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bubbling under the surface for years?

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:20 PM
i found these recombinomics articles very interesting...
may be why egypt decided to kill all their pigs...seems a h5n1 strain has been circulating among young children for at least a month before the reports started coming from north america.

either they are getting people to pay attention to the milder strain/problem (as most cases in egypt had been "mild")
or they are really downplaying the seriousness of the combination of h5n1 components in this h1n1 and from what i've read it sounds like that was a big fear of theirs (h5n1 and h1n1 combining) as well as h274y mutation that seems to make it resistant to tamiflu.....

and there are links as you go down about h1n1 tamiflu resistance becoming a really big problem...

no insider information from me, so far...i hope to talk to a relative with some possible information later today...
but i do thank everyone, INCLUDING ecoparity (esp?) for being honest and posting as much info as they can allow themselves

i've been looking into more the fact that ft. detrick seems to have a big problem holding on to their disease samples.

i'm sure it goes way beyond that...i think something interesting to be aware of is the fact that a lab lost 2 rats with the bubonic plague, in maryland.

i'm pretty sure it mentions it in that blog/article...but a man recently died trying to perform an impromptu autopsy on a deceased mountain lion...he apparently contracted the plague after slicing into the mountain lion and died a few days afterward...maybe unrelated to the lost lab rats...but maybe it gets people aware that the plague is still a possibility in this world.

i'm new, ihope i posted this all right...


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