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The Growing Discontent

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by SGTChas
reply to post by Tentickles

The Swine Flu hoopla side tracked you? I find that hard to believe for one of your insight, but then this is ATS is it not. Good to have you join and perhaps field some post to the thread with your lucid and thoughtful responses – thank you Tenickles, good to hear from you my friend.

Didnt side track me as much as put me off reading the site for a few days.

I just love how as the media is covering the Swine Flu they are not covering the things the government is doing to limit our rights.
That DHS woman just pisses me off every time I see her speak. She's a viper in politician's clothing!

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:09 PM

Originally posted by HunkaHunka

LOL... oh, and during the Bush years everything was hunkey dorey?

First reference to any political "party" I've seen on this thread. Thanks for that.

This cracks me up to no end.

It's as funny as rectal cancer, isn't it?

You are right about one thing... it's trendy now to be a conspiracy theorist...

Everything else is just flavor of the month...

"In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot." Mark Twain

Contrary to "popular" belief, many of us "trendy" guys and girls have been persuing our cause for years.

We're dead serious about it, and have in most cases wagered all that we are on our success.

If you'll share in the benefits, the least you can do is not criticize us. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms.

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by SGTChas

I hope you don't mind,I have added you and dooper as friends. The time has arrived to step from the shadows and present our purpose. I to am relieved to not feel alone in my endeavors.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:20 PM
I do not 'know' any of you but I am sure liking what I have been reading. For far too long I have felt alone, also, as so many tell me I am just paranoid and do not know what I am speaking about. I believe what you say will come & have, for a long while now, had the coming revolution on the forefront of my mind.

I have never fought in battle, but have had to fight my entire life for what I believe is right. There is nothing more sacred than our Constitution - which I have watched being trampled upon for decades now. It has sickened me, to say the least. But what has sickened me even more are the people who chose to remain blinded as to what is really happening within our own country. Unfortunately, that includes my dear brother, who is so wrapped up in daily living that he does not see........

Defending our Constitution is the one thing, other than my family, I would use a weapon to defend. But what is needed most are those, such as you sharing here, that reflect a powerful calm & determination - and I would have no problem standing with you & following your wisdom, SGT!! I, in fact, would be honored to be allowed to stand with you in the coming days, weeks, or years - and, I believe, this will come to pass within my life time.

God bless you and God bless our Constitution & those who will restore it as it should be!!

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by SGTChas
From self-styled liberal Democrats, who with self-congratulatory pride claim the title of ‘progressive’ (without any real idea of what the term really means)

Im a progressive, Im a liberal, I certainly have no issue saying so. What exactly is a progressive by your accounts? Can you give us a discription?

to Bible and gun totting former flag waving Republican conservatives, there is a growing knowledge that all is not well with either political party.

These folks, former conservatives making every attempt to distance their prior support towards what was one of the most disasterous administrations in history, are no different and will vote no different than they did in the past. Every cycle of a turn around there are always a group of conservatives cleansing their hands of disasterous policies they outright supported and pushed down this nations throat. in 2012 they will be no different, same GOP candidate, same thing in 2016 and so on. The thing is, you cant scapegoat the individuals for putting forward policies you outright supported as well.

This burgeoning feeling of disenfranchisement within the current two party system

There are over 50 other parties to choose from besides the Dems and the Republicans. Theres the constitutional party, the libertarian party and so forth. Never once has there been a movement by fringers to support these parties. Its always been complaining and complaing about the two party system then going right back to parading the next GOP candidate.

In anycase it wouldnt matter whether you started another "conservative" party, it would just end up as the GOP or some third party, and it would just end up with the same conservatives bluffing themselves away from any involvement or support in those parties. It is the rightwing fringe who took part drivership in the GOP over the last 8years. Soap aint doing a good job cleaning off that fact.

upset with what is obviously a ‘Pravda’ style news coverage of the apparent fascist takeover of the American economy,

I thought he was a communist? a socialist? tell me are you going to hold another fringe fest come July 4th? Are you going to continue to speak freely over the internet? Has your income tax risen? Tell me did the rich have it better when paying tax under Reagan or Obama? Did your guns get taken away? Is this nation fascist? Hold on for a second while I get some coffee and voice my freedom of speech and protest in this fascist state of ours.

