the fact that the genocide has been found out, since the fix is in so to say and I can imagine a twisted legal mind thinking that such a horrible legal liability as the legal weight of a race-motivated genocide could be blunted if the harm crossed races sufficiently by depakote being given a final epigenotoxic off-label use.

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 06:01 PM
Here is a property of valproic acid that I had not yet mentioned. Orders of magnitude increase in prion protein accumulation in this report. The concentrations used in this study applies most to the highest dose oral 2-3g/day and long-term valproic acid injection users.

Valproic acid treatment results in increased accumulation of prion proteins. Gideon M. Shaked. 2002; Annals of Neurology - Wiley InterScience

posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 07:03 PM
Well, I'm sorry to say but I am all for eugenics. If we keep up at the rate we are going, we WILL have massive depopulation through simple starvation, after wars for the food supply. Is that what you want? IF not, there needs to be some other form of reducing population growth.

If I were dictator of the world, you'd better believe there would be some serious regulations over who is allowed to reproduce. Sorry, all you defectives, we do NOT want your genes in the gene pool.

Since we long ago wiped out all predators, we are the top predator of the planet. In the old days, the slow, stupid and/or weak got eaten, and did not reproduce. There is nothing wrong with that. Whenever predators are wiped out, overpopulation and then starvation always occurs. Men instinctively made up for this lack of predators for a long time by just killing other people, to secure their resources. The fastest, strongest and smartest were simply the most likely to kill the slow, weak and stupid. This always improved the gene pool, raising the quality of the entire human race up until say the 1920s.

There are now WAY too many people, and it's growing by leaps and bounds, not matter what you say. AND all the least desirable ones reproduce the most. I think everyone should be sterilized at around age 13, with some type of reversible process. Then all the sluts can slut around all they want through their teen years without any high school pregnancies etc.

You are not allowed to have children until at least age 25, so you will be responsible enough to care for them properly. THEN, you should have to pass some kind of test to prove you are worthy of reproducing your genes, i.e. physical or mental superiority in some way, in order to be allowed to reverse the sterilization process. Sorry, if you are fat, stupid, and ugly, you can't reproduce. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it would be completely natural. Just be glad you don't simply get killed for being fat(slow and an easy target) stupid (unable to avoid getting killed), or deformed (also unable to avoid death) because that IS what you are going to get if we go on the way we are.

Once TSHTF, well, big fat slobs will be easy targets, and they have more meat on them. They will be the first to die. Ergo, the US population will quickly become the lowest, with Mexico not far behind. (Two fattest countries)

The movie Idiocracy, while funny as hell, pretty much spells out exactly what is happening already. The lowest types of people, the ones that are stupid and lazy, but especially stupid, are the ones who breed the most. They breed like rats. The educated, as in smart, people breed the least. Brainpower is the most important attribute. An IQ test at least should be a prerequisite for your breeding approval.

Ok now all the flames about how IQ tests are biased and or meaningless: I guarantee anyone who says that is a low scorer on the tests. That's all. The only ones against this entire idea are the fat, stupid and ugly ones. Unfortunately, that is the majority of people these days, which is why democracy has NEVER worked. Once the stupid ones realize they can vote themselves the resources, it's down the tubes from there on in.

posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 07:57 PM
I assume IQ tests are biased.

CaptChaos, are you saying that people prescribed VPA are genetically inferior? You have implied so far that those prescribed VPA are lower in IQ at the outset of prescription than general population and therefore deserved to be damaged by this medicine rather than justly repaired at the expense of the drug manufacturers in an era where gene therapies will be soon able to fix most any problem.

You are of course free to make whatever statements you want to make with regard to sterilization, but I stated previously I didn't want it in this thread, as I wanted a theme of citing sources, anecdotes and explanations and insight rather than logical fallacy.

The studies have shown that VPA lowers IQ in subsequent offspring. The lowering in IQ comes only in subsequent generations after depakote exposure during pregnancy. Many times serious seizures in newly diagnosed mild epileptics come only after VPA has been first administered and treatment ceased after patient choice. If you have to make superiority/inferiority innuendos on whole classes of people given a drug for various reasons, I suggest you find a source to cite and a logical explanation so we can all understand you.

