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I Hate the World Too

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 07:41 AM
I hate the world as well. I was surprised to learn that I am apparently supposed to hate the world. I was like, but everyone else says its wrong to hate the world? Then it finally dawned on me that if hating the world was what I was supposed to do then obviously there were a lot more people out there with my sentiments than I realized.

Why are we “supposed” to hate the world?

Its actually a Catholic Christian idea, go figure that. We, are apparently from God, made in his own image. As such, it makes sense that whenever we are apart from him then we suffer a sense of loss and a feeling of being lost. “Our souls will never rest until they rest in thee oh Lord” is what I think it says. It made sense when it was presented to me that way.

The world is full of evil and deceit, this is very true. The teenage years are very formative. I think it is because they are the first years where one grows up from the toys and play time enough to see the world and the people in it as more of what they really are then just what was always perceived. We find out that some people don’t like us. We find out that some people who said that they did only wanted to use us. Then of course, we find out many other truths about other people such as these. Some of us, sadly, find out about more other evils than can be possibly imagined.

Sometimes, when I think of how I hate the world, I remember the story of a boy who was locked in a cage his entire life. He was stolen I think from the hospital as an infant and locked in a cage until chance circumstances enabled law enforcement to stumble upon his case. At 16 years of age he was release from his life long prison and left to attempt to find his way again in the world. I can’t really say again though because in his case he was being set free for the first time. He was constantly abused in the cage, and almost never let out of it. It is one of the saddest things that I have ever even heard of, but never the less, it was true.

The evils of this world are sometimes too horrible to imagine. Sometimes when I hate the world it makes me think of this boy and I get the notion to fight evil wherever I find it. I get the notion to join law enforcement or some other crusading organization and lose myself in the struggle against the world that I hate so much. Perhaps, in my own way, this is what I do from day to day. Perhaps, some day, I will do more.

But I don’t hate myself anymore. Knowing that I am supposed to hate this evil filled world does make me feel better. It’s the evil people who choose to live with blinders on who always told me otherwise. It’s the evil people of this world who want to poke their heads in the sand and lie and ignore the evils around then that tell me that it is wrong to hate the world. But I know that they are wrong, and that so long as great evil exists in the world I will hate it. I know that as long as I am separated from whence I was created, from God, I will always hate this prison of a planet.

For that’s where we really are you know, in a prison. A prison of lies, deceit, hurt, and evil. A prison who’s warden is gravity and who’s bars are made of stars, too far away to break or bend. And so, we remain prisoners on this world. Suffer we must our cell mates.

And then, my thoughts once again return to the boy who lived his whole life in a cage until he was sixteen and I realize that even in this prison world that we all exist in, life is still worse for many others than it is for me. For at least I am not in the lowest part of the dungeon. And at least I still know that I am in prison.

I hope my ranting gives you comfort of some kind. I hope that even though we both are in the prison world that you will somehow make the choice that I have and still in some way fight for what is right. I hope that you remember that you are from God and to God it is that you should place your hope. For the universal truth of the dungeon of this world is that it, by the grace of God, cannot last forever. And some day, if we do what we should, a truly better place will GOD place us next.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 08:01 AM
It ain't that bad... and it will get better.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 08:23 AM
Hi there hot_wings.... I don't think we've talked before; nice to meet you.

I wonder......... where did you get the notion that we're "supposed" to hate the world? What if there is an element of energy in our collective unconsiousness'? Maybe there are TOO many people who hate this or that and it stains our experience.

So, if there's any truth to that, perhaps we are reaping what we sow, but what about the OTHER creatures that inhabit this planet?

Seems to me that most or possibly all of the terrors and ills that you listed are attributable to humanity and our ability to destroy. I once had an anthropology exam and at the end of it there was an extra credit question: "What, in your opinion, is the primary difference between humans and other animals?" My answer was, "humans are the only creatures who find value in [defecating] in their own nest."

Now, we have a lot of really positive and interesting traits as well, as semi-sentient species go.

Short answer? Don't let anyone "should" on you. Do what you feel is right, pick your enemies carefully, and try to love. Advice from one flawed creature to another.


posted on May, 3 2009 @ 09:15 AM
You seem to be equating your god with the person who put the boy in the cage. In your world view, your god put you here in this world, that you find so awful. A strange thing for a loving god to do.

Could I suggest that your problem is more with humanity than the world itself? If you look around you at the trees and flowers, the birds and animals there is great beauty here.

I'm not denying that animals seem to fall into two categories, predator and prey, which is a rotten system but even so there is great joy to be had from watching them.

