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Aliens: cover up or psy-op

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 08:00 PM
I've been thinking a lot about aliens and I am fairly confident that I am not intentionally leaning one side or the other, I just want to know the truth. From a philosophical perspective, I want to know if there are other conscious beings in the universe other than humans and if they can intellectualize the same or better than humans. I feel like how a scientist "should" act, and I just want to have the facts one way or another, if they are real, I'll believe, if not, then I can only say I haven't seen adequate evidence, but above all I do not want to deny something that is valid, nor do I want to be tricked into a hoax.

So on that note, I would like to just put some speculative thoughts out there and see what you have to say about them, comment, or just go away and think about what I have to say. My main concern is, assuming aliens do in fact exist, is it a cover up, and if so, why, or, if aliens do not exist, is this an intentional military or civilian psy-op?

One thing is for certain, aliens are in the media/mythology, etc, so my question is why? Are they real and is this a cover up, or are they fake but someone wants people to believe they are real. I'll split this up into two sections, and this will probably require multiple posts.

#1 Let's assume aliens exist, and people want them covered up. Why?

Whenever I try and cover something up, it's mostly because I don't want to have to explain my reasons to someone else, because they are difficult or perhaps will face harsh judgments. So does the government intentionally cover up aliens because they don't know how to explain them? Perhaps it's just too much information to drop on the people that aliens exist and/or perhaps influence their lives? And if that is the case, how do they have such discipline to constantly keep it a secret? Maybe there is military interests that would endanger the country if the word got out. But since aliens supposedly visited other countries, wouldn't at least one government openly announce their alien visitors? And would we as humans be able to distinguish alien technology from man made technology? Our technology is impressive as it is, what if the majority of it was alien technology to begin with? We know that certain things conventional things are extra ordinary but were produced from ordinary means, perhaps innovative means, but definitely not alien means. But, governments hold some technology away from the public, so how can anyone of us actually know what they are holding in area 51.

# 2 The other hypothesis is: aliens don't exist, yet someone wants us to think they do exist.

This one is interesting to me, because it confirms to the skeptical outlook of the world that aliens are most likely not real, and it also affirms the deviant nature of certain human beings that would just love to pull off an alien hoax. But why? For the average drunken group of professional crop circle makers, I guess just seeing their handiwork appearing in the news and history books is enough of a motivation to try and come up with an alien looking crop circle. But why would the government spend their time on it? My theory is that if the government, esp the military wants people to think aliens exist, they can use it as a cover for a military build up. After all, what else sparks as much paranoia as a possible alien invasion by super powerful aliens? Let the imagination run wild, and pretty soon you have a justification for thousands of nuclear war heads, full body bullet proof vests, and let's not forget lazer beams. Gotta have laser beams.

So basically, I don't know what to believe, if aliens do exist and it's a cover up, or they don't exist but are made to seem to exist out of either curiosity or fiendish paranoia schemes. Or maybe "we" are really the aliens, since our souls are outside of our bodies, and our souls are "alien" to the body. Although this is interesting in a deep and philosophical sense, it is not very interesting in a conspiracy sense. End

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:11 PM
I found a lot of my answers reading The Terra Papers... They're linked in my sig.

I give the history of the Papers here:

It is important to know that the Papers were written as a term paper by a Hopi who was handed down this information.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:38 AM
a philosophical approach:

You said the very word that confirms all in your post mate.. Nature. Look at nature, the univers is vast, and full of proof that nature rules over all. Nature creates chaotically, and destroys randomly at will. There are but two laws in nature.. 1) survival of the fittest, and 2) stay the hell out of its way when its working. we see the violent workings of nature in volcanos, but forget space is nature as well. Nature created this planet, us, and all life here on earth.. do you really think nature could not have created the anomoly of life elsewhere? We are given life, it is up to us on what we do with it. To say Aliens do not exist when we do not even have a full truth on the history of man, let alone a catalogue of all life on the planet Earth.. is assinine. thats like denying the existence of the polar bear because you have never seen one.
Why cover this sort of thing up? that reason is evident to all that think philosophically. Mass hysteria, and the fall of all organised religion. Religion, no matter what your faith, or belief, is an effective method of control. People will be good if they hear death has its reward. for the most part this is true. all of society is governed in one way or another by religion whether or not we choose to admit it. entire political parties were started by religion in Europe that are centuries old and established. Same holds true all over the world. America denies its religio-political association, but ban cloning, stem cell research, same sex marriage, and abortion in most states because of its 'moral' implications which blatantly suggests religion still rules there as well. The bible speaks clearly of alien life, and the creation of man, in the old testament. The book of ezekial reads like a modern sci-fi novel. the mahabharata, (the oldest documented religious owners manual) and even before their time, there are scriptures carved all over walls about these divine rulers, that tower over man like a bloody disease. Aliens are literally part of our life, and always have been, and to present the facts to the world would take the understanding of religion, and destroy it.
when a person is afraid. they hide. or fight. hence the old saying in psychology, fight or flight.. When PEOPLE are afraid.. they are together in fight, or in flight. Thats a riot the likes of which none can imagine. THAT is the best explanation for covre ups

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 09:39 AM

Interesting find, and thank you for sharing the Terra Papers with us. Something that sticks out in my mind is the use of two extraterrestrial forces that war with each other to enslave mankind, one following the "supremacy" role and the other of "fundamentalism." I can not deny though that supremacy and fundamentalism are inter-related, and if this is the case, is it possible for certain humans to capitalize on both of these functions? After all, if humans are slaves to either of these races, perhaps it is within the best interest of many of the powerful human elite to help both sides, thus ensuring a heavier enslavement but also a bit more power over their fellow man. It makes me sad to think that certain humans are this hungry for power, whether aliens are here or not, and why they do not simply view themselves as their own masters. Another theory which goes tangent to this but could also include this, is if the extraterrestial beings, "star beings" are simply enlightened beings that have transcended earthly bodies. To earth bound humans, perhaps they are "aliens" but maybe they are just transcended humans. And how did humans become intelligent in the first place?

Although I do not deny outright DNA-manipulation of primate species, I must say that the simplest explanation is that humans became intelligent through their ability to understand Symbols, especially Language. Through language we can express what we can not see, comprehend what is beyond our senses. Every animal is bound by its senses, except for humans, who can transcend this through his understandings of abstract language. In addition, every application of tools and therefore society is also based on practical understanding of language which in turn allows man to comprehend his environment.

How were humans able to comprehend language? Do all animals comprehend language, but only humans can communicate with humans, so it is impossible to communicate with other animals? All animals use language, but not to the extent that humans do, and no other animal has created society. So regardless of how we got here, how we were first able to comprehend signs, I at least believe that language helped a great deal.

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