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Why are they tracking every American household by GPS?

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:14 AM
I had one come over about two weeks ago. He said Hello I am from the census and we are SLAM..I shut the door in his face. Then I heard a muffled thank you. LOL

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:15 AM
A person from the Census came to my house last week. Handed me a paper with the privacy data, said he's doing preliminary 2010 Census work and wanted to know if he could ask me a question. I said sure. He asked if my house was a single-dwelling or a multi-dwelling place. I answered that it's a single. He said OK thank you, marked something down and walked away. He didn't have any kind of electronic devices (no GPS, no handheld, etc.) Didn't think much of it.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:21 AM
OK this makes me want to vomit, I ahd a census person show up silently at my door too a couple of weeks ago. He did not knock and I live 8 miles from town out on a rural dirt road.

I have a very non ats moment to share here but what snapped me to my ats senses was his answer and now this thread is more than I can handle and it is actually giving me vertigo!

Shizha, I am a fool.

The dogs are going nuts so I go to the door and this man is standing there with a hand held device GPS?

I think he looks like a cop and so I go into dumb blonde 'nice' mode...

I get a nervous guilty for no reason kind of nervousness...

He says after looking all over my front doorway including the eaves, "I dont have this house on my list?

Here it comes... I say, my name and he says "oh, I have you a couple miles west of here."

So why did he have my name according to this thread he did not have it right? Just checking vacancy, right?

He handed me the piece of paper, it was a thick cardboard shiny slick one I did not even read and yes it was two sided, he told me I would get something in the mail within a few days and if I did not respond I would be breaking the federal law.

I said if you are census dont you need how many people live here? He said no, that is entirely not necessary.

WTFH is this about then!!!

After the 'warning to comply with what will be sent, I did not even read the scrap of paper, but threw it on my microwave, thought if I dont want to fill out the census I wont... and never thought about it again, until this thread.

Now I admit I am going through a real paranoid episode due to this freaky damn flu thing, I have watched people acting very very weird.

But, he knew my name, had me at the wrong address, but actually did not have ME at all as there is another person with my exact name a couple miles west of me.

I am really weirding out on this one, I admit I have been at ats for a long time and read some stuff that I have seen freak people out that did not even fase me, but this? Ahuh...

NOw I had told members about this in a past post on some other thread, I will try and find it.

BTW, does anyone still have that slip of paper from this c'census"???

I ran straight for the microwave and mine is not to be found...

Ee, what is going on with this?

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:22 AM
I don't like the idea of my movements or financial, medical, travel history being monitored and run constantly through bouleon(spelling?) searches. However having just watched Star Trek First Contact it donned on me that if our future technology develops to something similar to Star Trek then our position will always be known. For simple things as comms, transporter, etc. Their "Communicators" are tracking devices needed for daily work.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by DEEZNUTZ

Thats all good and fine if we were at least a type one society but I have a terrible feeling this is far more sinister a plot.

I really am too trusting a person and I know it, my post above shows the level of trust/ignorance that I can really put forth when I am taken by surprise and that is exactly what this is going to be about.

Shock and surprise, I mean why would a GPS tracker know my name , but not be interested in how many live here? Not important to the census...

And where is this paper he threatend me about not returning? What will it say and where is the slip I threw on my microwave? Did 'they' already enter my home and retrieve it?

Does anyone else have theirs anymore and if so please read it to me as I was stupid and tossed it carelessly in defiance of his threat before reading...

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:34 AM
Are people becoming so uptight and paranoid that the CENSUS Bureau is causing all this fuss?? I mean people, governments have been taking censuses for THOUSANDS of years! Why are we now all of a sudden getting freaked out about this?

I'm going to hazard a guess as to what this "preliminary research" is all about: do you have any idea how many people 306 million is?? A lot. And how many people work for the Census Bureau? Maybe a few thousand? Yes, the census isn't until next year, but what do you think the people that work for the Bureau do during the years in between each census? That's right... preliminary research. It makes it a whole lot easier for the people actually going around counting heads if they already have the GPS coordinates of the houses that they need to go to. How would you like to plug in a couple of thousand different addresses each day on your TomTom before you go to work? Doesn't sound very efficient does it? So these people are going around being indiscriminate and trying not to bother anyone, and that pisses you all off?? I mean I could understand if they were working on something more sinister... but it's the CENSUS for Christ's sake! One would think they already have all the necessary information needed if they wanted to track you or put you on house arrest.