What is not realized by the Obama Nation Press Corps is that their insults and degrading coverage of the Tea Party protest

I tell ya would have brough a heck of a load of credibility if you werent marching hand in hand with fox news and the good ol' Bush boys. Maybe then folks would understand your concern.... oh yes and your message was mixed. From the fringe conspiracy theorists to the anti-tax crowd, really didnt bring in a "message".... just angry former bushies.

is merely feeding the momentum towards outright revolution.

*cough* all this revolution talk over the last 3 years has made me ill. When is this GOP movement, sorry I mean "revolution" starting again?

The attempt to marginalize by insulting the intelligence and motives of the protest participants

Maybe if they didnt make their motives abundently clear while holding the hands of former bushies and fox news, there might have been some ears listening in.

even resulting to insulting by childish sexual references,

We didnt come up with "tea baggin" I can tell ya that
I suggest next time you look up urban dictionary. Handy.

the formally silent vast majority of Americans.

Didnt know 300,000 were the "silent majority". Although you have every right to protesting and free speech!

many of the protesters distrust Fox News coverage as self serving in the attempt to hijack the protest as a platform for the Republican Party;

With the exposed agenda behind the vast majority of these protestors, fox news has certainly had a major hand in this fact.... although it was rather silly and obvious to walk hand in hand with them in anycase so you can blame yourselves for that.... and the bushie boys with their involvement... Maybe some credibility would have been given if these groups had not participated, but it was so apparent of the majority, proudly marching down middle america hand in hand with one another....

I tell ya if a self proclaimed "tolerant individual" with a great dislike for the "intolerant" marched down the lane with the neo nazis.... hand in hand... nobody could or would have thought.... and understandably so.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:37 PM
Speaking of the DHS woman

I have always considered myself middle of the road in political views . But the DHS memo on the far right extremist . Is totally dividing us . Thinking i was in the middle this memo showed I was a far right extremist . My Other half is farther left than me and she can get dumped into the far right extremist as per the DHS memo .

They are trying to divide us with vilifying one segment of the political spectrum . Other nations who have gone down this road have done the same . Like Hitler did by setting up one side at the Rigstage fire then outlawing all opposition . After the Blushivic revolution people who were sided with the Czar were imprisoned or lined up and shot and the Anti communist were done the same to . (pardon the spelling not sure )

OK bombing gave them a reason to crack down on militias the stigma from that event still lingers in the public's mind . Vilifying all militias falls right in to the play book .

The wedge is being driven between us the middle the right vets libertarians and constitutionalists and the left . We are being branded as extremist libel to go off and perform acts of domestic terrorism . We have the CIA FBI and local state police watching out for us right wing extremists . The next step in the division to subdue us is to get the average Joe to spy on his neighbor and notify the anchorites if they fit the far right extremist profile . Turning our brothers and sisters against us .

Classic divide and conquer always has been a winning strategy

We are heading for 1984 fast and furiously buckle your seat belts Its gone be a rough ride .

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:41 PM
Sheese,I didn't think it would take long before we heard discontent of a purely political nature. I guess the kill the babies,save the whale people are discontented also.
I really thought this post was more to the point,about the potential crisis we as a country face.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:06 AM
Impending doom.

You must forgive me if I do not share the same optimism as some of you but I am a realist above all else. Any intelligent person with knowledge of history can see what is unfolding and know in their hearts what almost certainly will follow. The outcome is known only to God but the conflict is all but written in stone at this point. I can not imagine a plausible scenario that could head it off.

Your last hope of our corrupt politicians seeing the light and fearing the anger of the population they govern is no comfort. I can tell by your words and style that you are not gullible enough to actually believe that will be the case.

I predict it will be a short revolution as revolutions go. I also predict the military and the police will be largely on our side operating in both overt and covert roles.

I believe the militant left will be all but exterminated, they have no idea, not even a concept of the wrath about to be poured upon them. Unfortunately, due to our own very nature, the non-combatant left, even the ones in open support roles will be spared. They will live to regroup and begin anew with their subversive, long term tactics. The media will switch sides as soon as there is a hint of their side losing. Our side, foolishly, will spare their lives so our children or grand children or great grand children will be forced to fight the same battle again in the future.