I've spent a lot of time watching birds in Spring making great efforts to feed their babies. Their parenting skills could be an example to us all. One year, in my employer's garden my favourite sparrow brought her two little ones to meet me because she wanted them to know who to go to for bread crumbs.

Could you not try and focus on the good in the world as well as wanting to rid it of evil? You would do better with a more balanced outlook, I think.

If you started to look for the good in people, you might be surprised to find it more than you expected to.

I don't put my head in the sand, I can see a lot of awful things in the world but I don't have your crusading instinct. I do my best to keep my little corner clean and happy and feel that, for some people, that might be the most they can do. It's still commendable and stops people from being part of the problem.

I don't know where you live, but since I moved to the country I've been staggered by nature. We just throw a few seeds down in the garden and with a bit of rain and sun shine we get flowers and vegetables. I'm finally 'tuning in' to something wonderful and awe-inspiring that mankind must have been amazed by for millennia.

Don't hate the world - it's full of marvels and novelty. Maybe try to be a little less harsh in your judgements, people are weak, fearful, stressed. They don't always mean to be evil, they just lack the courage or character to make something decent of themselves.

I've got a huge problem with someone at the moment, it's been preying on my mind. I haven't seen him for a while so I forgot what a frightened little wimp he is. All his problems stem from a lack of skills in dealing with life and people. He always wants to take the easy route and then not face up to the consequences of his poor choices.

Sadly, his lack of backbone has created a problem that he doesn't have the resources to resolve. And I'm badly out of pocket because of it.

It's easy to think he's an evil little so and so, but at the root I'm not sure he is evil, just inadequate. The world is full of people like him.

I wish you happiness, I hope you can find something to make life more bearable.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 09:53 AM
.....this is coming from a a self ascribed Christian Mystic.

Ever since I was wee lad, and you can see this in my Birthday videos, I always inherently felt like something is wrong about this picture, being here in bodies on this earth.

Its been with me my entire life, even back in high school when I was agnostic/atheist.

Then after Spiritual enlightenment, it all made sense, I became more whole, more Love, and realized that here on earth we have the potential for so much accelerated spiritual and other forms of growth that probably aren't available in the spiritual realms.

Hating this world and hating being here, while it is a natural occurance for the soul, has to be turned around because it only breeds "hating" and "negativity".

In a sense, we're here to learn how to not hate being here, as just one of multiple lessons in this school we call life. The good thing is, that this is temporary. One day your body dies and the real you goes back to your real home. Keeping that perspective makes everything a breeze.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 11:36 AM
an interesting read about this is Gary Renard's "Disappearance of the Universe" ...

It's based on A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and, as questionable as this "tale" might be... it's a fascinating take on the ideas the OP poses here...

the tenet is that the world we see is actually created by US (that's how powerful we actually are ! ) and our belief of seperation....

and that the "world" actually needs nothing but our FORGIVENESS .. and in turn we gain our own freedom the forgiveness is actually of ourselves...

I once was having a conversation with a friend who had 'lost it" and was spending some time at the local psych ward... (reading Joseph Campbell's POWER OF MYTH combined with some psychedelics threw him for a loop) and in an effort to help him I read Power of Myth .. I said "hey that Joe Campbell was interesting" ..and his response was "yeah .. but where is he NOW is the real question..."

Campbell had already passed away ... and my friend's profound response is something I always thought brilliant, because it is the crux of the biscuit...

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 04:23 PM
Hey sayiamu,
If you want to see the illusion yourself, and see whats behind it, its actually simple, but at the same time a twisted web of deception.

All you have to do is self inquiry. You are not the mind, but the mind thinks it is you. Juts like the thought of a rock isn't a rock, so the thought of who you aren't isn't you. When the mind thinks, your awareness is aware of it. When the mind is not thinking, your awareness is aware of it.

The mind labels things as rock, girl, sky, money, ugly, death, life. But everything already has an "Isness" about it without labels. SO the first step is to transcend the mind and just be, and then everything just is without labels.

Then you drop the awareness of "just is" and "being" and then there is only oneness, nonduality, God, nonseparation, whatever you want to label this in the world of labels.

Took me a few good days of lengthy and deep self inquiry til I glimpsed the end of Illusion. Haven't been the same since, so I feel for your friend. We are all using false masks/identity to interact with each other. Its all bullsh*!

But since then the mind has been submitting itself to me as a mask, and self mastery is becoming more and more of a reality for the mask, which makes it easier to take all masks off.

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