Seriously people, I understand what site this is, but have some common sense and decency every once in awhile. It's a friggin census... get over it.

Sorry for flaming.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:42 AM
aside from taking the annual census, why are we worried about them marking us down with GPS??

aren't they already monitoring us 24/7 anyway via numerous methods of advanced technology?

what's that specific "project" that they have that has all those telescopes aiming down and watching us from orbit? they can even see how much change i'm holding in my hand...

i forgot what it was called - there's so many damn projects that they have anymore...

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:43 AM
I haven't heard anything on the radio about the census hiring here but I might look into it. I'd hate to think I'd be part of tracking people for the NWO or government here... but it might be worth the inside info to share. What do you guys think? Would you do it to spread the information or not for moral reasons?

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:46 AM
I'm not seeing the conspiracy side to this argument. I thought the job for the census was to locate people in a given area and do a count and demographics on the people in that area. GPS uses the latest location technology I thought so why shouldn't the census be updating their methods? Large databases tend to get errors and errors seem to grow with time. Would you want the census to use data obtained from looking at what your isp is? In my case it would list me as living about 200 to 300 miles away in another state if they used that method. What if you had no computer, then you don't exist per the outdated census method?

You can use data already available for satellite and aerial views on google and elsewhere to see homes and dwellings. If the census data incorrectly says you live in timbucktoo 10 miles away but there is a house right in town with your name on it, they need to fix their information in their database to get an accurate count. I just think of the census as a separate government entity running it's own little program to make a report to other government agencies.

I haven't seen any census workers. Now I have seen newspaper workers putting markers on people's homes not too far away from my own. If they are very adhesive and pull the paint off to get them off, I can see the anger and beef someone would have with that.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:51 AM
This was first reported in 2006 or so, actually I've seen some articles posted 2004-5 on Academic Search Premier and JSTOR, two academic databases. No online copy, would have to inter-library loan it.

Anyways, thought you folks might find this interesting:

Census Bureau Adopts GPS to Find...

[edit on 4-5-2009 by deadgnome]

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:56 AM
Maybe they are locating the homes for the 2010 elections.

That way they can find all the reposed homes and use them for there bogus voters addresses.

it would also allow them to invalidate any republicans voters that have just been foreclosed on and have not had a chance to change addresses.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:00 AM
I also want to say that I worked for the 1980 census bureau, in NJ, and we were just regular folk like you and me...just silly, laughing, fun-loving fools who did get some work done, but were just average people, of a wide swathe of society (minorities, men, women, young, old, I met a nice woman there who originally came from India and we became fast friends...I also dated a few guys, some nice, some not so nice)...but overall, we were just plain old regular people!

I enjoyed my time working there, nice bosses, although I did office paperwork and no door-to-door canvassing, and I was even given the opportunity to be in charge (but I turned it down, wasn't sure I could do it)...

My point being, please find someone who works there and find out what's going on! I don't think it's really an "us" verses "them" thing...they're just "us" too!

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by earlywatcher

Why are they tracking every American household by GPS?

It's kind of like why a dog licks his balls.

Because he can.

Seriously though, after all they have accomplished monitoring anything by GPS is mere child's play.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:06 AM
Some interesting things are emerging. I went to the Census website and it explains that they need these GPS readings so they can do more accurate mailing lists for the census questionnaires. Only the post office doesn't deliver to gps addresses. It delivers to street addresses, so that reason makes no sense.

Yes they've been planning to do this for awhile. That does not convince me that they don't have a hidden agenda. It's just been hidden for longer.

mapsurfer, your very name makes me trust you. i love maps. i trust maps. I'm sure the census bureau itself is honest and well-intentioned. if someone has some use for this new data, the census bureau is probably unaware of it. I realize that they assure us that all data they produce is completely separated from individual identities. However it's possible that gps coordinates don't count as individual identity so this might a way to slip in a way to identify individuals. maybe not. i don't know. but the official reason of having better mailing lists makes no sense. your suggestion that they will do maps with gps data would be plausible except that the stuff is already on google earth. why spend all that money hiring people to physically collect this data.

as for census(es?) being taken for thousands of years, yes they have been, but haven't they always been taken for the purpose of taxing people? we know the white house hopes to use the data to re-draw districts to their advantage in elections. i don't know why they even need to do that because they already run everything but never mind that. I confess that it is my own issue, but i tend not to trust government. yes it's necessary for certain things but the more power they get, the more nervous i get.