Indeed, a storm is approaching. I may or may not emerge from the other side of that storm but it is my my hope and my duty as an American citizen to see that my nation does.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:13 AM

With the onset of spring weather and the cheez doodles and monster truck rallies and Nascar tailgate barbeques and the drive-in beer emporiums all beckoning, can the public shift its attention from these infantile preoccupations to saving its own ass?
Since it is that time of year, and I am haunting the gardening shop, one can't fail to notice the many styles of pitchforks for sale. My guess is that the current mood of public paralysis will dissolve in a blur of blood and spittle sometime between Memorial Day and July Fourth, even with Nascar in full swing, and the mushrooming ranks of the unemployed lost in raptures of engine noise and fried cornmeal. It doesn't take too many determined, pissed-off people to create a lot of mischief in a complex society.
Link is not working right. The blog title is The Coming Siege of Austerity

I will refrain from becoming involved in childish political bickering
and just post this, even though it is tempting to my inner one!

(I have been known to resort to it myself before to prove a point)
We all know how pointless it is regardless of which side we are talking about anyway. If you are confused now, figure out what NWO means.
Everyone loves a bailout! Its them or us and I dont mean right or left.

[edit on 4-5-2009 by dodadoom]

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:45 AM

Originally posted by dodadoom

Everyone loves a bailout! Its them or us and I dont mean right or left.

We should think in those terms . Its them or us ! The political machines are pushing to divide us pitting left against the right with labeling basic beliefs in the way our founder built this nation as being right wing extremists. If the political machines can keep us afraid angry and divided they win .

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:46 AM
I spent 274 days offshore last year and away from my family to support them and pay the bills. I do not love being away from my family for 9 months a year and at times it seriously sucks. I have seen plenty of men crumble by the wayside because they lack the discipline and the self control to spend the time I do out here. I have no compassion for the poor because once again I could be poor but I have decided I will do what ever it takes to support my family as long as it is lawful. I do not break laws and hell I rarely even speed anymore because I do not want to give the state another cent if I have to. I would be considered a model citizen and a great tax payer or at least a producer unlike the majority out there. I fathered my child and I make sure she has everything she needs to grow and if she doesn't I will deny my needs and work longer to achieve those goals. So with everything said I resent having 50% of my income being stolen so Washington can get fat and earn votes from the non producers. I believe the constitution should protect my INDIVIDUAL rights and not the collective right such as dems are so fond of. So I guess I am a right wing extremist and if not by the above then I will definetly be branded one since I am responsible just like many others out there for the shortages of our R.W.E best friends........ HINT HINT!!!!! Oh I have enough friends now that many of my neighbors will not be lonely when the time comes

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:50 AM
Well Dooper, SGTChas, and the rest of the prior military (or 'inactive military' if you wish), and current military... if things turn ugly it will be up to us to take leadership, and do what we can to keep the undisciplined from running amok. Personally, I doubt that anything will happen, the American people at large do not have the will beyond staging ineffective symbolic things such as the 'tea parties'.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:00 AM
I know I have already said this many times, and I know that many times I keep getting ignored by many ATSer's here many months before, perhaps because they don't like the sound of it. We will NEVER defeat this huge beast unless we are WILLING to put EVERYTHING on the line and get BLOODY.

Talking won't do, rioting and protesting will have very little, if ANY effect on the outcome. These people are blood thirsty and power hungry, they simply DON'T care what you have to say, you have grievances? So what? They're too busy stroking their egos from their ivory towers, the honestly think they are better than you... not that they KNOW better than you, but that they ARE better than you, and therefore, you are expendable and unimportant. They will hear your cries from the streets, what will they do? Close the curtains and put on the TV to drown away the annoying sound.

So what do you have to do? Well It's sad to say, but the ONLY language these people understand is power and violence. Now I know some hippie here is going to try and tell me otherwise, and let me tell you that from experience, pacifism is stupid against THESE kind of people! I know because I have had to, on many ocassions in high school, beat up bullies who liked to take advantage of the more weaker kids. With pacifism and "let's talk" mentallity, you only open yourself up to be abused and used like a welcome mat. I'm sorry but some people cannot grasp the concept that what they are doing is wrong. Probably NEVER will, why? who knows, they are probably too high on their pillars to understand that there are other people around them, and that their actions do have consequences. The only language these kind of people understand is brute force since they seem to use it often.

So yes, the only solution for this problem is by using brute force, and physically removing these people from their positions of power. We tried talking, letting our voices be heard, 700billion went out the door and now we have the possibility of losing 10 trill by the end of 4 years. We tried SCREAMING at them with our tea parties, they ended up laughing at you and calling you radicals. I'm sorry, but the time for talks and diplomacy has long passed, now is the time for action and removing these individuals PERMANENTLY from office.