No one VPA exposed individual deserves baseless extermination. Their cards were dealt by men in FDA, big pharma, pseudoauthoritative white lab coat wearers, and fearful, bullied, lied to parents, neither by god nor Darwin.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:59 AM
Bisphenol A's prevalence is finally starting to hit home with some journalists who see the big story that chemicals like the xenoestrogen bisphenol A are actually affecting your DNA through epigenetic means. And while the genetic code is the same, the expression is different. People are finally acknowledging in the press that at least this one epigenotoxin that pollutes us all is harmful.

Bad Chemistry The Poison in the Plastic that Surrounds Us

EPA to Scrutinize Environmental Impact of Bisphenol A

Democratic Underground Discusses FDA Ruling

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by elusive1

Be on the look out though.

They are now stating that Bisphenol A doesn't mimic estrogen. Go figure...

Toxicological Sciences 2010 114(1):1-4; doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfp299

Is It Time to End Concerns over the Estrogenic Effects of Bisphenol A?

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 03:26 AM
Someone if you can please answer my question. I am not good with scientific stuff so I only understand the overlying theme of the thread. I was on Depakote 1500mg for 3 years. I was also on Risperdal and Paxil for around 4 years. Does any of these "findings" affect me and my ability to reproduce? Thanks in advance!

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 03:36 AM
Sterilization is fine, but who gets to decide who to sterilize and who gets to have kids? The way it will be is that the elite will get to secure their legacy while everyone else' will perish. They should lead by example and start sterilizing themselves before they have children, do you think they will do it?

The fact is that if we all pull together we could have a massive population. US alone has enough food to feed the whole world.

The problem is not in the US. The problem is with countries that are dependent on colonialism. The problem is with central banking that keeps countries down by loaning money with interest which can never be paid back. Yet those people get to have kids while hard working citizens are sterilized?

You guys seriously don't see a problem with that? If you said no than clearly you don't understand. Keep re-reading my post until something clicks in your bloody brain.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by Equinox99

Is this perhaps the way through which they will select and implement??

From Healthcare to Eugenics

(shameless plug but relevant)


posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 08:44 AM
For someone who knows about this stuff...

Migraines were mentioned in the OP. I was wondering if Migraleve contains the mentioned chemicals? I've tried to search for info but I'm not exactly versed in chemical names. I used to take these pills.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 09:00 AM
***Post deleted due to lost information.

Fix that...

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 09:30 AM

Originally posted by elusive1
For you stargate fans...I show you the truth in your own flavor.

If you like stargate, you'll like reading into this topic more. Reason. Remember
the Asgard were having trouble reproducing themselves because they had altered their genetics so much? Well if the writers of the show had some general idea of what was going on I think perhaps they may have had this in mind...because epigenetics are showing us the solutions to cancers extending life at the expense of patient fertility...

How epigenetics can explain human metastasis: a new role for microRNAs.
Cell Cycle. 2009 Feb 1;8(3):377-82. Epub 2009 Feb 1.

Speaking of Stargate SG1...

This post brought to mind an episode where Carter learn's that she is unable to have children. As things progress... she and Janet learn that the world population has been slowly declining and have discovered that the alien race now in control of Earth and all the stargates (the Aschen) has been slowly eliminating the population with plans of taking over the planet. I can't seem to locate the episode... which may be a conspiracy all of it's own.

Ahhhhh... here we go...

A future version of Janet insisted on examining Sam herself when Sam had been unable to get pregnant. Janet discovered that Sam was physically unable to conceive and thereby uncovered the Aschen plot to depopulate Earth and take it for themselves (4.16 "2010").

StargateWiki... 4.16 "2010"

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 12:32 AM
Very very interesting. The "methyl" around your genes can modify the expression of them and even your phenotype. It means it can allow a recessive "broken" gene to come to the forefront and express itself over a dominant gene. This is heavy (and very new) stuff they're dealing with. This technology should not be prescribed as medicine to anyone in my opinion. Elusive, you state your not a doctor, yet it seems you have a firm grasp of the complex terminology employed in the documents. I guess that's why your elusive? This is a great thread I'd love to know how you stumbled upon the study of this field.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 12:42 AM
The people who are pro population reduction piss me off so much.