the census hasn't started yet. I don't think the people on the street right now have authorization to ask personal questions about families etc. when it starts, most of us wlll get forms to fill out. a few get long forms asking much more detail. i think they only come to your door if you don't answer or if they don't like your answer. for example last census I was a stay at home mom, raising two sons. I can't remember the exact way it was put on the form, but it asked me about employment, if I was employed or if i was looking for work. I kind of snapped and wrote a short paragraph about doing hands-on human development work or something. everybody shook their heads and said i'd get interviewed for sure but i think they could tell by the way the pencil point dug through the page that it would be better all around to accept my answer and they did.

maybe it's that i'm getting old but i resent being required to answer personal questions asked by strangers in the name of the government. I can't see any good coming from that. As for community "funds" coming to my neighborhood, that's never happened before and it won't happen now, and I don't even live in the same neighborhood I did for the last census! Where funds go does not depend on this data, it's political all the way. I'm sure there are people reading this who disagree but I can't see any way the collection of this data will benefit the average citizen. Count the houses, fine. Count the people, fine. but stop there.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:15 AM
THIS is why earlywatcher:

"The census records and data specific to individual respondents are not available to the public until 72 years after a given census was taken, but aggregate statistical data derived from the census are released as soon as they are available. Every census up to and including 1930 is currently available to the public and can be viewed on microfilm released by the National Archives and Records Administration, the official keeper of archived federal census records. Complete online census records can be accessed for no cost from National Archives facilities and many libraries[4] and a growing portion of the census is freely available from non-commercial online sources.[5][6][7]"

which means: BY LAW, the census takers are supposed to accept every address as anon UNTIL 72 years have passed, and THEN they can look back and review all records.

THIS gps mode is a way of instantly linking who/what/where in a heartbeat of a second for analizing information UNFAIRLY and SNEAKY without and BYPASSING this LAW!!

READ THE CENSUS LAWS= figure it out. This isn't a FAIR census THIS IS A DICTATORSHIP collecting information to a super-computer that categorizes you QUICKLY (by the time that guy is off your porch).

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by Astarfaraway

I have to say that 1980 was a long, long time ago. It's not the same world now. While I think the people working for the census now are just as regular as you guys were, and are probably very nice people, that is not the issue here. It's why they need these coordinates at all. How will they be used. Maybe they will just fill up space in a computer somewhere until somebody thinks of something to use them for.

I never meant to question the honesty or integrity of the census gps screeners or when the time comes the actual census takers. They are simply doing a job. It's the people BEHIND them, maybe way behind, that worry me.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:37 AM
I guess you just DO NOT GET IT???

it is ILLEGAL to expose ANY facts from a census, to ANY BRANCH (corporation OR governement) for 72 years. AKA, after that time, the information would be given to an impatial accounting/statistics educational/accounting firm and calculated (to read issues via location/sustainable foods, events, political, economic, healthy (smoker vs non-smoker) etc etc...possible accounting list of 500+ questions on the written census.

DO you get it now???

and you dare ask WHY someone NOW would have GPS ? lolol

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:46 AM
I was at a friends house the other day outside in his drive way and we were approached by a lady that did the same thing. She was going door to door and handing out small sheets of paper that said something about the Census.

I was offended by how they were implementing such research on my town! So I went up to the lady and asked her if she knew anything about population control and she looked at me like if I was speaking a foreign language.

What Im getting at is even the people who are carrying out these tasks are unaware of the real agenda.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:58 AM
Look at THIS:

An Act respecting statistics of Canada

1985, c. S-19
amended by
1988, c. 65, s. 146
1990, c. 45, s. 54
1992, c. 1, ss. 130, 131
2005, c. 31
2005, c. 38

Census taken between 1910 and 2005
18.1 (1) The information contained in the returns of each census of population taken between 1910 and 2005 is no longer subject to sections 17 and 18 ninety-two years after the census is taken.

Census in 2006 or later
(2) The information contained in the returns of each census of population taken in 2006 or later is no longer subject to sections 17 and 18 ninety-two years after the census is taken, but only if the person to whom the information relates consents, at the time of the census, to the release of the information ninety-two years later.

see the AMERICAN version: and get to know YOUR own government instead of being paranoid HERE.

Look before you question. Of COURSE you are being scammed under your nose if there is GPS tracking involved with your census bureau, dumb question indeed. Why do some expect other conspiracy freaks to confirm their worst suspicions?

If it doesn't feel right.....LOOK, THINK, ACT!

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 02:04 AM
awww it's the government wanting your address so they can send you a thank you note and maybe a card on your birthday!

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