And it won't be enough to simply get rid of the president, or his cabinet or some no name senator, they ALL have to go. Purge the corruption, yes, even the bankers and elitist that pull the strings behind the scenes and start a new. Otherwise they will simply start again.

Think of this beast as a multi-headed dragon, the Hydra that Hercules fought. You cut one head off, another regenerates, well this beast is exactly the same, it has MANY MANY heads, and each regenerates. So how do we beat it? the same way hercules did, he cut the very base, the very root, where all the heads were, then by heating up his sword, he then sealed the base/root by heating it and scarring it so no other heads would grow from the scar.

Remove EVERYBODY from power all the way down to the root, DESTROY the root permanently and seal it and we'll actually have a chance. It will serve as a reminder to anybody stupid enough to consider trying it again. Yes, you will have to get bloody, you will have to get physical and violent, but always ask yourself this "Is the cause worth it? Or should I let these individuals live and destroy my livelihood as well as my child's?"

You know what the answer is. You can't be cowards the rest of your lives, you can't be pacifist's the rest of your lives, you will ALWAYS find a conflict in which you will have to get physical. Stop deluding yourself into thinking that the world can be all "Kumbaya" and we can hold hands together. It will never get that way, certainly not by "talking" Even our own founding fathers understood this for crying out loud! "Every generation, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots" HELLO! You think they were just making this stuff up? They understood human nature probably better than anyone here! Why? Because they lived through that c**p and had to deal with it, they didn't live the cushy lives we do.

Now I will say it again, the ONLY way we will get rid of these despots and fascists that are planning on taking over our country (both parties) is to remove them PHYSICALLY and PERMANENTLY so that they no longer are in a position of power, and it won't be enough to just cut off one head, you cut ALL of them, then burn the root to serve as example for any future generation of stupid tyrant whannabe's. Does it sound too harsh for some here? For those with the hippie mindset of "let's talk it out"? well too bad! Look at England before Hitler took poland and france, and see how well "talking" worked! Right now, we are dealing with the same beast, except its in our own backyard, and not an oceans distance away.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:10 AM
Starred and Flagged! I couldn't agree more with your post.

I wanted to go to one of these "Tea Parties" here in Des Moines but I couldn't get the day off of work. I'm sure a lot of the liberals who attend their larger rallies don't have that responsibility....

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by CreeWolf

With respect, and this is for some of the other posters on here too, this isn't about where you fall on the political spectrum, the stuff that is going on today affects us all rather equally. The vast majority of the US populace is getting screwed pretty hard right now, regardless whether they are republican, democrat, or other.

Things need to change. Not that I'm advocating violence at all, but I'm afraid that's what it's going to come down to. As we've sort of gotten away from what the sergeant was talkin about, I'll reiterate: provoking them into action with violence on our part is the last thing we want to do right now. Dig in, stock up, and hold your ground. Band together with others that think like you... and for God's sake buy a gun, or SOMETHING to protect yourself, not just from any federal personnel, but from looters and others who will try to take advantage of this situation.

Good luck to everyone in the coming months or years. Let's hope the net stays up long enough that we can at least coordinate a little with each other. I have a feeling ATS is going to be one of the last bastions of right minded citizens like many of us. And pray for those of us in the military... many of us are going to have to make a very tough decision in the near future...

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by dwiggen

Exactly, I think we are all getting screwed equally and enough to hopefully look past our differences. The differences between republicans and democrats are incredibly petty when the loss of civil liberties and the theft of our wealth happens to all of us on the scale that has been done.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by dwiggen

What we can do right now is wage economic battle. It will take just as much 'sacrifice', and will either weaken them, or force their hand. Pay your credit cards/loans at an accelerated rate... this denies them interest. Cut costs where you can, cable isn't needed, why have a land line when you have cell phones, cell phones when you have a land line, eat in... not out, stop spending every where you can. They rely on consumer spending, and the taxes piggy backed onto it. Don't stick what you save into a bank, keep it under your mattress, stack it in a closet, wherever.

It's not just government entities here that are detrimental. They are just tools of the bankers.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 02:11 AM
I'm up here in Canada but have spent years in many countries, some pretty uncivilized by our standards.

Trust me those advocating for lynching the fat cats and politicians, you don't want anarchy, ever. I've seen it. May sound romantic and adventurous sitting in front of a computer screen, but suffering of children, women, the old, mass killings, starvation, disease, are not fun.

