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Earth - The Pop-up Book

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 05:15 AM
Hello all, My name is G Corpe and I have a series of Earth images which everyone needs to see. I have red green colour deficiency and Im also left handed with very good shape and symbol recognition. These traits allow me to see what hides under the earth's natural camoflage like glass. It is very clear to me from what these images will show you that human kind had a very close relationship with the Reptilian-Draconian-Gray type people in Pre-deluvian times but are no longer here anymore. It is also clear by the many images I have viewed of the earth's surface and the lunar surface that we lived together as family.The earth's surface it appears is layed out like a pop-up book with the sun turning the pages.
When the sun rises and the light touches the surface of the earth , images appear and change as the sun continues to move across the sky. This can be demonstrated by switching from google earth to google maps and comparing certain areas of interest.
The sculptures are mostly from what make out, multi perspective, multi scaling and multi directional. Closer to the earth surface you have one perspective, zoom out you have another. Turn north, south, east or west and you have a perspective for each direction.
I have many more images of the other continents as well that I will upload as soon as I can along with a collection of lunar images I have obtained with equal significance. I have spent months tracing these images for you. I can see them clearly. Im not tracing them for my benefit. So they are not for your approval but for your information for what is traced is there.

Please view this 10 minute Youtube clip Ive compiled of Australia Part 1.
I would rather this was laughed at in disbelief than accepted with a frown for if taken seriously it is very fragile and new knowledge should never be absorbed with fear attachments for that clouds judgement and there is no wisdom in that.
So again please enjoy!

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by Exoviewer

Why didn't you use a more reliable satellite imaging source?

Like spot imaging?

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 05:46 AM
My most humblest apologies. Ive been living under a rock I suppose as Ive never heard of spot imaging
woops. The quality is crap theres no denying that. But this was my first time uploading a youtube clip and Im not very tech savvy but I tried my best. I havent had any help with it and its all a work in progress as far as picture quality is concerned. I did have my favourite music over the top too but youtube saw fit to mute it all due to licensing laws and such so put what ever you want over the top
.These images are also just MARKERS for you to compare with the actual raw data off google earth that is of coarse if anyone at all is curious enough to do so. Knowledge is symbolised as food right? Then think of these images as the scene in Peter Pan were all the kids are at the "dinner" table and they are asked to imagine the "food" to be there and it will appear. These images ARE there. You will just need to adjust your eye's perception or just "imagine" them and they will appear.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 01:56 AM
I have been asked to start an open discussion on the slideshows of the earth and lunar surface that I have uploaded into the media section of this fine site.
An open discussion is a great idea but at the same time I do not seek anyones approval. Its way beyond that for me. I didnt find these images this month.
To expand on my previous post, the earth-surface-embossed scuptures all around the world are of Ancient leaders, different types of species of animals and other creatures that are extinct and also still around today. There are sculptures that tell stories like heiroglyphs that depict things that happened and of favourite past times such as auto racing, which it seems the leaders of the time also participated in.
They also tell us of our very rich history with the grays and reptillian people who it seems lived with us and amongst us as family, as an addition to to population.

Please view these slideshows with an open mind. Not all breaking news comes from the main stream.
Although I have a strong feeling it will take the mainstream to out these images for what they are as my experience over the last 6 months have shown.

Thanx for your time and curiosity.

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