Jesus Christ, what's the consequence of "overpopulation" anyway? Mass death? There, problem #ing solved. That's how it works for populations of other animals, and that's how it should work for humans. There's no reason to force it to happen artificially through sterilization conspiracies.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by siahchi

This is a great thread I'd love to know how you stumbled upon the study of this field.

I encourage you to peruse the list of scientific journals or "institutes" whose operations are "managed" by the following "Association Management Firm".

Talley Management Group Inc.

Some noteworthy things on the list are the

American Council for Headache Education
American Headache Society
International Headache Society (listed as International Headache Congress)
American Headache Society
American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders
Glass Packaging Institute
International Federation of Fertility Societies

You know, I mentioned some other epigenotoxins before, that were xenoestrogens ubiquitous, like bisphenol-A in your soda cans and all canned goods and styrene in your Jack-In-The-Box Cups. What happens when epigenotoxins are banned? Bisphenol-A and Styrene packaging plateau temporarily, necessitating I constructively recommend a throwback to food grade wax coating or some new safe coating as a barrier to protect consumers. Glass packaging wins until safer plastic containers are developed.

I'll ask that you the page and see for yourself that the client list of journals the company ran had been password protected during the time that VPA was approved for migraines. And notice that 2008 and 2009 are unavailable.

Surely this logistics organization we can trust not to betray our epigenetics! After all, they're just logistics, what do they actually have to do with the contents of their journals?

I will quote the former president of the International Headache Society and the American Headache Society, Ninan T. Mathew, in his book Handbook of Headache, the section entitled "Diagnosis of Headaches and Medicolegal Aspects"

"It is difficult if not impossible to truly to advise patients of all the side effects of medications [...] Usually we explain the risks of common side effects and rare serious side effects depending on the medication. " Ninan T. Mathew & Randolph W. Evans. Handbook of Headache. Dr. Mathew's co-author is a fellow in the American Headache Society.

"Incorrect judgement calls, medication side-effects and complications of surgery are common even when you evaluate the best doctors in Texas. The philosophy that someone has to be responsible is fueling the crisis. We have two lotteries in Texas. It is time to support Governor Rick Perry's initiative to end the medical malpractice lottery and appropiately compensate those who are truly victims of malpractice. We cannot affort not to. " Ninan T. Mathew. Houston Chronicle, January 13, 2003.

Study Designed to Evaluate the Safety of Prophylactic Depakote ER in the Treatment of Adolescents With Migraine

Seducing the States With Tort Reform

"One frequently cited study is from a small Texas consulting firm called The Perryman Group (lolsaurus rex!). It may be a perfectly valid study, but I was unable to find it on the Web or learn how to obtain a copy. Even so, Newt Gingrich cited the Perryman study in his above-linked op ed, where he implied the study showed Texas enjoying a half million new jobs as a result of the tort reform act of 2003. However, the same study is cited on the website of Texans for Lawsuit Reform, which says the study tracks results from a 1995 tort reform law, not the 2003 law. "

Many Valproic acid users belong to that high neurite outgrowth high androgen sensitive class. From the left hand of Talley, medical papers exclaimed the known-since-before-1980-to-be-teratogenic drug as a panacea for migraines that was bound to be exposed in a big mess. This epigenotoxic conundrum would be revealed, shown to exist around us by making it personal, harming people you know. And the Glass Packaging Institute hopes to have its industry profit in the cleaner post-BPA post-epigenocide era with glass packaging. From the right hand, the glass industry steps in prepared since the beginning to clean up the mess. And recovers money lost to glass packaging lawsuits regarding painkillers in which faulty glass completely chemically degraded sealed bottles of surgical painkillers, resulting in massive anesthesiology liability. Plastic packaging was a baby of the oil industry as milk cartons were once safely wax lined, prior to demand for bisphenol A linings.

For inspiration, I suggest you read Wax Milk Container History, particularly the story of Lydia Koch, and the Standard Oil lawsuit against her that shut her operation down.

When the highest androgen groups experience increased testosterone after cessation of feminizing chemical regime, mercury sensitivity may increase, mitigation through chelation in those individuals may be considered as a means to reduce these class-specific side effects from quitting the pollutants.

When the water starts boiling it is foolish to turn off the heat.

Nelson Mandela

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