The Russians went through it with their 1917 Revolution. Millions of ordinary people died before some semblance of government was able to take hold. The ones who suffered most were furthest away from the supply lines of essentials.

We have 4 major political parties here in Canada. In fact one of them, in Quebec, has been pushing for separation for decades. We have enough choices. I don't see any alternative to the two major parties in the US. No well developed network prepared to take some form of control that would prevent a lapse into chaos when major uprisings occurred.

A lot sabre-rattling and strong words, but who is going to man the water treatment plants?

In South America and elsewhere in the world, the military is usually the best organization positioned to take the reins of power when governments collapse or are overthrown. Maybe a quarter of the UN countries are military dictatorships for that reason.

I wonder if things got bad where the population drift would be. Would Americans start coming up to Canada for relative safety? Would Mexicans flee back home or come up in greater numbers?

My advice as an observer sitting next door, find a way to get what you want
as peacefully as possible. The current administration may be rotten to the core and been robbing you blind, but you don't want to be standing in line for your weekly food rationing from your local biker gang.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 03:19 AM
A good read,OP but,I think you have a little too much faith in your fellow militiamen what happens when these various groups set upon each other? those first 30 days will quickly become a 30 year civil war between fellow constitutional defenders with the elite sitting in the shadows laughing at how quickly you all turned on each other,doing their job for them.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 03:48 AM
I must confess, this thread brought a tear to my eye. Does a body good to know that he ain't alone, in spirit at least.

Yup, when the rage boils over, it'll need to be directed. And contained. One danger is that when the ball gets rolling, It will snowball, and that will be counter productive.

There are a lot of ticked off folks out there whose closest brush with death has been a barroom brawl or a high school fist fight, and a high percentage of them THINK they yearn for the 'glory of war'. In most cases, that will wear off pretty quick, once they get a whiff of the blood, and that funky smell that comes from a wide open gut wound, the scent that doesn't improve with a few days in the sun. When they realize that a rotting human doesn't smell quite like any other animal on earth in the same condition. Or a burning one. When they realize that the things they've seen are going to stick in their heads forever, and they'll just have to learn to deal with it.

When they realize that the folks they're at war with have the nerve to be trying to kill them right back.

Yeah, glory is for the young, but it wears off fairly quickly, and then the young are older than they ought to be.

But in the early days, those same half-cocked braggarts are going to be in danger of overdoing it, and will need to be reigned in and directed. Otherwise, they're going to run the risk of alienating the very population they used to be a part of. Folks can't win a struggle by pissing everybody else off. No support then.

I run into them here and there on the internet. They're always gonna do THIS or THAT. And you know darned well that they can't really do that mess they're talking. I get the impression that a few of them think they can. Well, not the way they're going about it they can't. But I reckon they'll learn that soon enough.

Until they figure it out, though, you guys are gonna have to keep 'em on a short leash.

I won't make it through the first 30 days. I'm forted up, but I've allowed myself to be painted into an untenable position, and I'm under no illusion that I'll be able to get out the other side unventilated. The best I can hope for is to take a few 'travelling companions' with me on the road to Valhalla, or wherever I end up. That will be a few you guys won't have to deal with. I'm completely surrounded here, and far too dependent on the grid. When it breaks down, all bets are off, and my closest backup is 30 miles away. They'll most likely be up to their eyeballs in trouble too, so there won't be any cavalry coming over the hill.

My biggest regret is that my mouldering carcass will be stuck here for eternity. There won't be any recovery mission for this old boy either. Most likely a shallow grave, or a mass grave. Thems the breaks. I'll do the best I can to help out given the circumstances, but we all wind up at the same end, eventually.

I ain't never gonna see my mountains again.

nenothtu out

Edit to add a special note to Southern Guardian: I've lost blood so that you, and folks like you, could feel free to look down their noses at me, and try to pin labels on me. And I'd do it again, and probably will. Funny how the folks I fought thought a lot like you do, and now I get to have a front row seat to it right here at home! Ain't life grand? You really ought to rethink that confusion of yours that tends to lump 'conservatives' and 'neocons' and 'republicans' all together. They're not at all the same thing. Good luck with that partisan thing you have going on, and can't seem to let go of, though. I hope it serves you well. Just remember that in the very end, we all look pretty much the same.

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